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a thought that occurred to me while playing the game is that the mc can be a bit of a mary sue. after some thinking, i don't think that's true - the mc is just the only decent person in a room full of people who are not used to that. and while i can see this being the whole point of a character - someone being so perfect they better the lives of people around them, - maybe that's not what you guys were going for?

i enjoy main characters having their own personalities, and this vn has had a good one so far. just inserting my two cents here, the mc fucking up would be neat, right now he seems way too calm and collected. the only flaw i saw in him was being too invasive with kota, and even at the end of chapter 18 his outburst of anger was justified. it doesn't have to be anything major though, small missteps just make him feel more human, i think

it seems like everyone is having a blast talking about doing the horny so i don't think i can add more to that. i was wondering, is this topic only for suggesting ideas on the scenes in general? can i express some wishes for the way writing and scene composition will be handled, or have you guys got it and need no advice?

oh damn the "getaway-rooms" idea is actually so neat!! i second this point in particular and this post as a whole

loved the update, and some lines got me thinking about the themes of the story overall. specifically, the way both khenbish and asterion have a scene where they say out loud "i want", the focus on the desire, and the way powers above refuse it for us. the way we internalize this refusal, and ourselves refuse to act on the desire. the desire to do what we want. the desire to be happy. the desire to have gay sex. (/hj)

luke and his yearning for intimacy and kota and his self-imposed refusal to open up to people about onsen also fit into the theme i think, so i might be onto something :p

tuan's scene was maybe a little too long, that was already mentioned. however, i LOVE how it could be read as less so khenbish daydreaming about the sex he could have had, but instead an act of self-worship, where tuan is the ideal khenbish strives for

two more things: "why yes, i do have an appreciation for the male gender, thank you for noticing" is such a great line, and i love how the mc and khenbish ended up in the gayest restaurant in france

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fair? i guess you could pick up on that with context from the rest of the post, but i think it's just me knowing the story

i think me bringing it up makes it more of a spoiler, so i'll delete the initial comment :>

damn, way to spoil hinterlands in the last two sentences

can’t wait to play the update! khenbish best boi

h y p e

also khenbish best boi

yep, i'm not editing those, so they stay the same :>

advanced -> accept the risks and continue

firefox does that sometimes

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the mod is complete!!!!!

now i'm  waiting for further updates. might also look into porting the mod to android :eyes:

it's linked in the post, and can be found on the wiki


ok thanks! will keep that in mind :>

we have non so far so i didn't have to worry about that, but i did think about it, here's the long version as i like to overcomplicate things:

considering the non-binary is an umbrella term that doesn't have one set gender ideal, the variety of non-binary people's experiences comes as a hindrance here. if i had to rewrite it, i would have to keep in mind said variety - and either default to something that doesn't include everyone, or create many, MANY different variants for the scenes. does the MC have a vagina or a penis? do they have a flat chest or not? are they on hormones - that definitely changes the sexual experience of a person, having a masculine clitoris or a feminine penis.

i am not an expert on any of these experiences, so i will not write about them. i will keep the scenes as they are, editing out the gendered language only.

plus i've never written smut and i wouldn't want this mod to be my first time aksdjfu

TLDR: no

what the title says. i'm nearing completion of my mod (for this build) and i can't seem to find the kota's guest scenes - they're definitely not in the guest_scenes.rpy file :/

the mod now has all the main script files edited, i'll get around to guest/daily scenes sometime later :>

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i've replayed the game with the ost on and i think sekilos jazz - straight, gymnopedie no. 1, jato (the lion) and 2 virgule 4 all fuck, with ariadne's thread and asterion being my favorite

the first time around however i played with my own music on (send me straight to jail if you want but i don't often find ost's to be a strong suit for vn's), specifically lianne la havas's self-titled album, and now the songs and the game are inseparable in my mind. also that album is great and paper thin off of it kinda fits the vn??

seems to work correctly for me. if you want, you can dm me on twitter, we can see if the problem can be fixed :>

yeah about android...

i don't have a device to test the mod on and i'm not sure if it is even similar to modding the pc version. i will specify in the description that the mod works for windows version only

glad you enjoy it!

thank you!

you download the archive and drag the “game” folder in it into the minoho folder, merging the folders and replacing  the files in the folder. folder folder folder. 

i hope that makes it clearer, i’m bad at explaining things 

hey! i threatened to do it and i finally did it - the first version of the Non-Binary MC Mod is out! i'm expecting to work on it a lot so,,, expect updates soon

if it's the wrong post to share the mods under make sure to delete it haha

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hi! couldn't stop thinking about this game for the past two weeks (adhd why are you like this), and since i use they/them, every time the mc would be referred to as he/him, a man, a manly and honorable man, i would cringe a little

so as a result i decided to create a mod to change the pronouns of the mc!.. and then along the way make them into an androgynous person who always corrects other people on their pronouns. maybe it's a bit excessive, but i can't help myself

the mod is right here, right now it only includes the first few chapters as i fumbled around at the start, getting used to the editing process, but more edits are sure to come. i'm no coder so if the later script files get complicated - may gods help me

a trans man in chapter 19 pog? /jk

with lore out of the question it's time to learn how to edit renpy texts, brb in two years

a bit of a theoretical question here - in the labyrinth’s constitution, it is mentioned that the master can only be a human man. i was wondering how the labyrinth decides whether the master is a man, what would happen if the deed to the hotel was given to a mythical/non-man, and how do trans people come into the equation, if they do at all?

(i may have an idea to mod the game to change the mc’s pronouns, though from what i’ve seen of coding renpy it seems an exhaustive task, and the above mentioned lore makes it kinda fuzzy)

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how do you do your research on the cultures the guests are from? the little bits that are discussed and shown in the game are really neat and seem to go deeper than a simple google search

another, sillier question: how would asterion feel about hades or god of war? curious, horrified, amused?

been hyperfixated on the game for the past two weeks, love what you guys do, can't wait for the update! :>