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This is a spoiler thread to discuss about YOUR theory (or speculation), about what's happening or what may happen! (For example the Peacock at the end of the 3.0 update)

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My theory is that the Peacock is Cl茅ment grandson and one that could've been the heir of the hotel (if not by the MC intruding).

 By my math Cl茅ment was AT LEAST 81 YEARS OLD (Based when the game takes place + the last check-in on the hotel entrance + the time they [last master] ignored him for 16 years told in the near ending of positive affection route) and ABOUT 100+ YEARS OLD (a child that just got born can't rule a hotel if you know what I mean) by the time the game takes place (somewhere after the Notre Dame cathedral burned down), Asterion does mention mithical creatures being in the staff but never talked about an actually master being one of them.

I think Cl茅ment died just after we left the location then that triggered the peacock dreams.


One "Easter egg" if you haven't noticed.


An interesting theory, but we don't know enough yet.  Asterion and Argos keep making very clear declarations that the master is of "Mankind"- namely in how Asterion constantly is reflecting on the cruelty the hotel brings out in his human jailers. Theres also a few mentions whenever Argos is prattling on about Mankinds duty and veneration of the gods, but usually I'm to busy trying to see the trick in his words to catch the words themselves.. At the same time,the feathers in the vase that you spotted to indicate that the new peacock is definitely tied to the hotel. Also, there is a possibility clement slept with one of the guests, so we can't rule out a clement lineage connection yet.


I'm gonna outright say I think Jean is at least some kind of Demigod, if not outright a God himself. He looks Greek, and I think he *may* be Theseus, perhaps trying to atone for killing Asterion and setting off this whole chain of events and eternal torture? 

In regards to the Peacock though, I saw his tailfeathers in the Bedrock yeah, and I think it was implied that they were used as quills to write contracts? In Greek mythology peacocks arose from the blood of (the Giant) Argos Panoptes, perhaps there's a link between this guy and the Foreman of the Labyrinth? 

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While I don't know who Jean is, there is something that aligns with you theory of the killer being bound- In the sixth lore tablet, "Child"- Asterious meets one of the men sent to kill him, who responds that he's seeking a weapon said to be able to kill an immortal, to free his father of his eternal life (His father still aged, making it torture). what is important here, though, is this line- (

 Later in the passage, Asterion calls himself the "Guardian of Daedalus's home" and that the labyrinth itself is "holy ground- "That in the center of the maze lies a shrine made by the gods themselves. The visual description of the tablet also is describes as depicting a butchered bull at the opening of a temple.
a second tablet- 18- "Skyros" also mentions something along these lines-


I'm in the middle of reading all the tablets at the moment, and I can't help this horrible feeling that the Labrys that can cut the strings of Fate will be used to kill Asterion in finality. 

You could be right though, I believe one of the crimes Asterion was damned for was the killing of Tithonus, nd undoing Zeus' decree. However, Argos describes the act of torturing and killing Asterion repeatedly to be one of "divine worship", perhaps Asterion's first death was seen as a divine act by the Gods at that point? I believe in the line you highlighted, the host is Deadalus as the Labyrinth is his home, his creation, and so it is Asterion's bloodline which is cursed.


Its possible? however, the "Child" tablet makes me think its unlikely, as asterious tells the adventurer that "he'd welcome him as a guest with open arms, if it were not for the weapons in the adventures hands". The tablet ends by saying "Perhaps a seasoned warrior would have left the adventurer to die, but a child wouldn't know that a beggar can hide a knife".

This indicated to me that asterious eventually invited him as a guest (in tablet 7- Ichor,  asterious is show to guide them to the weapon, though the circumstances are unclear) and the "guest" did something terrible, incurring the wrath of the gods. Its entirely possible that this something was not even asterious's or anothers death- the child tablet only states that to bring "Woe" into a hosts home is what causes repercussions. interestingly, "Ichor" also mentions that the man who tried to wield the axe still has burn marks on his hands,as only "those favored by the divine" could wield it.


I think, after reading it all, you may be right. Jean may be Laomedon, son of Tithonus, the one who persuaded Asterion into killing his father against the will of Zeus. Both of their fates may be sealed by this act, as Laomedon in the last tablet states he no longer belongs to any country and is searching for a redeemer himself, if not to become a redeemer. 

