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Cow milk

A topic by TrinexxSlayer created 21 days ago Views: 340 Replies: 6
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So, Asterion has an aversion to cow milk. Now this could go with the trauma from the cannibalism accusation, even though it's not since the purpose of milk is to feed the infants of that species. Most of us were likely fed human milk in our earlier years too. Another possibility is that most mammals, will forego of milk permanently once they are old enough. This also goes with there not being human milk for sale, be it innapropriate to our cultures or just not readily available. The question here is what exactly is the matter that has Asterion avoiding it? Cannibalism? Outgrown it? Against "his" culture? Would it be a kinky sex thing?


I won't answer your question, I just want to take this moment to say that when I started writing Mino Hotel back in 2019 I really wasn't prepared or aware of how lactation in many forms is a kink for people. It had never occurred to me that, for instance, people could be into udders. That was an interesting and funny discovery. It was also funny when I learned that a lot of the people who like Mino Hotel are into lactation.

Hopefully my answer was completely useless to you, and not at all revealing about anything in the story. I just really wanted to say that lactation Chads are nice and fun people.


So I take it we'll be able to unlock udders as customization option later down the road. Might there be a way to give other characters inside the hotel udders as well, like Oscar, for example? I think it'd be a funny ending haha. I mean, imagine them needing to be milked every morning because they produce so much more milk than they need. I think everyone would love this idea.

i feel like that's a hint to something i didn't ask. i was aiming for why would Asterion avoid cow milk, and got something else instead. making questions can be surprisingly enlightening at times.

Asterion briefly mentions when you make the gym that he can't help but think of milk as "liquid beef", and what with what happened in his childhood, he has an aversion to it. Though once he tries the whey protein, he seems to perhaps not be entirely averse to it anymore. Perhaps, soon, even yogurt.

And Oscar just has a little lactose intolerance it seems, given his tummy aches.

Unless you have that very specific fetish, I would say most people would find drinking human milk as adults pretty weird. You could think of it like that.

Yes, but it's not a direct comparison. 1 you don't find it available for comsumption anyway, even if you wanted. 2 culture didn't develop to normalize that but it could. For example there are cultures in which it's normal to eat frogs or insects while others aren't. 3 Asterion isn't quite a cow. 4 I was looking for Asterion's personal reason to avoid it. The difference here is that I'm not disputing his right to avoid it, just wanting to understand him better, and a general motive that could work as an explanation doesn't really answer what his point of view is here.