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Modding & Fan Games Megathread Sticky

A topic by Minoh Workshop created Jan 31, 2022 Views: 4,279 Replies: 24
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Developer (1 edit) (+5)

Let's have a talk about fan games and modding.

Right off the bat, let me say we love it. We love that people are taking the Minotaur Hotel characters and being creative with them, exploring their own ideas and preferences, adding new content and functionalities to the game. We love it, this is a dream come true.

Because we are so into this, we wanted to take a minute to set some guidelines. We think they will help you. You see, we noticed that you guys are so polite and considerate, you care a lot about not offending us, and with this we want to assure you about what's OK (which is a lot) and what isn't (there are only a few limits.)

We also want to make it so all the modding and fan games actually get seen. By keeping this thread we hope it'll make it easy for people to find and keep track of them going forward, which can be tricky with the current forum format we have going.

Without further ado, here's the excessively long list of things concerning modding, fan games and fan stuff in general.

Fan Art and Patreon

Q: Can I make fan art of Minotaur Hotel characters and put it on my Patreon?

Yes, it's good. Shoot us a tweet or DM and we'll most likely signal boost it. We love fan art and are happy to retweet things for artists and writer!

General Modding Guidelines

  1. As a rule of thumb, you don't need to ask for permission from us to mod the game, but please read the Q&A section below to learn the few restrictions we'd like people to respect. If things are still unclear to you, feel free to ask questions here.
  2. Minotaur Hotel is a work-in-progress. Expect the code to change significantly every now and then as we continue to develop the game. Keep in mind that your mod may stop working eventually, as that's just the nature of the beast.
  3. Use this thread to discuss how to mod the game, brainstorm ideas and post your mods. YOU CAN STILL MAKE A THREAD FOR YOUR OWN MODS THOUGH.
  4. Hosting your mod on a Google Drive does the job, sure, but it's a bit uncomfortable privacy-wise and not great for preservation. I highly recommend you publish your mod on itself, which would allow us to set up a handy collection linking to all of them. Just make sure you classify it as a "Mod" instead of a "Game" while setting up its page.
    1. Mind you, if you distribute your mod via Itch then people can follow your profile and be notified when you publish updates to it. And if you want to make your own original project later you'll have a few people keeping up with your works already. I'd be personally overjoyed it modding Minotaur Hotel became a launchpad for new creators to take off and do their own originals.
  5. Keep it gay, be creative, have fun!
  6. Don't mod in malicious code nor copyrighted or illegal content.
  7. Keep it non-commercial. Don't charge for stuff.

Important Questions & Answers

Q: Can I add a cool new quality of life function, like a counter that keeps track of this or that? You know, some kind of tool that makes my sort of play style easier.
A: Yes, sure. Have fun!

Q: Can I add an accessory, article of clothing, fur color, or any other sort of cosmetic changes to Asterion?
A: Yes, go on right ahead. We actually love that sort of stuff, we were very happy to see it happening. I particularly like it because it goes well with the spirit of the game, and we've had so many excellent suggestions of accessories that we just can't put in because of time constraints.

Q: Does this include changing how the other guests look like?
A: Yes, you can mod stuff for them too. In fact, I dare you to!

Q: Can I mod in NSFW/adult/horny content?
A: Yes, you can add adult content, but exclusively for the main version of the game (don't go adding naughties to the SFW version.)

Q: How horny can it be, though?
A: We are generally horny, kinky little gremlins ourselves so it'd be very hypocritical of us playing the moral guardian card. Generally speaking, you can go pretty horny but I'd ask you to refrain from adding scatological, gruesome and ethically questionable stuff. If you are in doubt about your idea you can ask us on this thread.
We'd also prefer if people did not make mods that change the characters' gender and/or add outright heterosexual content. You can be creative and have fun with what genitalia the characters have (Matydos, for example, wrote a fan fiction where Asterion uses some labyrinth magic to experiment with having a vagina, and that's alright with us) but please keep the game gay.

Q: So, I can add kinky stuff like Luke being a slut but I shouldn't add basic straight content?
A: Correct, and I'm very aware of how odd that is. Our reasoning for it goes back to our vision for Minotaur Hotel being uncompromisingly gay. We are making the excessively gay game we wish we had to play but never did, so we are making it with a lot of love and affection directed very specifically to LGBT players in general, and gay players in particular.
If the content you want to make is still LGBT in nature while not being specifically gay, that's alright and cool.

Q: Can I add funny stuff, like more Speedrunner shenanigans or parodying some of the games weirder events? Will I offend you somehow?
A: We have a sense of humor, we'll probably laugh along with whatever you come up with. Go ahead.

Boring Copyright-Related Questions

Q: Can I mod in another game's or visual novel's characters — for example, as guests in the hotel?
A: That's a tricky one. Not all creators will be alright with their characters being added, and beyond that we'd worry about some modded characters bringing in the wrong crowd to the game. Mainly we're wary of anything that will attract minors and very toxic, immature people. We'd also be a bit apprehensive at the idea of someone adding in a character for commercial reasons — let's say, modding in an original character from their own visual novel so people will pledge to their Patreon.
Overall, if you want to add a character to the game I'd appreciate if you ask us first with the mindset that we might say "no, please don't do this".

