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Is asterion Deadpool counter?

A topic by A_Arael created 23 days ago Views: 216 Replies: 5
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Yep, you guys are going to know me for asking the strangest questions in existence

i mostly just don't get the question. as in could he defeat deadpool? because deadpool regen is much more efficient than asterion who needs magic wine to spawn. sure asterion can't exactly die, but he is dead already and bond to the labyrinth realm.

Well I remember that Deadpool has Bovinophobia, but don't worry, don't wonder too much, it's just a shower thought 

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I thought he as only afraid of legit vampire cows though lol

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well, asterion is sort of undead, and immortal, and can't go outside. drinking blood wine will restore his wounds...

lol, that would definitely be something to see. Especially his reaction to a walking, well spoken cow man. Deadpool would lose his shit at first I'm sure.