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I think that there should be a way at the end of this story for MC to either give up their power as owner to Asterion, or have a way to limit their own ability to use that power/share it directly with Asterion where it requires them both to agree to a task for it to take effect.

I have a few reasons for this...

1) Asterion deserves to be in control of the labyrinth. Not only as recompense for everything he has undergone, but also because he has such a pure soul. I can't ever see Asterion using that power for anything other than the good of others, because he knows personally what it is like to be abused by that same power. This leads me to...

2) Power corrupts... I know that personally if I were in that situation as MC it would be incredibly hard not to use that power for selfish gain. Sure at first it would be little things, but I would imagine that without someone else (perhaps Asterion) to help moderate MC's use of that power they could end up abusing that power. Unfortunately humanity has a tendency to twist and warp things towards evil, even as we try our hardest to do and be good.

3) Finally it simply makes the most sense within the (currently established) plot of the story for MC to either want to give Asterion the power to run the hotel, or to share that power together. 

The primary story of Minotaur Hotel seems to be one of redemption/healing and the acceptance of 'otherness' (the literal acceptance of a mythical Minotaur as a metaphor for a person's acceptance of their own or another's homosexuality) and the healing that can then begin once that acceptance is reached. The story of Minotaur Hotel isn't about the magical powers that MC can gain from the labyrinth, that power only serves to move the plot forward or highlight how acceptance is reached within the story.

In the 'primary universe' where MC works to rebuild the hotel into something for both Asterion and themselves, it would make the most sense that at the end of that journey to either share that power between MC and Asterion (preventing the power corrupts issue by having another person to help moderate the use of said power) OR to provide Asterion with the ability to take full control of the labyrinth magic once he is free (reached acceptance of himself). 

TLDR: Asterion deserves to run the labyrinth/hotel, power corrupts, it makes sense with the plot of the story. 

So how does everyone feel about that? Would you want to see MC give up their power to Asterion, or even share that power somehow? What ways do you think they could go about that?

All ideas welcome! :P

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❤️♥️ Yes :D !!!




Very true.... Hmmm

Yeah I want to see those two heal, together.

I'm not sure if Asterion and Argos can reconcile, but I agree... I'd definitely like to see some conclusion (preferably something amicable between the two of them) for their characters.

That is true ♥️

Alright great!! :D

Yeahhhh it's weird that the MC hasn't asked about Asterion's room, considering how involved they are with Asterion... :/

I like this! :)

Hmmm that might be difficult, since each chapter is influenced by your previous choices... They *might* be able to do that... Butni would imagine it would only happen once the game is completely out of development, if it's even possible.

Duvido que tenhamos respostas para tudo, mas realmente espero que a próxima atualização responda pelo menos algumas das minhas perguntas! ♥️

I understand what you meant by death necklace, you were talking about the thing around his neck?... I am not sure if that was literal or a metaphor for something...

I also want to find a way to free Asterion from the labyrinth ❤️♥️

He deserves his freedom, (with or without the main character, if that's what he decides)

Eu entendo o que você quis dizer com colar da morte, você estava falando sobre a coisa em volta do pescoço?... Não tenho certeza se isso era literal ou uma metáfora para algo...

Eu também quero encontrar uma maneira de libertar Asterion do labirinto ❤️♥️

Ele merece sua liberdade, (com ou sem o personagem principal, se for o que ele decidir)

What do you mean when you say 'Death'? It's been a bit since I've played through the game so I might have just forgotten about it?...

I've been wondering if that scene in the original labyrinth under the stars where Asterion gets his star back, if that isn't him becoming divine. He is technically a demigod, right?... So perhaps that scene was him redeeming himself for the supposed 'cowardice' at the hands of Theseus?

:O Really?????

I've never seen that before, now I have to go check :D

Minotaur Hotel community · Created a new topic Furry porn?!

The world in which Minotaur hotel is set, has numerous characters called 'Mythicals' which are most similar to our world's concept of furries... Well humans being what they are (i.e. uncontrollably horny) how do you think each of the main and side characters might react to the unavoidable troves of furry porn that most certainly exists within this world? How might they stumble across the content?...



Give me your scenarios! :D


Ahí lo arreglé! :)

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Really rough translation here...

Well, thanks to those who answered me, therefore, I will write the answers:

1-I imagined the boy being versatile... but with fear of passivity, that our first meeting would be smooth, a progressive discovery, letting him explore first, already in many posts they gave positions but one that I do not remember reading, was that the bull will lift us up, I don't know what to call the posture, it would be against the wall while he lifts us from the waist, if it happened on the roof under the stars, where they can be calm, it would be a touch

2-in a lot of posts I read the game with the tail of the mino and I think it's the perfect way

3-I imagine that those hands would give an excellent massage for the PP with mischievous touches or even a lick to the neck between playful and eager

4-I would love something involving the garden of hades... but I can't think of anything.

5-something that I imagined could happen, is that Asterion wanted to teach traditional elements of his time to the PP, within that there would be public bathrooms where it would not be forbidden for Asterion to be naked or even excited in a Greco-Roman combat (as Luke's idea or even, that Asterion asked him for some advice to take the first step)

For now my mind is blank, the way the story progresses and the relationship has me extremely hooked, I hope the rest is a complete surprise, thank you very much for reading me and whoever translates this

I totally understand that, but I'm pretty opposite? I enjoy a character who has a bit of personality, but is still generic enough that they can be used as a self insert... :P

I feel like some of the background or daily goings-on with the MC, like calling/interacting with family or friends outside the hotel, or lack of detailed info about his past comes down to two things.