Q: What if it's a character from another work of yours, like nanoff's comics or Nemo's stories?
A: That'd be alright, sure.

Q: Can I add a Nintendo character?
A: Listen, I'm a basic bitch and I like Bowser too. I'm not gonna give you shit for it. I just might not promote it if we do something like a collection of mods, because I like everything being copyright-compliant.

Q: I saw a great piece of Minotaur Hotel fanart. I took it and used it on my mod without asking for permission from the artist. Is this alright?
A: No. Don't do that. Respect authors' rights.

Q: Ok, but can I do something like... Recolor a character that's already in the game to make them look like a character I really like? Like making P look like that albino peacock from that one movie I really like? Or can I add some sort of Bloodborne or Dark Souls reference, like making Wolf look like Sif? Or make Robert look like a Doom-esque demon?
A: That should be alright, it's distinct enough that it doesn't really infringe copyright to a serious extent. Plus, some of those ideas are pretty good (wink wink nudge nudge.) Just don't pull inspiration from other furry VNs, because of the reasons I outlined above.

General Fan Game/Fan Projects Guidelines

  1. The guidelines for modding apply here. Feel free to be kinky (with a few limits), keep it gay, respect copyright, be creative, have fun, etc.
  2. We are always extremely honored whenever we get fan art/fan fiction/fan projects, and we are glad that people can take our characters and use them to express their own creativity and affection to the story. That said, what would make us even happier is if people really grew as artists and went on to do their own original works. We don't want people to become stuck doing Minotaur Hotel fan stuff forever when their original ideas could flourish so much.
  3. In terms of what you can do... It's pretty much anything. Wanna make a roguelike, platformer, RPG, Twine interactive fiction based on Minotaur Hotel? Go on ahead. Wanna make a little visual novel exploring a scenario you find engaging, like "what if P and Argos got together?" or "what if I could date Khenbish?" It's good. The exception is stuff that tries to "substitute" the original game. For example, don't do something like "I took the script of Minotaur Hotel and changed it so Asterion is a dominant top and published it as its own visual novel".

Q: So, I can't remake the game changing it so Asterion is a top, but pairing P and Argos is alright? What's the difference?
A: That's not it. The point is that you can explore ideas and have fun, you can make a little story where the characters are different in the ways you want. We just don't want people to take the original Minotaur Hotel game, copy it entirely to change this or that and then republish it.

Q: I'm really into Khenbish/Luke/Kota/Themba/Argos/P/Storm/Robert/etc. Can I do a game where I can date them? Or, like, can I make a game where I can date many of the characters at the same time, in an intricate polyamorous network of free love?
A: Yep, go ahead. Have fun!

Q: I'm a novice game dev/artist/writer. I have this neat mechanic/idea in mind that I'd like to play with by making some sort of Minotaur Hotel fan thing, but I might also want to take this idea later and do something original of my own. Is that alright?
A: Nothing would make me happier than seeing new artists, writers, developers flourishing and taking off on their own after experimenting with their craft with our work. Please go ahead, and I wish you all the success from the bottom of my heart.

Q: But what if my original idea is commercial? I mean, the Minotaur Hotel fan stuff is not commercial, but what if I want to take some of the code I wrote for it and turn it into my own commercial game? Is that alright?
A: Similar to the point above, I'd be overjoyed if this sort of stuff goes on to improve your life financially. Achieve prosperity, my dude.

Q: MinoAnon, it's been 15 years since Minotaur Hotel was completed. We want to remake it, adapting it so it fits our modern sensibilities. We will also add some gratuitous 3D computer graphics on the background, and in our version we will be toning down how stereotypical Luke and Greta are. Is that alright?
A: No. Stop right now.


This post may be updated as new guidelines arise. You'll find the version of the guidelines and its publishing date below:

Version 1.1 || Originally published on 30th of January, 2022, updated on 24th of June 2022 to add a topic about fan art being made for Patreon.

Developer (2 edits)

You can access the collection with fan games and mods here.

Flower crown mod.

Please keep in mind it's a work in progress for now, not everything is here.


As of late i been getting quite interested in learning how to code in Renpy, and i think my art has improved quite a bit, if i do say so myself, so this seems like the perfect oportunitty to take the big step and get into the world of vn's

so in the future y'all can expect a very gay little story done by yours truly (this is a threat)

Developer (1 edit) (+2)

Your threat is accepted. We have inscribed it on our walls and we patiently await what you will inflict on us. Your brutality and violence will no doubt annihilate us.