Perhaps he thinks by Asterion demonstrating his hospitality for all he sends his way (as he did for Laomedon and his father originally) will help redeem him in the eyes of the Gods? It certainly seems to fit well with the guilty vibe I was getting for some reason.


I had to go back and replay the guest scene to catch it, but I do agree that Jean comes across as... off. I dunno if its guilt, but its clear that SOMETHING is weighing on him, and it would explain why he's sending people to the hotel, but not directly interfering. Its also possible that he was behind the MC and Clement meeting, due to how trippy and off kilter the scene of their meeting was.


I think that Jean is just the Hotel WILL and/or MC WILL to meet a X or Y, Anon said that in the Hotel objects has some kind of life in them, so I don't doubt that persons could be created to make them go there, sometimes when you wish something it wont be fate that will lead to the hotel but something that guide them to it.


I'm seconding that the quills we see in the Bedrock were for writing contracts, and a simple assumption is that the Peacock's grandfather used to work on contracts with the hotel (probably left a passport, too, since writing wise it makes sense to cash one of those Chekhov's guns here quickly since we've got 3 more that could come up).  Obviously there's some magic/supernatural bits at play with linking his dreams to the place these quills are, maybe they've been used for contacts for so long that they're starting to become an artifact, and are calling out to his grandson.

The tie there to Argos is very interesting, though! If we want a crazier theory, the magic of the quills and peacocks in general can be used for spying on locations they're left behind at - fitting with the eye on the feather, no? We don't know how Argos interacted with Clement or Jean really, did he ever care to interfere with what we're subverting the Bedrock into? Or would he maybe care to now that there is a very crafty new master (if you play that way, of course)? I don't know how Argos can interact with the guests, but could he have subverted the peacock grandfather to be a mole? Or maybe this hints that the upcoming peacock guest could be one? Impossible to know until we know who he his and if he'd let himself get swayed by Argos... And of course, the two may not have any tie at all, but where's the fun in that in the theory thread!

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I have some ideas

1._ Jean is Clement grantson

1.1: Jean boos know about the hotel and want the customers to come

1.2: Jean is named after his grandfather brother  Jean Marin

1.3: the family of Clement work  white wine, (asterion mentioned that Jean Marin say that his wine was better than the hotel's wine

2._ the peacock is grandson of one of the workers that left their passport

2.1: the feather in the basement are of his grandfather 

2.2 he say that his grandfather know of the hotel

3._ Al last 4 of the 12 olimpians are whit asterion

3.1 ades is old commander of asterion even train together

3.2: Hermes allow communication whit the real world even to asterion

3.3 I believe that is Dionisio the one that grant the healing wine to asterion forbidding  Argos to drink it 

3.4 the hoses of hearth (I don't remember her name) her Shire empowered the hotel ( asterion shelter)

I know my English isn't the best, sorry for that


errr... is it just me? we know where this story is going? i mean.... alot of the story was written by anon already and out there. unless i hit my head and dreamed it or was deleted. ill just assume blunt force trauma and forgive me if i shouldnt mention this.


can you give me a link to that 


Here we are. took me a moment to find it.


Wow thank,  really excited to read it 


Its quite long and quite a good read. I don't doubt the game will be changed up a bit tho


Yeah, really nice, I  feel kindda sad because  i almost read it in one go lol 
I see how the game's story is a bit different, but its not to far off.


Mmm, it's hard to know yet if we're going to follow the same plot beyond broad strokes, and if there are major parts that will change because this is a new opportunity to change parts that MinoAnon/the MinoH team want to take a different direction, or find not fitting with a visual novel format - for example, Luke used to walk around on all fours pretty often in his scenes, but horizontal character sprites don't work great in VNs. Sure, that's a smaller change in the scheme of things, but it's a sign they want to write things that leverage and fit the medium - and that's not counting the new elements from the hotel management/game aspect! I think this team will surprise us. 


Oh, here's a small dumb one - the Peacock we get a preview of at the end of the build is wearing different clothes if you have the Speedrunner background - cargo shorts and a jacket rather than a button up dress shirt. Clearly he watches our streams or something, and we personally affected him to be more casual. We're such trendsetters!


