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oh yeah i didnt trust nini for a second. i found the skinned tapir first so it was pretty clear if he couldnt enter a church why would his followers want to be buried under that religion. so i either did 7 days of storm or lifted the curse.

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i feel like some of the routes on the daily agenda are a bit too dragged out in # of days for the amount of content. like some of robert and lukes conversations could be 1 day instead of 2, same with a few of asterions project days. I know we'll get more days to complete more things and maybe you dont want the meatier daily agenda stuff to fall on longer days. but a few of the daily agenda things just feel like "why would we stop here weve barely done anything"

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what exactly are these raw materials even for? 

are the new R&D projects just from sending people there every day or will i know when i have to work on them

so do the new itch builds just come out when the next patreon build comes out?

"sigh out" isnt a term, its just "sigh" or "sighed" you dont "sigh out" also they do it soooooooooooo muuuuuuuuuuuuch. my god its like nails on a chalkboard but with grammar.

i hate people who feel like talking to a brick wall when youre arguing. like hes clearly dumb as at least half a sack of doornails but whatever he says or however he sees it in his own head is right no matter what and inarguable. At the  same time i still feel bad for him though.

yeah i just played adastra this month and my first thought at the end was why was none of that seemingly happy stuff that happened on the tour included amidst the 8 hours of depression lol so it would be nice to be able to see.