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Can Asterion actually love MC?

A topic by Cyclopropane created 14 days ago Views: 207 Replies: 2
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Does Asterion actually romantically love MC? 

What the title says... Would Asterion actually love MC, seeing as he is hundreds of not a few thousand years old. Would he see MC as little more than a child (emotionally/mentally, not physically)? Would it be possible for him to even develop feelings for someone so many years his junior?

I'm not being theoretical, I would really appreciate everyone's thoughts on this. :)


The short answer is yes. Past the legal age, intergenerational affairs only depends on if all parties are interested. Although there are good reasons someone who lived as long as Asterion wouldn't want a relationship, the story is very clear that MC and Asterion can end up together. In fact, Asterion is the only one who MC will be able to end up with according to the devs.


I like this question! I think it's clear that Asterion has feelings for MC, but I find it difficult to answer the question "could an immortal being form a meaningful relationship with a human who will inevitably pass away?" in general. As you mentioned, it might be difficult to see someone on the same level as you intellectually if you've lived hundreds as many times longer than them. I also wonder how much it would wear on someone to see their loved ones grow old and pass away over and over. Would that make it more painful to form connections, and would they wind up avoiding such connections to avoid the hurt?

I don't see either of these being a problem for Asterion, however. He has plenty to learn about modern society from MC, and plenty to share from his own experiences, which lets them see each other as equals. He has also had few former masters that have treated him well, so he hasn't become hardened by losing generations upon generations of loved ones. He clearly wants to get to know MC and isn't apathetic to the attention given to him.

As a last note, I just finished rereading Circe by Madeline Miller, and that book grapples heavily with the relationships between gods and humans; some gods are clearly hardened by their divinity and don't spare a second thought to humans, and some are intrigued by the imperfections that humans have. I really enjoyed it, and you might, too! (Not to mention that the legend of the Minotaur of Crete is a big event in the book :) I got a kick out of rereading that part after having played Minotaur Hotel!)