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Help For "Plan for the day is:"

A topic by Aries created 57 days ago Views: 136 Replies: 6
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So, I just need some quick help really quick, so how do you pick someone for "Plan for the day" Cause i read the instructions and idk if you have to press something or not. Please someone help me out. :(

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To advance a character's route, they need to be available/free for the day, and then you can select them in the menu/list with the 'plan for the day'. (If done right, the plan for the day should display your choice.)

This means no assigned jobs for them that day. If they are assigned to research or the valley, take them out to make them available. 

Some additional notes:

  • Injured staff are unavailable
  • Some staff can only become available after certain time-gated events (e.g. Asterion can only be available after some event in later days)
  • Some staff don't have routes yet
  • It's okay to have nothing to do that day if you really want to devote your staff in doing research and the valley. I don't recommend this though.

Thank you! I appreciate the advice! (:

Is it possible to finish Asterion's route yet?


the Asterion's project requires you to spend all your days on it. you can finish it but you can't acomplish anything else, recruiting Robert takes priority for me at least


If by that you mean Asterion's project, the answer is yes. It is long though, requiring a lot of days to finish.

Obviously it would seem to be managed more reasonably if we had the more days we'd get when the story progresses past the current build. But I'd feel it'd be a benefit if what role/background you picked also had an effect on how fast you progress in certain routes/projects. Like humanities and/or leadership giving you multiple scene progressions in a single day.