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thank you! i didn't realize you had time to do pelt and memorial before going to cemetery cause I hate not giving storm the jacket. skull acquired!

relating to nini's quest i have tried
completing memorial/library/anthill/cemetary
completing memorial/storms house/p's house/cemetary
completing memorial/back to colonols/library/cemetary
I've tried unlocking and visiting the cemetary first both ways and then doing the memorial and returning
all of which yield sea slug

this has been done from 3 different save files (speedrunner art and humanities) most of which i played through till the end to see if its obtained in the final chapter somehow.

i cannot for the life of me find
1.) torn illustration page (I think its just valley rng?)
2.) cyclops skull (apparently its a final day cemetery in hinterlands 3 under certain conditions, no idea what though)
3.) typewriter scrap? (absolutely no idea)

artist, Themba and Khenbish (no robert no wolf), I did get pool and bar but i didn't get the gym finished or even translate Argos's diary (this is my second play-through I stopped trying to optimize this after that). and if we trust the options on the survey then the ranks after grootslang will be: tapir hydra bull, it would make sense for these to be implemented even if we cant get the number to be high enough to reach them in this build.

I've done one ruthless ending (i cant figure out which) and everything* else but i don't want to be mean to Asterion.
*I have yet to find the cyclops skull

while it certainly helps that the MC is humanity at its best, I think for me the most interesting concept here is queer time. While Asterion has lived for ~3000 years he has spent almost all of this time seeing being treated and believing himself to be less than human, with absolutely no opportunity for a romantic relationship. When interrogated by Jean MC understands his relationship with Asterion well he is on the ball considerate and its clear he understands how to have a romantic relationship. Asterion on the other hand is just learning to admit that he does have feelings for the MC the blunt "he wants" being the description of how he feels in a game that does not shy away from long metaphorical descriptions is the same as that used to describe how Khenbish feels near the end of his growth which is literally a story about coming out. so we help Asterion come out from the closet a little bit and he is now following the ideas of queer time he is like a child everything is new to him, and so there relationship progresses at his pace where he is the young one and so their relationship forms the pattern of young love with stupid nicknames and blushing while holding hands at the movies. MC is ready to F*ck at chapter 15, the first kiss doesn't happen until chapter 18.

i love this vn great characters, great story, great art... except for Dana's left arm. It's way too shiny and looks like its made out of plastic.