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Good luck, you've got your work 'cut out for you', but it will be well worth the effort! :)

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*magic* :D

I have no complaints about this, and I genuinely hope the Devs at least allude to a possibility like this... 

Or more preferably, put something like this in game!

Fingers crossed 馃 

I sort of want Asterion to have mythical bull junk...

But that's just me 馃い

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Ah! That might be why I've not figured it out yet, I almost never do the valley 馃様

Too busy spending time with characters in the hotel 馃槀鉂わ笍

(Edit: Thanks for the tip, on where to look!)


I do love a bit of mystery, but I also LOVE answers....

It sounds like the Devs plan on wrapping a lot up either directly or indirectly with clues and hints, and that there should only be a few things that are totally left open for interpretation 

I was thinking it might be, was it in the last version or the 'recent' update from a month or so ago? I haven't had time to play the update yet...

Either way I guess that means I need to go replay the VN :D (oh no... /s)鈾ワ笍鉂わ笍馃惍

I do have a couple of questions about lore and random background details, but I want to hold off on asking directly about them until I've experienced the whole story, since I do get the impression they will be answered over the course of the story.

One of my questions does revolve around the purple crystal oily stuff in the R&D area, but I'm hoping we'll figure out what that is through the rest of the story. (I do have some ideas about it. It might be ichor, maybe from one of the gods or more likely from Asterion... I am not sure why it's there, or if it has any purpose, but we'll see. I might be way off on that idea)

I've been thinking about everything I've learned throughout the VN and all of the questions I've been forming as the story progresses. I know the Devs are hard at work getting the final act(s) of the story together as we near the end of the VN, and that left me with a few questions...

Hopefully the VN will wrap up a large majority of the questions readers have and will tie a bow on nearly all of the plot lines going on. I am sure that some of the plot lines will be more open ended than others, leaving readers to fill in the gaps and draw their own conclusions based on evidence and clues (things like: the shed, or the purple crystal/dust that's oily etc...) 

But my question is: Once the VN is done, if readers have questions about a certain plot line or aspect of the story, can we outright ask the Devs about it? If we are having trouble piecing everything together, can we just directly ask you all a question, and will you give us a clear answer? (Assuming we have made at least some attempt to puzzle it out ourselves? Because sometimes I have trouble putting clues together, and eventually it would be nice to just have a clear answer...)

Hope this makes sense 馃槂鈾ワ笍鈾ワ笍馃惍

Which scene from the ruthless route?

Argos is absolutely one of my favorite characters, in fact he's second only to Asterion. I feel like his story has so much to be explored, and I really hope that the Devs continue developing his backstory and character!

Ahh! 鈾ワ笍


So it's an Easter Egg?

I'm really curious about this, but I'm not fully clear what you're talking about 馃槄

What blocked content? And what does naming the MC have to do with the blocked content.

I hope this isn't a dumb question! 馃槄馃ぃ

Now that you mention that, I do feel like I remember that...

I do wonder what Athena's beef is with Asterion. *Puns*

I think I remember Athena hating Poseidon???

Wasn't Aphrodite married to Hephaestus? Maybe they were off doing something else during the vote? 馃ぃ馃槣

All joking aside... 

You mentioned: "I think I mentioned it previously, that MC and Asterion reaching Asphodel together would be a wonderful happily ever after. Although, Luke and Kota are unlikely to go there, judging by what little we know of the afterlife and how you get assigned to a relevant place."

I do expect that the story of Asterion and MC will continue with the 'soft' ending being the two of them living together as they grow old, and the 'hard' ending being the both of them dying and going to the Underworld together. It would be sad that Kota and Luke wouldn't be there, but at least Asterion and MC would have each other.

Admittedly I want ALL the answers, but I know that's not reasonable and I know that the creators aren't going to do that anyways.

At the end of this I want the big questions to be answered, either directly or with enough clues we can piece together the answer ourselves, and to have just a few unanswered questions that we know enough broad information a out that this community can try to form some hypothesis on what might have happened...

I do want a real concrete ending for Asterion and MC and I want it to be as happy and ending as is possible for them.

I'm so excited for the VN to be done, not only so I can finish the story (and hopefully have a good resolution for Asterion AND MC), but also because I want to be able to go back through it to piece together the whole story...

Ohhhh! Okay!

I've never managed to get many tablets (which is unfortunate) so I didn't know about that! :D

I don't remember the threadcutter... Or the other Gods' being afraid of him. Which chapter was that in?

I definitely agree I think salt is important I just don't know what kind and how big a role it may play later in the story.

I definitely think the weather could be altered, and I wonder if it's simply thatno other Master has thought to try and alter the weather before...?

I do think Hades would take some pity or show favor towards MC as it is mentioned in Asterion's death flashback that he was in Hades guard and it seemed Hades disagreed with Asterion's punishment... So he might see MC's interference with the other Gods' plans as a good thing...

I do think that one happy ending to this whole story would be a jump forward into the future where both Asterion and MC have died and gone to the Underworld together and live in the Asphodel meadows.


