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Roushk is so disappointing for a character that gets so many lines in TOS and LD. He's so poorly written in this game, the characterization LD built up for him was completely erased. He's not even Roushk at this point, he's a completely different character.  He's drawn like some swamp princess with muscles. He's just.. a guy. 

Where's his stiff stature? Why is his reservation? Where's the mention of the human in LD, he was under the curse of lust before the human came along and couldn't possibly find a ring for Othra then unless this was before the Curse.  He's just so emotionless. 

You mean bewbies?       . _ .

You mean bewbies?

There's a strange abundance of the mention of lungs in every scene. You got something to say, writer? Do you want to f*ck lungs?

judging how their hasn't been a lizard update concerning Rhot for awhile now, I think thats just how he is. You can run some of the events again and say things he doesn't like maybe?

Playing version 1.0.5 and viewing the final affinity for Tyran soft locks the game, with no text showing for Barto or the soldier and being unable to continue. Closing out and restarting the game seems to fix it by bringing me back to the last save.

It's quite surreal to see other creators in the forums of other FVN's no? It's like spotting a unicorn...

I have to support what Dyne said. See No Evil by CaptainGerBear is a great game. It's puzzle focused but you definitely learn to love the characters in there. 

You mean Nikolai? No, only chapter 3 so far. I'm not sure how many chapters there are going to be, but I can tell there's going to be a lot more coming.

A man can dream, right?

Please make a route for Todd. I'm begging you, I love that man  :(

I like the point of contention between Amicus feeling embarrassed after the match and Marco wanting him to be safe. While Amicus seems to have a good intent in wanting Marco to be honest in saying that he should feel embarrassed by Amicus' defeat, I cannot help but interpret that Amicus wants Marco to feel embarrassed for him so that he does not need to ask himself why he's embarrassed. To distract himself from confronting his own feelings alone and instead blame Marco for having similar feelings in the future. 

It's likely that the loss, coming at the expense of his pride and ego, makes him feel like he is unworthy of being an emperor or that he cannot protect Marco sufficiently. 

Well, that was because it was behind Marco's back. While, it was for Marco's safety, it almost seemed... primal... feral. I'd imagine that'd be quite hurtful to see compared to a mutually agreed upon threesome

I agree. Many visual novels may leave some BG's blank until the end of development. While, that may not be a very immersive choice, we could also settle on "placeholder" BG's, another common choice for VN's. Even after reading a little bit, I become reimmersed into the story, I cannot say the same for other VN's.

there are two diverging initial routes. "You look like shit" and "Are you alright?"

For the welcome ending, Choose "Are you alright" and then "deceive the deciever". Make sure you do not send Asterion into the valley too much as you will get D&S.

After finishing All 4 ruthless endings: Shackled, Dust and Silence, Welcome to the Minotaur Hotel, and As You Are, I once was. I just wanted to speculate some things. 

First off, I never want to see Shackled ever again. Minotaur Argos is so cursed and the whole living pelt was so creepy. Overall bad ending for all characters involved. I know Asterion got his freedom, but to me, that's more of a neutral ending for him. 

I somewhat wish that the ruthless were a little longer and had more content about MC fully exploring their powers, I understand that those things probably wouldn't be revealed to them, but maybe forcing Asterion to let out his secrets, maybe creating a prison while running the hotel perfectly fine above. I understand this isn't a very popular opinion, as I also like Asterion, but hey, a little fictional power fantasy doesn't hurt anyone >:)

Lastly, in Welcome to the Minotaur Hotel, what stopped Argos from escaping the effigy like usual? Did he not dig a tunnel that time? Was he not quick enough? Asterion is left in what seems to be mania trying to take care of guests that aren't there, until P & Storm come along. It almost seems at the end that Asterion begins his Oath of Servitude to P. Does P become the new master of the land? Would he make a good master? Would P even be able to have the master powers without the deed? Since MC doesn't exactly have a set heir or any family we know of. Just some speculation.

Interesting. I did not know that.

