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I for one, can't wait for the Hyperion episode, big bosses have the biggest downfalls

In one run or over multiple playthroughs?

Right now the Gallery can't trigger the Statue/Tablet scenes for having certain creatures equipped?

3 medals? I got them but the kuro keeps on saying no renas allowed

Well from implications, it seems that they certainly are damned. 

Huh is there a method to transfer save progress over? If one played the first route already 

Ouch, curse you program limitations, curse you!!! In any case rather excited for updates in the future. Though it did confuse me a bit in regards to the ear clips (that totally were thrown in the ocean, honest!)

I feel like this might be something that would be low on the priority list, like something to slot in once the whole story/development is finished. However I feel it would be worth having Cruel Serenade, the chapter one map and plot eventually ported into Guttertrash once everything is done with. Granted, new content and finishing the game would be much preferable but hopefully once that milestone is met, having the whole story be a seamless experience would feel great. 

I admit I felt a bit of whiplash for like the intro flashback part of the island for Guttertrash, I was like, did I just miss something?

I look forward to your future development. And a toast to your success 

"Fixed an issue during a scene in Sissel's route where Jinny's sprite would shoot off into the stratosphere. This is the second time I've tackled this issue, hopefully it stays fixed this time ;w;"

I'm sorry Shirokoi, there is no stopping Jinny from returning to her home planet. 

A toast to you then,

How exciting, we shall watch your career with great interest

Damn, Nikos getting clapped by royal cheeks, The sentence is fair for les majesty.

You can't escape your Karma P. 

I think the clause specifically states that the Owner of the Hotel needs to have "human" parents.... which might be a problem in the future depending on how humanity might end up... depending.

Well when some people went rooting about in the foundations of the hotel, they discovered hidden variables regarding what types of grouping that aligns the main character to a specific grouping in the background. Maybe lean a bit more into those for help in developing characterization for the MC?>

Now I haven't gotten it yet, but.... I kind of have the feeling you have to 

1. Act exactly like a bug tester and choose the most ludicrous option

2. Be an annoying little bear brat. 

Great, hoping there's a community page coming up in the future. First few runs has so much LORE to speculate on

Will there be an instruction/user manual to access stuff like menu and options?

Master: Just tell him what you've been through. 

The moo posts about his experience in the labyrinth. Troll is traumatized for life

The Evil is defeated

Truly this is how the labyrinth will be destroyed, it will become too stupid to hold Asterion anymore. 

The money, shush and take it

A handsome looking minotaur

Slaps twenty down on counter "Shut up and take my money "

If only P could sell it as Modern Art, get enough funds for both him and Oscar. 

Problem is that plan also ties into a whole lot of other recursions... aka when Mortals and Divines get together, it usually doesn't end up happy, for the mortal more often. I guess this is a large risk when attempting recursion rituals. You might just find yourself being pulled into another, more significant pattern with a resolution completely different from what the ritemaster was aiming for.

We can blame Oscar's father for this. 

You name it, Asterion's probably experienced it, which gives it larger impact that he gives a giant F U in a Ruthless route and chooses to stay in the valley. 

Ah this, this makes me laugh, and cry. 

Me when I witnessed our dear moo renovate his hotel. 


Oh great, now Asterion is going to reestablish a New Rome. 

You know what's funny? Flowers are a religious offering in certain faiths. Then there's the whole Robert saying Asterion's divinity and cthnoic nature have been bled out of him....

Obviously it would seem to be managed more reasonably if we had the more days we'd get when the story progresses past the current build. But I'd feel it'd be a benefit if what role/background you picked also had an effect on how fast you progress in certain routes/projects. Like humanities and/or leadership giving you multiple scene progressions in a single day. 

The King has returned

This December, all we want for Christmas is moo 

Secret achievement, infect the moo into a being that is beyond the reach of the Labyrinth's torment. Secret Speed Runner ending. 

Nah Greta is Gaia trying to push the final destruction of the Olympians. OH BY HESTIA it ALL MAKES SENSE

Oh no I have been roasted by this beef

The Prince that was promised

My goodness, this is really striking and woah awe inspiring, really gives context to some scenes

That route really raises a lot more questions even as it answers others.