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Being as unapologetically gay as this vn is I was wondering if the struggle of coming to terms with ones own sexuality is a topic you are going to touch in future updates.

( asking mostly for Oscar [or Asterion] )  

This question seems oddly specific, It's just something i'd like to see explored

As of late i been getting quite interested in learning how to code in Renpy, and i think my art has improved quite a bit, if i do say so myself, so this seems like the perfect oportunitty to take the big step and get into the world of vn's

so in the future y'all can expect a very gay little story done by yours truly (this is a threat)

bold of you to assume that i haven't read it

Minotaur breeding by  Nemo0690  when? 

we´re starving 

cheese stain on the wall✔ =  top tier meme 

Y'know what? sex's cancelled. 

Only hand holding 

-the devs, probably

cum on the wall

I went 22 years without knowing this existed sadly I no longer hold that privilege  :)

I have access to a computer and I will make it everybody's problem

I literally cannot go one minute into this game without  getting a punch to the feelings  :^)

lmaoo why tf is this so good

There are so many scenes to highlight. going to the underground floors with asterion, wrestling with him, brushing his fur, the kiss, asterion and argos talking,every scene with p and storm in it etc. 

But there's one that that really stuck with me, and it's not even from this build, when the mc and asterion are going up stairs.

''What an odd pair the two of you make. Thousands  of times have the Masters and their servant walked up and down these stairs, but never did they do so side by side while swaying to the same song

Generation after generation, the minotaur has done his best to stick to the  shadows. The less he was noticed, the smaller the chance a lord's ire would turn against him.

But looking from afar, when one can't identify the features and clothing. 
What distinguishes a lord from his subject?

Perhaps  only a pair of horns and hooves. Although... humanity is quite pliable, is it not? ''

I dont know why, but i really like this scene.

The gods need worshippers to exist, after all, so by honoring the piece of himself that is divine with your character, he may have inadvertently reawakened it.

This is so cool 

can you afford to take that chance? 

well,  second playthrough here I go, art boi this time 

You bastards made me cry, i hope you're happy with yourselves,  I mean you should, its a testament of how good the writing is. 

Also , on my first playthrough i chose wolf, but didnt get Themba nor  Khenbish, is that you can get  only one of them? 

if so i want to speak with the manager

A B S O L U T E    M O N A R C H 

Man I feel like a kid on christmas, im taking my time with this build and really enjoying it. The way you make Argos character take a 180°turn, holy shit I love him now, the interactions between P and storm are just gold. 

Also I wanna point out the amazing work nanoff did with the sprites and the animations, shuch as wolf's tail, the cobalts walking around, and the background moving while you're in the car, really nice touch.

You'all trully keep outdoing yourselves with each build, this was well worth the wait. 

I dont wanna be that guy but m-maid outfit 

Damn I don't know if it was because I was so used to the old sprites, but these are quite the improvement actually.

Seeing them all toghether with a side by side comparasion, they indeed look better.


Its amazing to see the way this game is growing, it really shows the amount of effort and dedication y'all are putting into it. 

Also it seems like this build out of all will be the one with most replayability, so you can consider me excited.

(I dont wanna be rude, but i feel like i have to point this out)

The only criticism i have, as someone pointed out in the coments, its asterion's expressions they seem odd, i would preffer the old ones.

The clothing on the other hand is a great improvement. 

Thanks for this amazing game and keep up the good work <3

this is fucking cute 

I think it's gonna be quite an emotional scene 
After all Asterion went all his life believing he wasn't deserving of love, so he might confront the MC like he did on build 0.4
At the moment there's not much of a romantic relationship going on, as the MC stated ''Im just doing whats just'' so i dont feel like the MC is developing romantic feelings just yet
On the other hand Asterion is comparing the MC to Phroneos, his friend, guard, and posibly lover. I can see Asterion falling in love with the MC and then beat himself up over it.

I'm not good at writing lengthy reviews
So i'll just say that i loved every second of this update, was well worth the wait, I really liked the music overhaul, and im really excited for what's to come.

Amazing work as usual.

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1 -Which character is the hardest to write, and which one is the funniest?
2-  How was asterion relationship with past masters?
3- Did you expected people to get so attached to asterion?
4- Is there any ongoing joke between the developing team?

God i hope so 

I been closely following the development of this game, because I know is one of the greatest vn out there, and how much effort is put by the team behind it.
It makes  me really happy to know that the development is going smoothly.
So you guys take your time cause  i know you're gona deliver an amazing update.

And to Nanoff, since the beginning I knew your comic was gonna be a bannger, keep it up man!

he's not allowed by the hotel rules to be naked in front of the guests, also i think he would prefer to keep some dignity

But maybe in some of the following builds, who knows? 

Yeah, really nice, I  feel kindda sad because  i almost read it in one go lol 
I see how the game's story is a bit different, but its not to far off.

oh i thought there was an option to actually steal Asterion's underwear lol 


you can  steal  Asterion undies!?

Wow thank,  really excited to read it 

can you give me a link to that 

Do you guys have a discord server? if so i would be intrested in joining