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I am not lying about any of that lol.

I enjoy novels that have more of a development to the relationship of a character then more of, going straight into a relationship and you get to see all the dirty and stuff. Diego did have a good route, but it wasn't like a "omg I want to keep reading!!" type of act. It was more "I'll read for a bit and see if it gets interesting" type of act. While with Tai it's like "holy shit we just broke up with him i need more lore."

Tai's route just had what I always wanted to read basically. Lmfao

Ok I just wanted to say this, but I FINALLY FINISHED TAI'S ROUTE. The story was amazing, and I loved the drama, the sadness, and the conflict that just came along with that handsome tiger, to finally be done with him after 3 years of reading his route is so sad to me, but to say I'm finally finished with him is so exciting for the next routes to be done!!!

holy shit i can finally read ur novel again 

So is tai's route finally done or coming up to its end.

God bless we hope we have a better year..

I cant believe we're almost done with our boy Tai..

Woohoo! Happy thanksgiving!! :)

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I finally finished the novel. After 2 years I've finished it.

Thank you for putting so much effort in this novel. 

I am excited for more to come! But as of right now, it's time to wait.

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Once you have 11 metals what do you do?

I am ALMOST FREAKING DONE. But im stuck. I need a hint..or hints.

How do you get the GEMINI and SAGITTARIUS medal??

I did every person's route and I only got they're personal medals and only a few others.

Wanted to let you know I bought your guys plush!

I've always enjoyed this novel since day one and it's exciting to almost be done with the novel.

I hope more plushies are coming. soon!

Does each character route have different stories or is it the same but only have certain new things with each character?

So, for example, u do one person's entire route, then the others your able to skip most of it and see new things since it's in a different route?

Quick question and its about the TRUE ENDING (Dean, or Tyson).

Do you have to fully do the entire route for the side characters or is it like, shorter then the 2 main characters? So we escape or something earlier then when you do the main 2 routes?

Hm..just in case, may I get a hint?

Alright. I'll keep a eye on the words.

So it's a word they will continue to use in the bad ending?

Or I guess, the password for Day 9, to prevent the deaths from Sal.

Day 10.

Just asking real quick, What is a CLUE or  HINT for the password for DEAN'S ROUTE after you saved BENSON?

I have a quick question, Nik's route will still be getting updated, yes? I'm already shaking from that..thing you see. But i wanted to know it his route is done, or still getting work done on it.

I totally forgot so i just got to ask real quick. Is Harold's route done at all?

Is roux gonna be a route??

So by any chance do you get off the phone, or act as Beek, or do you not an just continue on the phone?

Nah its fine, i just skip through the story until where im left off LOL

ur a bit late

pov: u reset ur computer and it takes away all ur gallery and data on ur book

aaah alr, been a while since i read it lmfao

Is this game finished at all?

I loved the book! I really did!

But dont you think the whole like, book is a short, and quick? The book is pretty quick to get through, and the whole plot twist was really confusing as well, im just here to let yall know if you guys can try to change more, even yet add more routes other people to date!

Hello Hello! Im just asking if you can actually have a relationship with them, like in boyfriend way? Just asking to make sure. <3

Merry Christmas

*Judges You*

Well Huge, i hopes you has a good Christmas this year, be waiting on the next update <3

i mean i need weight anyways sooo i meaannnnnnnnn

The boi is just honestly dust at this point. and yes r very loveable

Maybe Spencer has them my loveable tiger friend

Spoilers if you havent done Tai's 17th day yet

Haha Xevvy they aint lactose. >:)

I will solve that mystery of that darn icecream.

Thank you! I appreciate the advice! (:


So, I just need some quick help really quick, so how do you pick someone for "Plan for the day" Cause i read the instructions and idk if you have to press something or not. Please someone help me out. :(

Love the update

Keep up the good works~ <3 <3