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technically it didnt happen, because it was in a different timeline

not sure jymsar is very happy about some of them

you will roux this day carly shay, ROUX IT

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im sorry but i find that hard to believe.

>Updates will be posted here 14 days after they have been posted on Patreon, with updates coming out monthly.

its been months. Someones fibbing, and it aint me.

i like the character sprites in the new GUI. other games have done that in the past and it was always appreciated.

the notepad menu is a really neat idea, and a much needed addition.

after this update is completed, when will you begin work on the next chapter? you have to admit, leaving us hanging after a scene like that for several months is a bit intense

If i do nothing to help them, will they still find the hotel in the end? and vice versa, if i actually try, will they find it faster?

not the biggest fan of kota's new redesign, but hes still kota

id say without editing the games files, probably not

i like how the main character almost fucking died and jin is just like "so what lol" and jun goes fucking ballistic on him in front of everyone like its nothing. Those poor side characters must think everyone in our friend group is insane


Will it eventually be possible to take down those people? you know, The spencer people? Im trying to be as vague as possible, But those people. If we could destroy them, then spencer wouldnt have to hide, tai wouldnt have to worry about it, and the player doesnt have to keep this unbearable secret from his friends. I predict that this will inevitably boil over once again just as tai and spencer said it would if we dont just tell them. We could do that by getting rid of these assholes.

its not that hes a dick. Its that hes an idiot. Tai can act like it was equal guilt among both parties, but none of this would have happened if kyrex just stopped being a man whore for two seconds

wait they finished the ruthless route? now im curious as to how it ends, but not enough to do that to him

i checked for an update just now for shits and giggles, i didnt actually expect to see one.


fair enough, i guess we will just have to wait and see what you end up doing with with the plot

those broken save scenes are so fucking cool, and the idea for using metadata to recover progression was genius. i didnt really understand what you were doing, because diego was the first one to explain it to me. it wasnt until 3 tries later i got spencer and now i think ive wrapped my head around it.

So why isnt logan a main character? why isnt he selectable as a pursuable character?

not to sound greedy, but... any idea what the ETA is? next january perhaps?

Oh, the butler? pfft. The rabbit is just some loser with a knife, Killing him would be a cakewalk for someone like Benson.

Hes lying.

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i like the game so far, but cant i just kill the rabbit? its clear hes the cause of all this. Like whats seriously stopping Dave from just getting rid of him? i got the bad ending with Dean, where he gets poisoned and dies, and everyone blamed Orlando. But it wasnt him, It was the rabbit wasnt it? Hes been skulking around the entire time, anticipating us since before we even got here hasnt he?

it just so happens i picked the leader background. guess ill have to toy around to figure out how to trigger the event.

as for the rest of the story, im excited to see where you decide to go with everything that just happened, primarily the fact that asterion just beat the hell out of a god.

Will i get the option to let Pedro and Oscar stay at the hotel? ill be honest, i didnt like those two when they were introduced. i figured they were going to be antagonists, but your storytelling drew me in. I actually really like them, and while im not the best at guessing these things, theyd make a cute couple. As for Argos, hes clearly not the antagonist. Honestly? i dont think hed hurt a fly. If we do get an antagonist, i hope you can make him like Argos, in that he will try to deceive and out-think the player.

thats what im saying

Kael, Please stop responding to drama. We the supporters would rather see progress updates on the next build like minotaur hotel than a giant text post like yandere dev

wouldnt it be easier to tell everyone to shut the hell up, and then go back to the project? Yandere dev fell into the pit of chronic response syndrome and his game is a pile of unfinished shit as a result, please, god, do not let that happen to FBTW. If it were me, id cut my internet and just focus on the project.

You are not obligated to respond to every bit of drama in your games fandom. 

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what happened between now and the last update? what drama is everyone prattling on about? you guys do realize you sound just like those two idiots from the villa right?