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So there is a poll on tumblr that I only just thought should be posted here-- about selecting the ideal furry husband, and Asterion is on it! Today battling against Wolf O'Donnell from Starfox.

There's only 10 hours left to vote, if anyone here has a tumblr account!

Beautifully captures that chapter of the Hinterlands. Adorable and extremely heartfelt.

What's better than this?

Get that man a drink

Eddio+Minoanon must give us the gayer, furrier Desert Bus


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Maybe just because he plays the title role in the opera The Minotaur, but John Tomlinson feels like a good fit for Asterion's singing voice:

but he does have a real good low voice-- warm and resonant, rich but gentle. Suits Asterion.

P, Argos, and Luke are definitely tenors. Kota, Storm, and Khenbish probably baritones. Themba is another bass. And the cobalts all altos/countertenors. But I can't think of any direct reference-points for them. Haha

(And be sure to get an Aulos too, so it can be like the music that accompanied Aeschylus/Sophocles/Euripides plays (which were themselves musicals or operas))

On the "tool maintenance" screen, the buttons and crank seem to do nothing (restarted a few times, same issue).

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When installed using wireless sideloading, I get a "file not found" error. Should I try sideloading it via usb?

Edit: Installing through usb made it work. Although it crashes if you kill all the kids.

Really great little visual novel, but I keep encountering an error where, after the music changes, the textbox and location transitions chug a whole lot, running at 2 frames per second. This happened with all the times I tried playing through it so far.

Poor Jack, et al, they don't know the infernal screaming is... just talkin'...

Out of nowhere, youtube suggested the following to me:

So I thought I was obligated to post this Jazz arrangement of the Seikilos Epitaph.

If you don't mind me asking, what in particular did you perform for the king and his pike-men? I'm not asking for a recording of you in particular, but I am just curious what it was you did.

Oh no, now everyone's pregnant...

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Part 10

(complete with a stop-in from developers)

I don't know if this has been posted before and I didn't notice, but,

Dear god...



is he a cow boy?

DISSONANCE community · Created a new topic Soundtrack

I just stumbled into this tiny little piece of chamber music recently, and thought that if this was, like, an animated short, that the third movement of this piece by Webern would be good for scene-setting.

Maybe if it was a longer thing or a series, one could pull the Visconti/Kubrick/VonTrier thing of relentlessly using a single piece of music throughout, and use this entire thing as soundtrack.

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This isn't worth starting a new thread for, but I was thinking if the translation of the hotel just auto-translated the etymologies of all the names as well-- and it made me laugh to think of.

Asterion gets literally called "Little Star" at all times.

Brash American Gryphon introduces himself: "Howdy y'all I'm Light! Not to be confused with the murdertwink with the book."

Got a huge imposing Grootslang accountant called... Faith. uwu

Khenbish has a Mitski song all about him...

Storm is... Storm...

(I dunno, it was funny to me, at least. Hahaha)

Technically-- aren't all patterns on Asterion cow patterns? 🤔

he is only a pupy who just arrived

plz give him time 2 meet evry1 uwu


"He has a turtle shell, like a lyre-- and horns, like me. } :-] he seems nice."

SUS Scrofa...

Soon after seeing this post, I ran into this Miles Davis album:

And just got to thinking...

Your mode-posting mood has exactly coincided with this lulzy-music-educator making some education about modes:

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L              ⅃

how to make P fucking cry:

Khenbish makes pizza for his younger siblings:


Khenbish has inspired me to look up Mongolian food more:

This grilled-noodle dish looks so damn good.

In my aimless research, I also found out that opera, oddly enough, takes a big part in Mongolian culture-- "In Mongolia, all men wrestle, and therefore all men sing"-- I wonder what sort of stuff Khenbish would sing

Asterion briefly mentions when you make the gym that he can't help but think of milk as "liquid beef", and what with what happened in his childhood, he has an aversion to it. Though once he tries the whey protein, he seems to perhaps not be entirely averse to it anymore. Perhaps, soon, even yogurt.

And Oscar just has a little lactose intolerance it seems, given his tummy aches.

Virgin Kota vs Chad Altan

wen asteron do the smirk

Just because I was thinking about it recently, and it's fucking hardcore, Strauss's operatic version of Sophocles's Elektra is fucking rad:

Here is Elektra's entrance, where she basically jills off to the idea of murdering people in her father's name. Beautiful and dramatic. Not ancient, but has an ancient basis.

The experience playing this game:

(But also with cigars 🥴 )