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I was just idly thinking to myself after playing through the game a bit, again.

We know other mythicals can have more animal-esque genitalia, so... Does Asterion have a human or bull dick?

If I recall correctly Asterion can change his body, or the MC can change his body (example being the color of his fur), so could the MC have Asterion change what his junk looks like?

Is there an default?

Does Asterion prefer one to the other?

Thoughts? 馃槣

Does Asterion actually romantically love MC? 

What the title says... Would Asterion actually love MC, seeing as he is hundreds of not a few thousand years old. Would he see MC as little more than a child (emotionally/mentally, not physically)? Would it be possible for him to even develop feelings for someone so many years his junior?

I'm not being theoretical, I would really appreciate everyone's thoughts on this. :)

You know, I don't hate this answer. 

On one hand it's motivating me to keep searching the game and to pay closer attention to what is said 'and left unsaid'. It also gives me a sense of plausible deniability where in my own headcanon I can just imagine that nothing like that happened to Asterion, because as much as I'd like to know one way or the other, I also really don't want to find out it's a 'yes'. 

Thanks for taking the time to write out a thoughtful answer! 鈾ワ笍

I know that's something left to the Devs but just saying it didn't happen, or has never happened feels unrealistic and sort of like a cop out.... They've been willing and able to deal with a lot of really difficult subjects so far, so I don't see why they couldn't tackle this too.

I just hate the idea that something like this, something that a lot of people have experienced, could just be swept under the rug because it makes us uncomfortable. It should make us uncomfortable because it's awful, that's all the more reason to address it. 

I'm not saying that the current master should abuse Asterion (definitely not), or that the Devs should give a detailed look into what that abuse entails (from previous masters, if it existed at all). I only wanted to address the possibility that it may have happened in the past, and if it has happened that it should at least be touched upon during the psychological therapy portions with Asterion (assuming they add that to the game, which I think they should).

I really don't want a graphic blow by blow depiction of any abuse towards Asterion, certainly not sexual abuse, but I think that (again IF it has occurred with past masters) it should be directly looked at during those therapy sessions. It seems unrealistic to just ignore what would undoubtedly be a very traumatic incident (or series of incidents) for Asterion, when the purpose of the therapy is to acknowledge the past forms of abuse enacted against him, and help him to move forward, and hopefully begin to heal some of his psychological trauma.

Minotaur Hotel communityCreated a new topic Abuse

I realize this is an uncomfortable question and line of thought, but it's been on my mind for some time. 

Readers know that Asterion has been abused for thousands of years in all manners of different and cruel ways, many of which are described in the ruthless route storyline or alluded to in the main storyline. One of the other threads here mentioned a desire to see Asterion have access to some form of psychological therapy, to help him through his many awful experiences, and possible PTSD. One comment in particular on that thread stood out to me, and has been an uncomfortable thought in the back of my mind for a while. Has Asterion been sexually abused by any of the prior masters of the hotel, as a form of torture?

It's an uncomfortable thought, but not without a trail of reasoning behind it. We learn in the story that due to one of the many past contracts, Asterion can not 'fraternize' and be publicly nude with guests, although there is likely a loophole for the master. Was this contract created by one of the many masters after learning about possible past abuse towards Asterion, and was made as a way to attempt to limit its likelihood of occuring again in the future? Now I know what you may thinking, well a contract like that shouldn't be able to manifest into existence after all the purpose of the labyrinth is to torture Asterion and it won't allow contracts that go against that to be created and enforced. However, the contract (from what little we know about it) seems to imply this 'fraternization' only applies to guests, not the current master, so the labyrinth would likely allow it, as technically a master could continue the abuse personally.

So, back to the main question. Is this contract a result of past masters sexually abusing Asterion? We know that previous masters have done every cruel thing imaginable to Asterion because they see him as less than human, and what could be more dehumanizing and cruelly evil than sexual abuse and degradation? 

The reason I bring this awful question up at all is because the unfortunate reality for many LGBTQ+ people, is that they either have experienced or know someone who has experienced some form of sexual abuse. Sexual abuse towards members of our community is shockingly common, and in some places almost perceived as 'normal'. Part of the reason the Devs created this game was because they wanted to create something that was solely focused on representing our community, because LGBTQ+ representation was almost non-existent in the gaming culture when many of us were younger (it's getting better, as evidenced by this game existing at all!)

While I don't entirely want to imagine Asterion having to go through any of those possible experiences, I think this might be a good place to include the topic of sexual abuse as it is something so many of us have dealt with personally. I don't think that something like this should be shied away from just because it's uncomfortable to discuss. 

What has made this game so engaging is how it gives voice to many of our community's common narratives, our shared experiences, the good and the bad. I can understand if the Devs don't want to touch this subject, because it's truly horrific, but I think it would resonate with many of us and would be something important to address.

I hadn't thought about the cultural context that marriage would have had around it during Asterion's era, but I feel like if main character and Asterion talked about it, it might be something the two would do.

What the title says. Do you think main character and Asterion would ever get together once Asterion is able to be free of the control of the labyrinth?

Who do you think would propose to who, and how?

Who would officiate the wedding?

Best man, men?

Will there be horderves?!

This is mostly meant to be a fun what if scenario, though I wouldn't be opposed to having something like itin the real game.

Asterion has his own room in the master's apartment inside the hotel, it's small, has no windows, and isn't all that comfortable. Will Asterion ever get a better room, or will he perhaps move into main characters room at the end of the novel? It just seems weird that main character doesn't bring up his living situation at all (regardless of whether or not they are romantically interested in Asterion), and then when they start to become romantically entangled the next obvious step seems like they'd move in together.

Either way it seems like Asterion should either get his own new room now that he is a partner and equals with main character, OR the two should move into a room together as they continue their relationship.

Well I'll keep my fingers crossed! I'd love to see something along those lines towards the very end of the story, it would be a nice way to end the novel. Asterion and main character relaxing in the lounge after a long day helping guests, sharing Asterion's wine as they plan for their future and the hotel's future together! :)

Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my comment!

Hi! This is a cool question, I actually decided to finally make a real account just so I could throw my hat in the ring with this! 

It's too bad to learn that main character can't drink the special wine that helps Asterion. Ever since I started the game I've been hoping that main character and Asterion would share a tender moment where Asterion offers main character some of this special wine as a way to show how close the two have become and how he now trusts main character with something as important and useful as the wine. He's willing to give main character some of the wine even though there is so little of it in existence, and it's one of if not the only thing that can heal him, which is why sharing it with someone else would be so profoundly meaningful to both Asterion and main character.

Anyways that's my two cents!