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I fear OG Greta, but at the same time having a New Greta feels weird

OH! I forgot I made a thing! Idk if this has been done yet, but behold my masterpiece 

It's an interesting question... The hotel has only disabled the illusions while maintaining Asterion's physical changes, so shapeshifters could theoretically still disguise themselves, but it's entirely possible that it only happens because of his role as the "Prisoner" and everyone else is forced to their true form, though that raises the question of what the true form of a werewolf is

Fish swimming to someone isn't necessarily unusual, especially in an area where they'd be used to people like a beach, though it's still possible they're (very distantly) related. Personally I'm leaning more towards the idea P mentioned though

I knew all of the relevant information to piece it together, but somehow still managed to miss it, so congrats! 

I figured out the origins of the armbands though so I'm willing to accept the loss

Holy Hell... I was leaning towards the Colonel being the culprit at first but this actually explains a lot...

I feel like there was one particular moment that's under appreciated, and that moment was when my MC (I usually play these types of games as an OC of mine) got to punch a god in the face. Like, I get Hermes is generally one of the more decent ones and all, but my MC had been itching to do it since he learned about Asterion's situation and honestly it was just as satisfying as I hoped it would be

Now that I've finally gotten through the build, I can appreciate a bit more why the game took so long because holy hell, that one playthrough covered a lot. Some of which I definitely should've seen coming, but what can you do? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Forfeit all mortal possessions to the moo

Pretty sure it's Patreon exclusive

Ye, I remember that. The hungry moping mess thing happens if you trick him into giving up the mirror for free

HELL YEAH! I am a simple man with simple desires.

Oooh, dramatic. I've never been all that worried about it because I usually play leader or humanities and snakes are pretty resilient, but yeah, something like that might be good.

Just download and install the newest version, yeah

Okay, yeah, that's weird then. I play on android too and it worked for me. This may seem like a dumb question, but are you sure you installed it properly?

You mentioned that, but "did you play through Lars' route after updating it " was the question

Man, Lars vs Mark vs Tora gives a whole new meaning to the term "cat fight"

cackling at my own dumb joke

Did you do Lars' route? Because it was only his update

Oh Bernie DEFINITELY knows, he seems kinda into it tho

It's still there for me, so you probably just have to enable it again

You get that recipe by agreeing to make them for Bernard and going back to your hut to study it

Apparently the new screenshots are partially of build 0.5 and apparently Kota is a bully

This is probably a bit specific, but will there be a scene where Asterion falls asleep in the MC's lap?

I just really love that kind of cute stuff

I have never felt more understood in my life

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I'm finally mostly caught up on the game, and honestly, Logan's romance really knows how to test your dedication to Logan's fucking romance


Also, the release date is the day after my birthday :D Maybe I'll actually remember it this year

Nah, it just means you need to advance the plot before you can talk to him again

Mayhaps, but it'll probably be worth trying

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It's hard to narrow it down, but I'd say it's the strong man/soft feelings combo. Also his chest. His pecs are A++ and I imagine it's perfectly at face level when hugging

Snake lad is Argos, and ye, I could personally see him coming over eventually. Anyway, BIG agree on Asterion, I will take literally every hugging opportunity available

Yeah, 0.30 isn't compatible with old saves unfortunately. You may wanna read the dev logs in the future, they warn you about these kinds of things so it's less of a shock

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Because v0.15 isn't released yet. At least not publicly, anyway

Damn, with as much ground as you guys have to cover it's a wonder you guys are progressing so fast... Also "A motherfucking wolf" looks like a 12/10 good wolf, would def pat

Yeet! I love it when I'm right about things!

It's hard to say whether the joke is actually something or just Luke being Luke, but if we operate under the assumption that it's the former, my best guess would be that it's an extension of the reference that the bands themselves are

After a very hectic month I finally got some time to do the searching, anyway, important clarifying question. In the myth being referenced, were the objects also armbands or were they something else? Because I think I may have a guess

Ngl, I always imagined the Jaws theme playing when Greta comes in in the lounge scene

Yeah, that scene did seem a bit jarring and accepting it is definitely a massive risk, but I can see why Asterion did it. I wouldn't trust a stranger with absolute power over me either unless they did something absolutely insane to prove they wouldn't abuse it, especially if people with that power have a history of abusing it.

So yeah, long story short, I did it

Hmm... I thought it was ringing some bells, but I couldn't seem to find which myth it was reminding me of. I guess it's time to renew the search now that I know I'm not crazy

That just indicates how they feel about you, as I understand it, you aren't under any obligations to reciprocate those feelings