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I believe he's in wolfs intro

I'd say the nuns look a bit out off, especially the one without the sunglasses

Looking forward to reading Kota's story :)

oh no! they stole his soul on their magic device!

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Just giving this a slight bump just to make sure no one forgets about the mods addition, I forgot how long it's been since it was last active

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Got a mid flu-illness idea, what if the MC got something very minor like a cold but Asterion gets overly protective acting like it's a serious illness and forces the MC to stay in bed while he tries to do your job  of organising everyone jobs for a few days causing some light-hearted comedy to take place in the MCs sudden confinement


I have a feeling Asterions playful rough on normal sized beings would result in a bone breaking he's way too strong xD 

"Asterion and Niko" I feeling there isn't much animosity with them at all after their talk and duet unless Asterion still has some mixed feelings in the the previous argos has done to him and how Niko looks exactly like them, even if he hasn't done any harm to him (if the MC wasn't tricked at the start). I can imagine Asterion might struggle to separate Nikos' from the Argos role still

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Hermes Vs MC/ Asterion - playful payback for the punch :p plus it could be a test of resolve for them for future trials to come

so... if a god worships a god, is that extra strong worshipping due to who is doing the worshipping?

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just thought I'd mention, I've played the game recently and it says in chapter 2 that; " One week later, the next master arrived" meaning he wasn't living there until a week after the death of his brother

fucked up pairing, Nic and Hermes - They both have a shared goal to bond over :p

it could be the same function that stopped people finding the hotel, the lack of a master in the realm

In Greek mythology ichor is poisonous to mortals as it's usually described as blood of a god, it's either intentional they added ichor to the wine as a way to stop mortals stealing the wine from its intended user or it's just bi-product of its process to making the wine. It could cross the line as it would be an insult for a mortal to even attempt to consume a divine substance.

I can hazard a guess that it could be like that to stop masters and others keeping them for themselves by making them useless if not toxic to them

what if it was Dionysis's gift and that could only heal Asterion specifically? I've not seen his vote yet, but it would make sense

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I believe cue is confused, I believe the part he's talking about is when MC and Asterion is in the restaurant/bar and he fabricates a normal bottle of wine and asks if you want some

assassination attempt!

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Huh, the more you know :) would never had guessed the loincloth was considered decent compared to the real life comparison

no worries, thanks for the speedy response ^^ have a wonderful holiday

looking forward to the new build when it's ready to drop, love the new design for Kota, I'm sorta curious how you'd develop the wolf side story though since you can't really understand eachother. I do have a question though, since the game will have more side content without progressing the main story will that mean we have some more days added to previous chapters? Or will it be the same amount of time? I understand the design of not being able to do everything in one playthrough, but if more side content is added without more time to do them it could leave a sour taste in players mouths

I want to keep adding stuff to the game but I've ran out of ideas on what to do so I'm going to ask, is there anything the dev team needs help implementing or adding to the next build? I've got a weird coding itch that I just cant scratch xD

If you're looking for a good book, I recommend Good Omens

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Getting into a fist fight with COVID would be interesting to see, are you selling tickets?

Hope everyone has a great time during the run up to new years, anyone got any resolutions you'll break in the first week of 2022? :P

I suppose, I was curious who the narrator was, although I'd hope none of the lore given in the ruthless route won't come into play in the main route, because it feels like it would be a bit of a let down if you know what I mean, with that parting gift and all, it would just be in the back of my mind the whole time i'm playing new content

Some of them were way too brutal for me to handle, especially after getting attached to Asterion

I feel like I just shot a puppy in the face

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not sure I should out right say it, so I'll be vauge, it's an R&D reward when you have a certain character

I get it's a joke image, but PLEASE let the speed runner background have that as a CG when it happens

considering his apparent mental state I have a feeling introducing a magical element to him would make things worse, but he probably was living there

was he living in the hotel? I don't remember reading that in the game, it might be in one the lore texts or I've forgotten

:( I'm scared

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we were told in the game what happened that caused the past masters downfall though, even though I think there is no distinct timeline where the past master was active before he flipped out, I have a feeling it would have been too short of a time for athena to get her hooks into him especially with the metal illness issues. I will say that when the master kicked everyone out I can make a logical guess that counts as invited gods too

I have seen certain sprites in the files...

I can try, but I don't think I could handle the big boy getting hurt :p

oh also the gorgon sisters: Stheno, Euryale, and Medusa

I'd assume just as the pact between masters and Asterion becomes void after a masters death, so would the invite

especially with the internet, we could have a dominikos situation where the MC does invite that person, but would that count? the MC wouldn't know who it is properly so it isn't an express invitation to a god, just someone who needs a place to stay