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A topic by Zedarkwolf created 13 days ago Views: 327 Replies: 4
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I have passed time and time playing this game,i was enjoying it a lot,playing it when i feel cozy,warm and chill in front of the game and suddenly as i finish another day "end" D: i didn't even get a max bar with Little star in my first playthrough why did it end so fast D: ?! 

I was wondering how can i keep up to see more patch and new story about my little minotaur hotel ? is there somewhere where they post the update,do we have to download anything ? help the poor soul destroyed by the fact there is an ending to this fabulous content ;w; (forgive me for my english it's not my main language)


it's not "finished", except for the rutheless route. though if you want more content before the next build gets released, you can try out reruns with different backgrounds, inviting different guest or achievment hunting, assuming you haven't done this yet.

wait they finished the ruthless route? now im curious as to how it ends, but not enough to do that to him

well, there's technically 4 ends, and the rutheless route is not what you think it is. the lore details are well worth the venture. i do recommend you to develop a layer of separation from the mc, however.


Hello, Zedarkwolf. The game is still in development, we haven't reached the end of the story just yet. In fact, only recently we released the latest version of the game — the one you played.

We post updates for the game here, in our page, so you only need to check up here every now and then. We don't have a Patreon or anything of that sort, so everyone receives the update at the same time.

Right now the team is taking a well deserved break to rest up from the most recent release. When we get back to work we'll post news in our page.