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Dialogue banners for PC

A topic by TheBoldCharr created Nov 15, 2022 Views: 286 Replies: 2
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Does any one else think it would be nice for the PC to get dialogue banners to differentiate him from other humans and from general narration? Maybe have them reflect your chosen background?


I like the idea, at the very least the font color could change according to background. As for banners, I don't know if it's a good idea to add one for the MC, it might look distracting. Additionally I'm not sure what pattern we could go with since we risk diluting the MC to just his background every time he opens his mouth if there's, i don't know, binary code scrolling through the screen (if you have the tech background). Maybe just the labyrinth pattern asterion has but with the respective background color, though it might be better to keep that one for Asterion and his brother alone.

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For a moment there i forgot about Asterion's brother and thought you had just dropped a major plot twist.

As for MC's pattern, well i've mentioned somewhere in the forum before how these self insert protagonists feel like non-characters to me, yours doesn't even have a default name, i had to come up with some of my own. For example the leader background MC i called Leander, for math, Matheus, that kind of thing. Anyway, what are the few things we do know about the MC that doesn't make him an average person?  The deed to the hotel, making him the master of a pocket reality where he can create many things out of thin air. He is also very much empathetic, and is generous with kindness to others. unless he sends asterion to the valley once, He is also rather chill, confortable with being behind the scenes. These qualities are actually fairly similar to the strength arcana from tarot, not just the external strength from having unrestrained powers in this realm, but also the inner strength from being a balanced individual who is secure of themselves in that they do not abuse of their powers to assert dominance over others. this arcana is often represented by a girl and a lion, the symbolism being that this girl is able to put her hand inside the lion's mouth and they won't bite her (kinda like that contract with the armband). Now, how to translate this into a banner? It would have to be something that is strong and safe. this is where i can't help too much anymore, but my one suggestion would be a shield inspired design for the banner, although i'm unsure a shield would fit well with the themes of the story.

Edit: Wow, i kinda spiraled here. maybe just do the armband, as not only it evokes the same imagery from the strength arcana, it is also the physical manifestation of MC's promise to never hurt Asterion by sending him to the valley.