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Does the statue have any importance?

I would just say it kept getting worse.

I remember from the start when the Hearth was first lit power production was rather meager, has that changed?

And maybe for added flavor a research project that allows for upping production. (on demand nuclear power plants anyone?) And then maybe have power be routed through Hermes' shrine, along with the creation of a few shell companies, making the labyrinth into a world wide power distributor! For not even pennies!

Does firefox block the web storage api now?

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Does any one else think it would be nice for the PC to get dialogue banners to differentiate him from other humans and from general narration? Maybe have them reflect your chosen background?

Loving P's and Storm's new sprites! Hope Asterion and Luke get a touch up!

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 September 20 2022 GameOver windows patreon copy is in the finding a place windows folder. $2 Copy

Does the new max cup size apply to the player character?

Hey this is just a nitpick, but a delay of some sort after just clicking 'new game' would be nice. As of now its just slaps you in the face with a textbox.

Is the tanker still going to block the resources of whatever tiles it is generated on?

Making money is too fucking tedious in this game.

Error when giving child food money during video call.

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Numbers 14 and 15 are the same.

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Running windows, crashed whole pc multiple times, and now when it starts the window is all black and stays that way. Also, where are the save files located and have it open in windowed by default?

I still feel like article 5 of Argos' contract should still be called into question since it can be read that no matter who breaks the contract Argos still gets the mirror, even if he was the violating party.

I've been unable to find broken masonry and I think worn wire and worn wires are counted as separate things.