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Is there a way to view the CG artwork for the merge attacks? they look great but you only get to see them for a few seconds, I would love a chance to appreciate them more

During day 36 when Tanabe shows up and is talking to the group he mistakenly refers to Keisuke as Urata instead of Urushihara.

also on day 36 in the morning when saya comes down from her room there is another typo "When I turn around to look I see Saya making her to us from the dining room with the most defeated look on her face." forgot to add "way" into the sentence "I see Saya making her way to us"

on day 35 in shoichi's route when the MC has his match against the stag there is a typo where he says 
"I hop on my spot a few times. Once I feel ready, I clutch my racket firmly with both my heads firmly placing my feet on the ground and taking my position."

"heads" was likely meant to be "hands"

darn thats a shame, I was hoping for some more fun between father and son, seeing the glory hole scene got me really hopeful

Is there a way to get it on with the day right now besides the glory hole scene? I'd love to see more of those two together~

I just pledged to patreon so now I have the full version, where can I find the gems?

I can't figure out where to find the gemstones like topaz, is there an area I havent found yet?

thanks so much, I didn't see that before!

how do you get the monster lozenge?

can you date the guys in this game or is are they just meant to be friends?

I suppose that is true, just not a fan of avian anatomy, heres hoping I can pair storm with someone else and watch it unfold

I see, thats somewhat disappointing since I was hoping to woo storm, the sweetheart that he is but I'll what I can get

the itch page says the game is a gay romance right? is asterion the only character you can date or is it possible to date other guys like storm or themba?

I've gotten to a part where I can potentially make a move on asterion but I wanna know if he is the only option before going forward.

in that case I'll have to go with the gryphon since a nightclub sounds like more fun to me

I recently started playing the game again after not having touched it in a long time (life happens eh) I got to the choice where you can pick between "Classy and scenic, but strict." or "Fun and rowdy... perhaps even horny." does this affect the overall mood of the hotel later in the game or does this choice only affect the first guest that shows up? I'm more a fan of the character design shown for the classy option but I'm worried that picking it will make the atmosphere more strict and stifling later on which I really don't want.

If this choice does affect the future of the hotel I'm willing to deal with the other characters design to end up with a more fun and lighthearted feeling within the hotel but if it only changes which guest shows up I'd rather go with the first option. what exactly does this choice impact?

I couldnt figure out where to go and somehow ended up out of bounds and found a weird remote and spray bottle sitting in the abyss, I also found what looked like a show floor with white untextured models, where am I meant to go???

where do you even get the model? i have been looking but so far i can't even play the game

i downloaded the game but every time i try to play i keep getting this cmd window popping up saying the system cannot find the path specified.

i have no idea what to do or how i'm meant to play the game since the window pops up every 30 seconds, please help.

can you actually get vored by any of the main characters? i spent ages trying to figure out how to but i couldn'

oh i wasnt aware there was a walkthrough, where can i find it?

would be nice if there was an option at the start to select what gender to encounter, i'm a gay man and seeing the female encounters gets rather tiresom when i'm looking for something in particular, an option to set it to male only, female only or both would be nice

How do you unlock the area with the troll bridge? i've tried everything i can think of and done every quest i can get my hands on but i still cant figure out how to get there

downloaded the game a couple days ago and have been loving it, i finished Daz's route and decided to go for leon next, the only problem is that i have been trying for hours to find the ring from the police bulletin board with no success, i feel like its driving me crazy, any tips?