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Future Achievements?

A topic by Tahran created Sep 08, 2022 Views: 379 Replies: 10
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I enjoyed the game as it was fun. It was neat to find the right path to get the specific achievement even if it took a while. I enjoyed the pieces of lore along the way that made the game fun. I was thinking if you guys could add more achievements in the next few updates. That would be great if you guys can. For example, I was thinking if there would be an achievement for MC to find a conclusion between Asterion and Argos in future chapters, (in a specific path when Argos' identity is revealed to MC). This is just a suggestion though. as there are many achievements to find. It's fine if you don't have to do this for us.

I'm not sure if Asterion and Argos can reconcile, but I agree... I'd definitely like to see some conclusion (preferably something amicable between the two of them) for their characters.

why not? it's a different argos everytime, and depending on mc this one does no harm to asterion

Very true.... Hmmm

Yeah I want to see those two heal, together.

yeah i think its a good to have an achivement like a speedrun ( get to an ending as fast as possible other than the ruthless route) and u can brag it around the cast  after u got the achievement when u restart a game and picked the speedrunner trait


We'll keep adding achievements as we add content to the game. We try to avoid putting in too many achievements, as that can get really excessive if we're not careful, but yeah we always like putting a few more when it feels right.

Understandable, thank you

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Is it weird I got them all achievements but the cruel master endings,

 I just can't  hurt Asterion. I would feel horrible if I did. So I don't have the 2 done.

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you don't have to think of the mc as a self insert, besides the ruthless chapters aren't about hurting asterion, most of it is played from the perspective of good boi argos, and it contains some neat lore info that makes it interesting to check out.

I  can't be a bad guy in any game unless involves dark magic. I was once a bad guy in fable 2 it made  me very uncomfortable.

as i said, you don't have to think of mc as a self insert. it wouldn't be you