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She will never leave

Where do you think OG Greta went? she's down there... watching

What do you mean? his Hangout is already in the game in the form of helping him with his project

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Knowing where the finish line is does give me a pit in my stomach, but it'll be on hell of a ride

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Hey, This is mostly an visual question about Storms sprite rework, I noticed that the ear piercing is going to be much bigger than before in this version and was wondering if there would be extra head sprite art to keep the piercing in his left ear when flipped because in the current art it changes ear depending on what side Storm is facing.

(I could easily code it if I had the correct asset for it if additional coding would cause time issues)

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I could give you a hand in that if you'd like, add me on discord Lethys#2970

I've not played any of the side content yet, I've been waiting for the progression of the main story before I dived into it again. I'm not that great at drawing but I can give it a try when I find the scene :)

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Ever since I played the game in December 2021 it's given me the insatiable desire to make Content for the game so I started with making the flower crown mod, unfortunately I was frustrated with the fact I couldn't do much in the way of drawing art asset's as I only had a keyboard and mouse to make the asset's with. So eventually I got myself a drawing screen and I'm now practicing to get better at drawing and that motivation was seeded and bloomed because of this special game. 

So thank you nanoff and minoh and the rest of the team for making this game that still inspires and motivates me to be productive.

Expect some fan art and an update to the flower mod to the current version with new art assets soon  :)

P.S if anyone can give me some drawing pointers that would be appreciated 

Link, he would probably resonate with the fact he is the traditional role of a Hero

Look how good he looks, hex :c58add

damn it, you beat me to the punch xD.  Nice one :)

its easily doable, although I'd need to know what exact pose and face he does when he blushed. I wasn't around whenhe did that

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It's rather simple to create the art but slightly more complicated to implement in, first you need to make the assets, this means you need to make the clothing for each pose Asterion has, he has 4 poses, neutral, hunched, front and surprise/rage (surprise and rage share the same pose). once that has been  created you name the file in this format: *INSERT CLOTHING TYPE*_*INSERT POSE NAME*_*NAME OF CLOTHING*

for my flower crown mod I named my hat as "hat_neutral_flowers".  when implementing it into the game (simplifying this big time btw) each update is done like a script, from top to bottom it shows the entire update and you have to add code in the middle of this script like code to give the player the ability to choose it in the wardrobe. so a custom clothing program would be rather awkward to sort out because there isn't just a single piece of code that handles inserting every piece of clothing into the players wardrobe at once

Definitely not them :p

because I mentioned jeans involvement


It's been shown in the game that the player is able to be given the choice to call people they've never met to the hotel by seeing a vision of them. I know almost all of them was jeans doing but I was just wondering if the MC would be able to call people they know, let's say for example, in the bad timeline where the MC kicks everyone out. Would he be able to call them back in?

Asterion resting at the hearth before he built the hotel :)

did you just make this for your stream to give your boyfriend a better idea on the characters? :p

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Part 50

Part 51

Part 52

Part 53

Part 54

Part 55

Part 56

Part 57

Part 58

Part 59

Part 60

Part 61 

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Part 40

art 40

Part 41

Part 42

Part 43

Part 44

Part 45

Part 46

Part 47

part 48

Part 49

I've been looking forward to the wrestling event since the idea was brought up in the forum, can't wait :)

Are you running a previous  0.5.2 save?

There isn't an official one, I believe there is a QnA that it got brought up somewhere but they have their reasons to not make one

I appreciate the offer, but I'm sure I'll find it eventually. I've rerolled my class and gone astrologist, the spells looks interesting

I picked prisoner, but I much prefer great scythe in the previous games if thats even in the game

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I'm not sure I'm a fan of the open world's aspect, i've played a few Hours banging my head against a boss on a bridge that the grace lead me to only to find out that I've missed a boss and am unprepared gear and level wise, the open world's design mislead me with the mechanic that's meant to lead me which is kinda odd, also that bridge boss is really inconsistent on terms of parrying, I've only been able to get the punish after a parry once, all the other times I just end up normally hitting it in the face, is anyone else having this issue?


This makes me blush big time :p

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This question isn't exactly a  0.6 related question but, Have the Dev team considered the possible weirded out reaction Oscar would have seeing Asterion and the MC being in a relationship? He lived his entire life neglected and unloved by humans after all and seeing another Minotaur being loved by a human could cause some conflicted feelings

A follow up on this, if Asterion does go into the valley, a lot of the issues he faced seemed to be him getting badly wounded due to skin contact with the environment. what if they prepared for the journey if they needed to go out and gave him proper protection? I get the heat wouldn't allow certain types of protection like full plate (even though he's solid muscle and could probably skip in full plate) but surely leather or padded armour would prevent most of the environmental hazards while the master can command any of the hostile creatures to back off

So it's shown that genitalia can be different among mythicals, does this mean other features of a mythical can be different? for example, there different versions of a gryphon, the most notable one that the paws of a lion

I've said it once and I'll say it again, if the dev team needs an extra hand with anything I'm always willing to help. and don't sweat it, anything you guys pump out will be worth the wait :)

In some twitter posts there was shown some new costumes for Asterion at a poolside, will there be any other new clothing for Asterion? maybe something to do with a certain flower hat?

revamped Ismael will never escape OG Greta

I will say though, the pose where he's looking at his phone his forehead looks massive, I'm not sure if it's just the angle making it look like that though

Just the addition of his head turning makes him feel a much more alive

Still not as cursed at pre 6.0 Greta's soul piercing stare, but it'll be a good alternative once that eldritch terror is vanquished

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It's stated that it would only happen if the master forced him to go out, even if the master is forced into making the command. it's also stated that asterion has to protect the master so the master isn't forced into making the command

would you consider adapting the game into a book once game is complete?

Thank you for gracing me with your approval, I'm so happy :p