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I'm glad you enjoyed the game! The plan is to update the demo until it reaches a certain point in Act II. The rest of the game will be paid.

Glad you enjoyed it! The journal is on the pause menu, and on the quick menu at the bottom of the textbox on the PC version. It shows up as soon as you finish the first chapter.

Update on this: the patch will come out tomorrow. There are a few other additions we want to release with it, but we couldn't finish them all today.

You can translate the game if you want, though we aren't in a position to officially endorse it right now.

Here's why Minoanon is smarter than me.

The songs were all licensed from iLicenseMusic. Unfortunately, I can't easily link them, but you should be able to find them by searching their file names.

This completely slipped my mind. I'll add one next version.

21 to 25:

If it won't let you update you'll probably need to do that, yes. I need to get better at backing up the keystore files lol

I'm not sure why the icon is the default now. I'll look into it

It's updated now. Sorry for the delay.

15 to 20:

Thank you. I'll fix this soon.

Same deal as usual. Share theories, opinions, criticism, memes, thirsting. Just be reasonably respectful.

Yes, thank you. The next build is very close to being done. I'm hoping to release it before the end of the month.














69 (Heh)

Sure can. Just added it!

A book

It's coming out on Friday, as mentioned in the description

Only the best fashion for my boys!

It's nothing kinkier than what's already in Nerus tbh

Some of them would react like this:

I triple-checked I wrote the right date and I still messed it up lmao

I'm gonna leave it like that as a badge of shame.


"Bitey said that 'Gabriela' transformed when Alessia’s grandfather died, yet we never heard about this character ever again."

This is actually me messing up. This is meant to refer to Alessia's mother. I settled for "Angela" as her name in CH2, having forgotten she got mentioned once in CH1 lol.

But I guess I didn't forget completely considering I named her father almost the same.

So when are we getting a version 1.3 with homemade soundtrack? Mmm?

While I won't confirm or deny anything, I really like this analysis and I can't wait for what you got to say about Chapter 1 and 2! Things like this make it worth it to work on Nerus for me. But I'll point out one detail you might've noticed but not thought too much about: besides adding or modifying lines, sometimes lines are outright omitted from the backlog. This is also deliberate.

So I take it we'll be able to unlock udders as customization option later down the road. Might there be a way to give other characters inside the hotel udders as well, like Oscar, for example? I think it'd be a funny ending haha. I mean, imagine them needing to be milked every morning because they produce so much more milk than they need. I think everyone would love this idea.

Part 35:

Part 36:

Part 37:

Part 38:

Part 39:


This is from some changes I made while adding expressions back to the Prologue. I forgot to account for the effects it'd have on Chapter 2. I'll release a hotfix for it soon.


Same deal as usual. Share theories, opinions, criticism, memes, thirsting. Just be reasonably respectful.

Part 26:

Part 27:
Part 28:
Part 29:
Part 30:

There's more story added, as I mentioned at the beginning of this devlog. If you don't know how to find it, keep reading records in CH2 until they're all grayed out so you get the scene that unlocks the new ones

I've been recommending it to him for a while. I'll make sure he plays it, eventually.