On a more serious note, what do people think is going on with the Bedrock? We're hearing it groan and shift in ways Asterion can't, and you'd think one of the Masters would've brought it up to him before if they had heard it too. I'm betting it's recent - well, since Master Jean's passing at least. These old gods are already not really worshipped anymore, and Asterion is still somewhat faithful to them but was locked away a long time - could they and the realm be running out of power, especially while Asterion couldn't do even little rituals like the hearth for Hestia? That's a scary thought.


I've been wondering about the bedrock, too. And yes, it's strange that Asterion cannot hear the noises... but he is weirdly cautious about us getting too close to the crystalline rock, or touching it. He definitely knows something about it that we do not, and he's worried. Either for us, or the rock, or both.

It's interesting that you said the realm might be running out of power. Maybe the bedrock really is an energy source. It also seems to possess some kind of intelligence, since it can emulate machines if you "explain" their function properly. It's almost like it's alive, or a magical equivalent to an AI, keeping the realm up and running. 

There is also the issue of the sky  showing completely unknown constellations, as Luke noticed in his conversation with Asterion.  And the fact that spacetime seems to be behaving weirdly: people seem to be able to reach the hotel from all parts of the world with little trouble, the corridors of the hotel seem to be infinitely long and never turn back into themselves.  And the fact that some basic laws of physics, such as thermodynamics, don't apply there (at least by appearance).

Now, I am probably totally overthinking this, and maybe I should just accept these things, because this is a fantasy story where the supernatural exists. Therefore these things are possible, because magic. But what if that's not quite true? What if the whole realm only appears functionally magical, but is ultimately some type of unfathomably advanced technology? The realm really some sort of bubble universe with slightly different laws, connected to (but apart from) our universe? The gods just the last heirs of an ancient advanced civilization, wielding godlike technological powers even they don't understand anymore? Playing cruel games, torturing mortals for mere sport? Creating genetically engineered creatures such as Argos to do their bidding?

Running and maintaining a whole mini universe would require immense amounts of power. What if that power really is starting to run out after a couple of millennia?


looks like I posted in the wrong area in general discussion x.x

I have a theory about why the MC keeps reminding Asterion of an old friend. I wonder if reincarnation is a thing in this universe, or plausible considering the Greek gods/religions.

Also I wanna thumb through Greta's designs for an air conditioner and an elevator 馃槫 stumbling drunk up stairs every night with a Minotaur sounds fun but no one likes falling down a flight of stairs with an armory on your companions head lmao

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Now that we know that MC and Asterion will have romance together, how do you think they will confess to each other? I can't help but believe that our moo guy would bring up "Why is the master so kind to me" topic and MC would respond something like "Do you really want to know?" And Asterion would agree and MC would respond something like "Because I love you dummy!". But it's just my hopes and dreams... What are your opinions on this everyone?


it won't be like that in my opinion they are going to face some challenges for romance to happen after so many years of masters torturing


I think it's gonna be quite an emotional scene 
After all Asterion went all his life believing he wasn't deserving of love, so he might confront the MC like he did on build 0.4
At the moment there's not much of a romantic relationship going on, as the MC stated ''Im just doing whats just'' so i dont feel like the MC is developing romantic feelings just yet
On the other hand Asterion is comparing the MC to Phroneos, his friend, guard, and posibly lover. I can see Asterion falling in love with the MC and then beat himself up over it.


Makes sense to me! But hear me out: What if, JUST IF any of those two lovebirds ALREADY developed something? I believe it could be Asterion, with all that "holding your hand and not letting it go" after they first together meal and "re-e-eally long hug" before concert? It could be his hunger for human touch, but it's clearly not just platonic anymore, at least for me.


Near the end of 0.4 build, when MC and Asterion make a deal so MC wouldn't send Asterion to the valley, Luke jokes "And now you may kiss the bride", as MC and Asterion exchanged artifacts made by contract. Could it be foreshadowing? Will we get to see MC and Asterion actually marrying each other?


It's hard to say whether the joke is actually something or just Luke being Luke, but if we operate under the assumption that it's the former, my best guess would be that it's an extension of the reference that the bands themselves are