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The scene with the penis cheese was disgusting and I want to drink bleach. If you're into that, cool, but I wish I had never been introduced to that concept

You got this dude/gal/*Insert other gender here* :)

Let the man have his opinion I guess. I don't like Harold, but I wouldn't call him disgusting. My fav is Spencer

Mr. StealYourMan over here.

I LOVE Spencer's new-ish ^-^ face

There is already a watersports scene that is m4a

Why do you just lose when you escape wolves in the forest? Not fun.

I'm excited! 6 or 5 days for each character? I needed a bunch of save files for 3 days.

Thank god. I LOVE the new ones! They have a lot more personality that brings the game to life.  Since I started on version 1.8.8 the new ones feel more realistic.

I noticed that as you play, the sprites change. I can only assume that these are new sprites planned for future updates. I personally like the old sprites. Will there be an option to choose between the two? 

Razmed instance was so funny. Ronch's second instance is really creepy. Nightmare fuel even.

Awesome game. My first route is Spencer and I love mostly every second of it. The days get a little repetitive with all the cooking, dialogue, andd classes, but it all gets renewed as an unexpected event/obstacle comes up

I'm sure those aren't bugs and it's just the dev not having time to make all the bg art and focusing on other parts of the game, as I've stumbled into this on a lot of other VN as well

Good to know. You do some great stuff.

KInda rude to assume someone's sexuality regardless of hobbies. Anyone can appreciate good art, and many straight pornstars do gay porn

Is it supposed to freeze at the end?

I never really liked Razix and his constant flirting, but this game makes him look really hot. Good Work!

Hey came to check in. Don't worry about the next update. You're doing great. It is a free game after all, people shouldn't expect so much as they do. 

I got past the troll on the bridge. and I can't go through the cave. I'm at a loss of what to do

Thanks for listening! It's very good for your first game. I remember my first Fanfic. Criiiinge.  I played through it pretty seemlessly so it's not horribly structured. It's okay if you're slow. We all have business to take care of, and your well-being comes first.  Looking forward to new updates

Oh. Thank you for taking the time to reply.  Yeah, that makes sense. I'm looking forward to new stuff. I hope you can experience new stuff because it'll make life and the story a lot more fun.  There's a lot of sex writing too, so props to you, but I love the game. Otherwise, I wouldn't have played it for so long.

[Spoilers] I liked Lucifer's story but

  • How am I supposed to know I need over % for finals? Why should I be punished for that?
  • Can be resolved with a "Hey you should stop failing" scene with Lucky
  • Should I assume I need a certain % for physicality?
  • Why should I have to choose 1/6 professors for advice?
  • It encourages backtracking (unless that's what you want....)

As a player, I just found these unfair how I got the bad ending after developing a relationship with Lucifer simply because I didn't study enough when I saw no reason to. Just as I saw no reason to buy the suits, game consoles, movie passes, use the sauna or shower, or exercise. I did see a reason to stretch my rectum. Players simply won't do things that don't have an effect or aren't given a reason to care.

    Maybe, because it's my first time playing and not knowing what to do is natural, I just made me really salty that I got the bad ending. Again, great game. Spent about 2 hours on it last night. Great sex scenes. Keep up the good work.

The new models means there's a lack of expressions and emotes. I really liked Parker's -^- face and Mark's concerned face. Taking these out make the game feel really 1 dimensional and inhuman.

It has pornographic dialogue

Hm, character customization is neat and all but it doesn't really fit here because it's trying to tell a story and to change the main character changes dialogue and immersion.

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I enjoy the game as a whole. I can't imagine writing all that dialogue in another language. The art is great, and the story flows well. My only issue is the male4male content seems somewhat bland, with each scene being the same variation big dick to hole spreading to alpha male and then cum inflation. It becomes predictable. I understand that mastering potions is the thing, but picking each ingredient is a bit of an eyesore for potions I don't make often. I'm on the 60th day area, and right now, I'm at a lost at what to do. Either way, great game, and I hope development runs smoothly :3

Edit: Maybe add a feature to have something tell you where to go next? Also, maybe drinking gay or straight potions can make you resistant to teases from the respective genders

It's a shame that Mark got buffed up. I just can't imagine an absolute unit like that would run around the park. I enjoyed his hyper nature. I understand that it was supposed to be an improvement though, I follow your twitter! 

I really enjoyed the game although it's difficult to actually play. Also, what happens when you lose? It's very scary. Krim being my favorite, I wish there was more to the story. Like monsters don't just roam the Earth...

Laasst comment I swear. Finish the game, got the bad ending first, was disappointed, found what a did wrong, and said "god damnit".

Disappointing that there was no sex scene, but I guess that throws off the narrative. 

The Good Ending is a bit... unrealistic but I guess it's okay.

I enjoy the script writing too. It doesn't sound like typical fanfiction, such as when reading male character lines you can still tell it's a female "talking" if that makes sense.

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Definitely frustrating to go through the game over and over again. Helps me build perseverance I guess. I enjoy the story but I suggest giving a faster way to skip through dialogue than a small "skip" button in the corner. Really gives insight to gang violence issues. People who are not catered to in a one-way society are thrown out to fend for themselves and form gangs.

Edit: Can I date Mochi, too?