(I am eager to see you flourishing creatively. [I am curious about what will be your Minotaut Hotel idea but more so about your original ideas. {You have my unconditional support.}])


keep it gay, male on male hand-holding only

Gayyyyyyyyyy! ❤️♥️

we need a laugh track for the speedrunner route since i cant handle the cringe well without someone laughing...


just use Nickelodeon sitcom sound effects for the whole thing

heh. im scarred for life


*luke walks out in speedo*

*audience whooping*


I love the unsaid difference between sex and gender. <3

I initially rolled my eyes when I read the premise of Matydos' short story Lewd Experiment with Asterion of a sex change, but it took me by surprise with how really well written it is (and really hot.) It's also just sex as in genitals, Asterion is still very much a man and identifies as such even with a vagina. I don't see it as that much different than changing a character's genitals to have a hemipenis or more anatomically correct to their animal base. As long as they're still men and down to have fun in their own ways (romantic, sexual or otherwise), it's all good as long as it's unapologetically and shamelessly gay.


Yeah! We want people to have fun with the game and its characters, and that includes having the liberty to explore their preferred sexual topics. We are very aware that the whole setting, cast and magic happenings of Minotaur Hotel are very fertile for exploring sexual topics, and this was by design. I want readers to be comfortable with the knowledge that, with a few restrictions, it's all good even if we (as in the developers) are not specifically into the kinks they are into. This is one of the reasons why I'm particularly fond of Matydos' short story, because he both explores what he wanted to while sticking to who the characters are.

I mean... By now it should be very evident that Minotaur Hotel has many of the erotic motifs that we personally find appealing. We are writing exactly the story we want to, and we are kinky little gremlins ourselves. So it'd be hypocritical of us to go around and tell people to not explore their sexuality and preferences. I should probably add that we expect that over time people will eventually end up making stuff which we are into, and you can be sure we're gonna enjoy it.

Later down the road some people might think this attitude I'm expressing is incompatible with the "keep it gay" idea (as it does very blatantly restrict what exploration we are OK with), but as we've said elsewhere Minotaur Hotel is the gay game we wished we could have played years ago. We are unrepentant, unashamed homosexuals making a similarly homosexual project for our peers. So keeping it gay (or generally within the scope of LGBT, to be more precise) is important to the spirit of what we are doing.

I totally get it. I wanted something like that when I was younger. A gay game for gays to enjoy, enrich, explore and indulge themselves with other fans. That's the best I can do to convey the thing in my head.



Cursed effigy of the bovine, downloadble and printable to bring Eldritch influence to your home.

Still not as cursed at pre 6.0 Greta's soul piercing stare, but it'll be a good alternative once that eldritch terror is vanquished

oh no!! it's cute!


hey! i threatened to do it and i finally did it - the first version of the Non-Binary MC Mod is out! i'm expecting to work on it a lot so,,, expect updates soon

if it's the wrong post to share the mods under make sure to delete it haha


It's not wrong at all, in fact it's very good. Thank you.

I'm not sure if this is the right place, but I think it might be to ask this kind of question. With 0.6.1 It looks like the different versions don't share a "Read" list. I don't have an old save ready, so when I'm running through, I'm not sure if I'm missing new/edited stuff.

Is there a way to... "Import" the "Read" list from one version to another?


how do you guys go about making the clothes for the game? What’s the process behind editing the shirt template? I bet it’s possible to get a rudimentary custom clothing program for Asterion. You use the hotels magic to make him stuff all the time, this way, anyone at all could actually make him something and slap it in the directory with the other clothes Just one issue. 

there’s no way for him to acknowledge whatever it is you made in any natural way. 

(2 edits)

It's rather simple to create the art but slightly more complicated to implement in, first you need to make the assets, this means you need to make the clothing for each pose Asterion has, he has 4 poses, neutral, hunched, front and surprise/rage (surprise and rage share the same pose). once that has been  created you name the file in this format: *INSERT CLOTHING TYPE*_*INSERT POSE NAME*_*NAME OF CLOTHING*

for my flower crown mod I named my hat as "hat_neutral_flowers".  when implementing it into the game (simplifying this big time btw) each update is done like a script, from top to bottom it shows the entire update and you have to add code in the middle of this script like code to give the player the ability to choose it in the wardrobe. so a custom clothing program would be rather awkward to sort out because there isn't just a single piece of code that handles inserting every piece of clothing into the players wardrobe at once


I had a playthrough and during a certain scene, in chapter 16 I believe, I found myself really wanting something to happen. I felt there was a missing scene there and set out to write up a script for it. The goal was to have the added scene fit right into the chase without breaking the flow or the tension build for it. As well as not interfere with the choice the game give the player about said chase. (sorry, I'm a tail man I can't bring myself to pick the other two when it fits so well.) 

So this was my first foray into writing and script building. Also first time using Renpy. I'm happy with the first draft and even plugged it into Renpy and got a nice flow to it.  Still learning what I can do with Renpy and the scope of this writing. Ideally I'd love to turn this into a mod, but I have no experience with this sort of thing.  My next feasible goal is to figure out how to get the visuals working right and prepare a final draft. I'm not entirely sure how I would even go about turning it into a modification for the game either. Just wanted to get some brainstorming and this seems like a proper place for it.

(1 edit)

I could give you a hand in that if you'd like, add me on discord Lethys#2970

Sent a request. 

I figured instead of just sitting on my script, unsure if I even want to put in the effort to mod, to just go ahead and share what I wrote. Someone else is bound to enjoy it as I did enjoy writing it. Do let me know your thoughts about it.