It's possible for Asterion to have children, in theory. The closest example is Storm, his mom was human and we don't know what his dad was but as P stated, his father and grandfather were both peacocks. We also see Khenbish's father, and I can only interpret that his other siblings are boar-like, since he stated that they needed passports (charms) as well. This might be different for each mythical, since Kota did not have parents, instead, he was brought to life through belief like other deities, such as the skinned tapir you find in The Hinterlands. It is not known whether or not Kota still has followers or he simply became mortal? Perhaps that is explained somewhere. 

I'm not completely sure about Asterion's sexuality, but it could be possible if he were to conceive with a women. However, one of the hotel's contracts do not permit Asterion to develop relationships with guests. What that exactly entails in terms of intercouse, I do not know.

The devs highly encourage doing some detective work to find answers to questions like these. Although, I don't really care about finding answers that I don't know are there.

The land Asterion is cursed to specifically states that he cannot die. He was even grinded to pieces of beef in the past and was still not dead. Following this logic, turning to stone wouldn't be death either, as I believe his spirit would be in a form of stasis until he turns back to normal.

I don't think it exists in the current state of the game, as the animal part of the rankings are along the bottom of the bar. 

From left to right: Bull, Serpent, Peacock, Gryphon, Dragon, Wolf.

*SPOILERS*   After playing the game repetitively for background differences and achievements, I'm pretty convinced the result bar is kinda random except for a few instances. It's important to remember its about relationship progression, as in, how much you find out? Instead of how well you treat Asterion?

This is mostly speculation as I've observed that some of the "nicer" responses don't yield a better score, say for rubbing the wine in for him. I believe events like revealing Jean as Hermes  or revealing Argos as Dominikos as those things would reveal more about Asterion than having 2 different small dialogues. I don't think continuing Asterion's project increases the result bar. My first playthrough gave me Bronze Dragon, which was overall disappointing until I realized it was more about revealing the story. The highest I've ever gotten was Gold Wolf. 

Overall, the result bar is very misleading and should be taken out of the game to avoid discouraging players going through their first playthroughs, but I understand its importance for the Devs at the survey polls. Although, I think it's fair to assume most players won't discover Hermes, and ~40% would reveal Dominikos since translating the pages is relatively easy (10 Contract). Even though I did not do it because I thought it would be useless impact on the story like the tablets. 

Yall are truly a gift to the LGBT community. Nothing but representation in the game, even though you're drawing animals and not dark skinned humans, haha.

I very much enjoy inflation, breeding, and excessive cum. As long as there are internal views and breeding scenes, I will be a very, very happy man.

While Wolf is goodest boy,  I felt like his presence was lackluster. There wasn't much protection the hotel needed, given MC's powers and Asterion's massive fist flying into Jean's face. I absolutely adore Wolf's face whenever he's there, and I acknowledge that he cannot speak. However, not speaking is no excuse for a poorly written character! There's many good characters in media and even in other Furry VN's that do little to no speaking. I think it's important to highlight how other characters would interact with Wolf,  such as having  previous experience with wild animals, or even having a fear of dogs. A little bit of this was explored with only Asterion and Luke, (although that might just be Luke's lack of self-preservation).  Wolf's prelude was all about earning trust and trusting humans, crossing the boundary between species in the midst of harsh survival mindset, yet there was no trust to ever be established between MC and Wolf. Nevertheless, he is a good boy that is just happy to be there. <3

Let me fuck Valdo's dad rn. or else >:(

But I played through the Spencer route? >. >

I must not have gotten the good ending?

It will definitely come. Just give it time >:)

I hope there's a route for Logan. He's very mysterious, and the only guy here that seems to respect Walter's boundaries. 

Oh no. Herbert and the Dad is hot.

Something about their grimace (and why are her tits so big?!).

MC and Spencer get married?! Also, he does NOT look like an Eric to me lmao .

Roushk is ultimate husbando. Thank you for bringing us this update, Hyao. 

Please take care of yourself.

what happens when you get a black heart with bottom logan?

I'm broken-hearted that Darius is the only a day left. I feel like there's so many things to explore with him. I hope it becomes more climactic