The first is like you said, the MC is a vessel for the player to imagine themselves in  and is left vague purposefully in order to better facilitate a sort of 'head canon'.

The second option is what I'd call episodic ambiguity/ the bathroom absence. Okay so what the heck is episodic ambiguity/ bathroom absence?... Well in most forms of storytelling, such as film or aduio or VNs, the authors leave out common daily details like using the restroom. They do this for a couple of reasons, one it's so common and universal to everyone that we simply don't need to witness it/ it's a bit gross to focus on and wouldn't add to the story. This is bathroom absence.

Then you have the idea of episodic ambiguity, which is the concept of events happening outside of what the viewer witnesses. Many television shows reference people, or places, or events that were never shown on screen. This creates the illusion of a larger more realistic and developed world, without having to spend extra time creating that scene.

For this VN the meta answer to your question about missing details in the MC's background comes down to the authors not having enough time and energy to create an infinite set of options, and their desire to create a blank slate for readers to project onto.

I my own in universe 'canon', I tend to write these oddities off as a form of episodic ambiguity and bathroom absence events.

Yeah, I don't see why not... I'm sure someone on here will be able to translate it, and they could post the translation as a reply.

I feel like generally looking at what people are posting gives a good idea about what we want.

So far most people have mentioned:

Consent from Asterion in a way that makes it obvious that Asterion is into sex, and not as a result of MCs power over him.

Asterion being able to top as well as bottom.

Foreplay and casual sexual moments before a big sex scene.

Possible kink, so long as it is optional and is approached delicately, due to Asterion's past.

It's so sad that Asterion is still stuck in that tiny room! 😭

I hope the two of them, Asterion and MC, eventually share a room together. It would show how far their relationship has progressed and would show that Asterion no longer sees himself as below the MC, but instead sees the two as equals.

I absolutely want to see some tender moments of sex. Not everything has to be balls to the wall sex, (although I do also want that). But if love to see some gentle foreplay, and MC and Asterion exploring each other's body, and exploring sex together.

I have another thought that isn't directly about sex with Asterion, but the consequences afterwards.

News travels fast around the hotel, so I'd love a scene where Luke being Luke gets a devilish grin on his face and approaches MC saying something along the lines of "So I've heard you had some angus" or "So you fucked the minotaur" (something with an innuendo haha) and while MC is getting a bit embarrassed by Luke being so direct, Asterion sneaks up behind Luke, leans down, and blurts out "Yup" or some kind of confirmation in a way that unexpectedly and completely flusters Luke.

I think the tables being turned on Luke would be really funny, and it would be a nice scene where Asterion is confident in his sexuality and relationship with MC. 

Oooh! Some serious tongue french kissing with MC?! :D Lots of long bovine tongue woo!

I do love the idea of some sex interactions, like whispering poetry, grabbing butts, maybe pulling on his tail gently... before the actual sex scene. 

I want more kissing scenes! It's so sweet and tender,and it makes my heart just melt!!! ♥️♥️❤️♥️❤️❤️❤️😍

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I fully realize that Asterion is meant to be a bottom in canon, but it would also be nice to have him be a top if the MC player is a bottom. I think you should add the option for Asterion to top, even if later itshows him as versatile and bottom inclined. That's the last I'll mention of Asterion being a top.

Alrighty with that out of the way...

Consent. I know this is a bit of a 'well no shit' comment, but considering the kinds of power MC has over Asterion, I want his willingness to engage in sex with MC to be clearly consensual. Maybe have Asterion suggest sex to MC, to make it clear it's his idea?

1) I think both MC and Asterion would flirt/tease the other with the whole 'my king' and 'master' name-calling stuff. I'd be surprised if this wasn't somehow included.

2) Options for vanilla sex, and for kinky sex options. I love both, but a lot of people aren't super into kink, so make any kinky stuff optional. (But definitely still include kink!)

3) Possible types of kink



    Dom and sub (bit obvious with the whole master or king thing, can go either way!)

I will say BDSM is a delicate topic. I absolutely don't want to involve pain in any way with Asterion and sex. It doesn't matter who that pain is directed at, I would be deeply uncomfortable with pain being involved considering Asterion's past!

4) Confident Asterion! No matter what I'd definitely like to see Asterion be confident with his sexuality.

I'd also really like the idea of MC and Asterion sharing quarters to be discussed. I feel like after they take this step, it would only make sense for the two of them to share a bedroom, and a bed... 😍

5) It would be interesting (as an option for players) if Asterion's dick could either be human or mythical. Some people like that and some don't, so I feel like it should be an option to have.

Finally... I'd really love if there could be one or two smaller sex scenes, where it's more casual nudity and just exploring each other and getting used to the idea of sex, before Asterion and MC go fully into sex and possibly kink. 

Or there's a sort of foreplay period before jumping into the sex scene.

Argos is best snek boi

He needs hugs

Oooh this is so useful!!! Thank you ❤️

Ah! 🤦‍♂️😜

Oh what video?...

Now that... Yeah I'll agree with, Athena seems like a $@#&

Your fight isn't with Argos, but you won't know that until farther into the story...

Trust me

This makes sense to me, because I do remember being able to change his appearance, but it makes sense it doesn't go as far as actually altering his core being.

Okay cool! I sort of assumed you (the Devs) all had it planned out (since you've been really great about details so far) but I just had to ask! :D


What do you mean?

I haven't been able to download the update yet, so... I genuinely don't know what's going on... 😅