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What's *your* favourite part of Asterion?

A topic by Matydos created Jun 17, 2021 Views: 1,005 Replies: 10
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I love him, you love him, but what do we love about him? It can be body part, personality or fashion!

To me it's those massive manly tits and the little bull-like things he does. It makes a good contrast between rough and sweet.


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It's hard to narrow it down, but I'd say it's the strong man/soft feelings combo. Also his chest. His pecs are A++ and I imagine it's perfectly at face level when hugging

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His clear intelligence, kindness, appreciation for the arts and sensitive soul really do it for me. Love that he plays the lute and writes poetry. Not to mention, I absolutely cannot resist a damoiseau in distress, much less an extremely hunky one.

(I'll be honest, he's a teeny bit too stacked for my preferences? Not that it's unattractive! I just prefer the more modestly buff form he has a couple of days in.)

Truly he is a man of culture


i just love his sweet personality, i wanna hug the guy and make him understand he deserves love


The milkies


 Maybe I'm too vanilla, but my most favorite part is his golden heart


I'm a total sucker for gentle giants

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His smile. I can't remember in which chapter, if you pick the option "hum" to console him, he will start smiling and bouncing around and I just can't- /////

How exaggeratedly nice that he would not kill a fly out of malice, reminds me a lot of the expression "if a fly bothers him he would give him a bath and return it to nature" which next to "I will defend you" keeps giving me some laughter