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You name it, Asterion's probably experienced it, which gives it larger impact that he gives a giant F U in a Ruthless route and chooses to stay in the valley. 

Ah this, this makes me laugh, and cry. 

Me when I witnessed our dear moo renovate his hotel. 


Oh great, now Asterion is going to reestablish a New Rome. 

You know what's funny? Flowers are a religious offering in certain faiths. Then there's the whole Robert saying Asterion's divinity and cthnoic nature have been bled out of him....

Obviously it would seem to be managed more reasonably if we had the more days we'd get when the story progresses past the current build. But I'd feel it'd be a benefit if what role/background you picked also had an effect on how fast you progress in certain routes/projects. Like humanities and/or leadership giving you multiple scene progressions in a single day. 

The King has returned

This December, all we want for Christmas is moo 

Secret achievement, infect the moo into a being that is beyond the reach of the Labyrinth's torment. Secret Speed Runner ending. 

Nah Greta is Gaia trying to push the final destruction of the Olympians. OH BY HESTIA it ALL MAKES SENSE

Oh no I have been roasted by this beef

The Prince that was promised

My goodness, this is really striking and woah awe inspiring, really gives context to some scenes

That route really raises a lot more questions even as it answers others. 

My goodness did Kota clean up?

Isn't this a recursing reference to the movie night in Minotaur hotel?

Inhumanity calls to inhumanity. 

Feels like speedrunner, besides being more humorous also seems more raw, in terms of an actual real life person being thrown into a modern magical setting like this. 

An extra 10000 bonus points if it's the speedrunner background

May I interest you in some cursed Jojokes? Inhumanity squared

I'm really interested in seeing what direction you'll go with if you develop a Wolf route. How would one even progress a story with a nonhuman mind? Maybe something more about the Labyrinth and its environment through the sharper senses of a natural predator? Or maybe something about taming the Valley? 

... It'd be interesting if the Hotel started being a refuge for endangered species would it not? Then it'd be an unusual explanation/and hopeful for sightings of all those species that are thought to be extinct. 

Ha, you've really set the mind aflame with a great story like this. Keep up the good work.  

A bit of a silly idea but Night Sky Asterion skin? Maybe triggered by finding something made of Lapis Lazuli?  I wonder how the dear moo will react, bashful? amused? or cringe?

Well depending on how he actually went about it, Argos might not have actually lied as so much spread misinformation and some other snek didn't pay so much attention. 

Like- Argos "Oh hey did you hear, it's taking longer than usual to set up, things could be delayed for an hour this year" 

Other Snake- *Heads down to Chipole. *

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Well there's always workshopping as the game goes along... Though I would had though Leader background would fit for the athlete background as well. Something like Captain maybe? After all people look up a lot to those in sports and a big part of team games is knowing when and how to follow and when to lead. 

The thing about the speedrunner background though. It's the most achingly human and modern of the paths. Here you/the player is flailing about socially and physically. Seen in a lowly light and causing wincing to other people you interact with. You have existences a lot older, gotten themselves together better or more refined than you wincing and considering you lower than human or just have bad taste. And yet (hopefully) you're doing your best, muddling through life like every other average joe. Meeting and bonding with Asterion seems more like a blessing to you the player. Somebody who has been degraded to be less than human all their life and afterlife finds somebody with similar enough circumstance and chooses as a person to bond with them.

Even as everybody involved cringes. Honestly I'm waiting for like even the narration to dunk on the Speedrunner master.  

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It's interesting that you bring up this song to the sun when a lot of the times, Bulls are a solar symbol.... 

Well that and their horns can be considered a Lunar symbol as well. 

I wonder if an additional verse will be added to form a cycle. I don't know, does epic poetry prefer fours or threes?

One particular piece of writing I've found quite charming also shows Asterion gaining belief in himself back. Now I've never seen the dialogue before when you try to have Asterion go out, less than properly dressed. I respect the moo a bit much for that. However for a certain scene leading to a pit of wrestling after the laurel wreath is bestowed, I mistimed what would be the sequence of events and had him in the loincloth too early. But instead Asterion jokes around and ribs the player character for their trickery. I think it shows quite well how much Asterion has developed in his self confidence and self respect as well. Now I'm wondering if that can tie into a possible mechanic for Asterion being more... assertive as some people were wanting.  

This is what the transformative power of Creative Use can bring us. Something soulful and precious that shines through

Well no wonder the people of Crete sought him out. Looking at him is a blessing in itself

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Excellent writing a very nice character perspective piece. I could almost imagine another dream segment happening afterwards

I am attempt to illuminate this mystery....

"The Tide Turns?"

Also Nanoff? Loving the boar experiencing more Fandom love? 

Soon the light of day will expose the boar 

I hope in the future there might be a bug report Thread, but in any case. When I have Khenbish hired, Kota being the lounge manager. I get this odd bug. I had during the same day, the restaurant screens project completed and Khenbish bringing in a Rug from his culture. But his sprite glitches and then he has the uniform from Luke's branch? Is this a flag error?

From what I've read, it's intended to complete the main storyline between the player character and Asterion first and then start constructing more side stories with the staff? I sure hope there'd be interesting things like random events or post main storyline/epilogue content.

You know the several times when the player character engages in taking in the scent of the big moo, it's in regard to sunlight, hard work and the sweet scent of the sea. But I wonder what does our dear friend smell when he takes us in. And if it might be slightly different depending on your background. 

Quick, punch them in the face

Congratulations, you've made me make the very first meme pic for a franchise/IP in my life. But seriously  a certain princess of Crete is coming off a really lot like this... Um if it needs to be spoilered. Please let me know.   

Hmm how many days do you get in the Hinterlands again?  I keep recalling you only have time for 2/possible four 

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I'm kind of wondering, if Athena has gone completely off the deep end and interestingly enough it might tie into another little piece of Greek myth. Especially now that we've found out about a certain Servant's liege from Thebes. Thebes' royal family had disaster after disaster piled upon them. Particularly due to  a little object called the  Necklace of Harmonia, crafted by Hephaestus to avenge himself on the result of the Affair his wife  Aphrodite, with Ares. That necklace was key in many a Greek Tragedy befalling that house. The key thing however was it was eventually dedicated (the Necklace) to the Temple of Athena at Delphi, to prevent further disaster amongst human wearers. But this was something made by a god to avenge himself on another deity. Interesting to think is it not? 

Apparently it was Ariadne that at least persuaded her father to exile Asterion. Apparently Tablet 7 seems to relate her to the observation that women had to use wiles to work their will. Honestly I wonder why she did it, or if it was for that really petty reason implied in that ruthless route...   

Now if the repeating images of falling bird could spiral in on each other.... another level of metaphor