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A topic by RAELWO created 14 days ago Views: 222 Replies: 4
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I took my time and played the good route, then I went to see what the ruthless route was and now I'm absolutely sick to my stomach, I'm boutta cry over this man. 

I've never done the ruthless route for that reason 馃槶


to anyone and you who see this post, if you are attatched to him as a character and actually wanna see him thrive, do NOT give into the curiosities of the ruthless route, it destroyed me to the point it took eleven hours to get my shit together. 

it is not that bad. the ruthless route has a lot more to offer than just hurt. it's hard enough to persuade people to try it out as is.

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I already know my weak hearth cant handle that. I hope you don't have nightmares