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Will MC marry Asterion?

A topic by Cyclopropane created 22 days ago Views: 369 Replies: 16
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What the title says. Do you think main character and Asterion would ever get together once Asterion is able to be free of the control of the labyrinth?

Who do you think would propose to who, and how?

Who would officiate the wedding?

Best man, men?

Will there be horderves?!

This is mostly meant to be a fun what if scenario, though I wouldn't be opposed to having something like itin the real game.

Well, if there is a marriage it would come with quite the culture shock. The idea of marriage for love is rather recent in history, it used to be mostly about wealth and power. Plus, Asterion is very religious about the Greek gods, so MC may have to convert to their faith. There are a few things to be considered that might differ from what we know as a marriage today and Asterion's cultural upbringing.

That brings up another good point... Do you think MC will talk to Asterion a bit more about religion? I know they've brushed over it a little bit, but a more in-depth conversation could be pretty cool.

I'm not against the two getting married or the equivalent, but you'd have to present it in the right way. You'd definitely need to mention how society has changed somewhat, and marriage is considered to be more of a loving union between two people than for power (mostly) in this century. 

that's the thing, what is the MC views in religion? as a self insert it kinda has to be left on a vague note unless you can appeal to multiple religious identities.  it's so much effort into making a protagonist that can't have a defined identity i wonder how that even came to be the norm.

Yeah I don't know how the Devs would broach that subject :/

I'm not sure that Asterion is gonna be very pushy on the subject of religion honestly, especially since he's aware that the Greeks likely aren't the only pantheon that was real, and honestly he's run a shelter for outcasts for quite some time, I'm willing to bet he's at least heard of marrying for love by this point

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it's not that he may require MC to convert to the greek pantheon, but he is very devoted to them, so he would probably only marry under the terms of greek gods. much like his zealous practices of zeus teachings of hospitality, i don't expect him to just spit on whatever may be required for the olympus approval on their union.

he even asked for the master participation on the rites so far, so he's certainly eager to share on that

I would imagine if the MC and Asterion got to the point of considering marriage, that MC would be willing to respect Asterion's culture and any of the religious rituals related to Minoan society and the Greek Pantheon.


In ancient times marriage often involved bridal kidnapping to some extent. In summary, the groom would kidnap the bride. It seems that, sometimes, it was a sort of celebration where the bride's family knew it would happen, the bride was consenting, and the groom would show up some day to whisk away the bride. Sort of like a tongue-in-cheek roleplay. Sometimes it wasn't so consensual and you can imagine how that went.

In other words, the MC would basically have to out of nowhere whisk Asterion away to some private location for their honeymoon, where they'd fuck like animals.

Very classical and historically accurate.


The consensual version sounds rather sweet. Would Aterion prefer to play the bride them? The only place i can imagine MC taking asterion would be back to the original labyrinth, and then get lost trying to do it making Asterion be the one to have to guide them. Would be the perfect little mishap that equalizes them.


Yeah, seeing how important the original labyrinth was and is to Asterion, especially the inverted galaxy star space, that'd be a romantic place for them to go to. Especially with the connotation that that's where everything started, (and where Asterion regained his divinity??? I.e. the wrestling match)

Dang now I'm really hoping for this! I hope the Devs seriously consider it!

I love this idea!!!!!馃ぃ鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍

I hadn't thought about the cultural context that marriage would have had around it during Asterion's era, but I feel like if main character and Asterion talked about it, it might be something the two would do.

they're just good friends.


Historians will make note that these two were just very close friends...


but they've commited the sin of premarital hand holding, the only way to fix that is getting married and doing the thing until they have a child


"Do the thing until they have a child"....

"Nothing yet? Oh well, I guess we've got to keep trying...." 馃槀馃槇