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The hotels electricity

A topic by TheBoldCharr created Jan 31, 2023 Views: 185 Replies: 1
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I remember from the start when the Hearth was first lit power production was rather meager, has that changed?

And maybe for added flavor a research project that allows for upping production. (on demand nuclear power plants anyone?) And then maybe have power be routed through Hermes' shrine, along with the creation of a few shell companies, making the labyrinth into a world wide power distributor! For not even pennies!

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Honestly the hotel could be used in so many ways to dramatically improve the quality of life for the vast majority, or entirety, of the world. Obviously that's not the direction this VN is going, but I've definitely thought about the various ways it could be best used...

Or as Greta would say "We could use it for science!"