Bettering fitting shirts for Asterion!

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Honestly the hotel could be used in so many ways to dramatically improve the quality of life for the vast majority, or entirety, of the world. Obviously that's not the direction this VN is going, but I've definitely thought about the various ways it could be best used...

Or as Greta would say "We could use it for science!"

Minotaur Hotel communityCreated a new topic Accents!

The hotel, or more specifically the *spoiler*, translates all languages into the native language of the listener... Do people and mythicals still have accents?

More importantly does Asterion have an accent, and if so what is it? Or would his accent be fairly neutral from having been exposed to hundreds of accents across many hundreds of years?

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Alright then. Keep your secrets 馃槣

I'd definitely love to return back to that area later in the story, I loved the first scene there! 鉂わ笍鈾ワ笍

I'd love to know how you interpreted it in your mind. 

I can always choose to ignore your reality and substitute my own, after all... 馃槣鈾ワ笍鉂わ笍

Have you done all the endings.... He's not entirely what he appears to be.

I really like him, he's broken but he's trying to do what's right, even if he doesn't go about it in the best of ways.

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I think that there should be a way at the end of this story for MC to either give up their power as owner to Asterion, or have a way to limit their own ability to use that power/share it directly with Asterion where it requires them both to agree to a task for it to take effect.

I have a few reasons for this...

1) Asterion deserves to be in control of the labyrinth. Not only as recompense for everything he has undergone, but also because he has such a pure soul. I can't ever see Asterion using that power for anything other than the good of others, because he knows personally what it is like to be abused by that same power. This leads me to...

2) Power corrupts... I know that personally if I were in that situation as MC it would be incredibly hard not to use that power for selfish gain. Sure at first it would be little things, but I would imagine that without someone else (perhaps Asterion) to help moderate MC's use of that power they could end up abusing that power. Unfortunately humanity has a tendency to twist and warp things towards evil, even as we try our hardest to do and be good.

3) Finally it simply makes the most sense within the (currently established) plot of the story for MC to either want to give Asterion the power to run the hotel, or to share that power together. 

The primary story of Minotaur Hotel seems to be one of redemption/healing and the acceptance of 'otherness' (the literal acceptance of a mythical Minotaur as a metaphor for a person's acceptance of their own or another's homosexuality) and the healing that can then begin once that acceptance is reached. The story of Minotaur Hotel isn't about the magical powers that MC can gain from the labyrinth, that power only serves to move the plot forward or highlight how acceptance is reached within the story.

In the 'primary universe' where MC works to rebuild the hotel into something for both Asterion and themselves, it would make the most sense that at the end of that journey to either share that power between MC and Asterion (preventing the power corrupts issue by having another person to help moderate the use of said power) OR to provide Asterion with the ability to take full control of the labyrinth magic once he is free (reached acceptance of himself). 

TLDR: Asterion deserves to run the labyrinth/hotel, power corrupts, it makes sense with the plot of the story. 

So how does everyone feel about that? Would you want to see MC give up their power to Asterion, or even share that power somehow? What ways do you think they could go about that?

All ideas welcome! :P

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鉂わ笍鈾ワ笍 Yes :D !!!




Very true.... Hmmm

Yeah I want to see those two heal, together.

I'm not sure if Asterion and Argos can reconcile, but I agree... I'd definitely like to see some conclusion (preferably something amicable between the two of them) for their characters.

That is true 鈾ワ笍

Alright great!! :D

Yeahhhh it's weird that the MC hasn't asked about Asterion's room, considering how involved they are with Asterion... :/

I like this! :)

Hmmm that might be difficult, since each chapter is influenced by your previous choices... They *might* be able to do that... Butni would imagine it would only happen once the game is completely out of development, if it's even possible.

Duvido que tenhamos respostas para tudo, mas realmente espero que a pr贸xima atualiza莽茫o responda pelo menos algumas das minhas perguntas! 鈾ワ笍

I understand what you meant by death necklace, you were talking about the thing around his neck?... I am not sure if that was literal or a metaphor for something...

I also want to find a way to free Asterion from the labyrinth 鉂わ笍鈾ワ笍

He deserves his freedom, (with or without the main character, if that's what he decides)

Eu entendo o que voc锚 quis dizer com colar da morte, voc锚 estava falando sobre a coisa em volta do pesco莽o?... N茫o tenho certeza se isso era literal ou uma met谩fora para algo...

Eu tamb茅m quero encontrar uma maneira de libertar Asterion do labirinto 鉂わ笍鈾ワ笍

Ele merece sua liberdade, (com ou sem o personagem principal, se for o que ele decidir)

What do you mean when you say 'Death'? It's been a bit since I've played through the game so I might have just forgotten about it?...

I've been wondering if that scene in the original labyrinth under the stars where Asterion gets his star back, if that isn't him becoming divine. He is technically a demigod, right?... So perhaps that scene was him redeeming himself for the supposed 'cowardice' at the hands of Theseus?