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Wrestling Event in Mino Hotel!

A topic by Minoh Workshop created 24 days ago Views: 516 Replies: 14
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Ever since we started the game we entertained the idea of, someday, having the characters participating in a little wrestling event for fun. We had a few fun ideas already — for example, wouldn't it be interesting seeing Luke and Kota fighting? — but I'd like to hear your suggestions.

What characters do you want to see in a wrestling match? Which combinations would be the most interesting to you and why, and which combinations would be the most fun?

To clarify, this wouldn't be some violent fight club-esque scenario, neither is it the style of  American wrestling. Imagine it's more of a fun event where some staff members invite others for a short and casual wrestling match where the goal is getting the opponent to touch the ground with any body part other than their feet. Some characters would try to wrestle for real, others would join in just for a quick and fun match. This wouldn't be a horny thing either — at least, only as horny as the characters involved. (Yes, I am talking about Luke.)

And to fully clarify, you can send suggestions involving the characters that arrive at the hotel in the end of Build 0.5. That means P, Storm, and others.

So, what are your ideas? Feel free to explain your thought process and to discuss with others about their ideas. Again, we already have a solid enough grasp of some interesting combinations but I want to see what you guys have to say.

Luke mouthing off to Kota and losing would be fun. Payback for the kanji. Khenbish could train Kota (either as a coworker for tending the lounge or out of annoyance at Luke for how he runs things) and it would be cute.


Khenbish and Robert for Robert's sass.

Robert and Themba for Robert's sass.

Luke and Argos because you gotta have a snake and eagle fight.

Storm and Asterion for bonding. 

You and Wolf because man's best fren needs his daily exercise or he'll start getting sassy and we already have Robert intentionally using his general quietness as a means of scaring others with what reads to them as indecipherable sarcasm. 

In general: Robert.

More Robert in general would be great. Especially for his ass, I mean sass.

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Hermes Vs MC/ Asterion - playful payback for the punch :p plus it could be a test of resolve for them for future trials to come

I would like if Luke would win against everyone and be obnoxious about it the whole time. He is, after all, the one with the most combat experience being in the war and army.

Nikos would cheat the whole thing. (as a snake what doesn't count as his feet?)

Asterion and Storm would both be power houses, but Asterion would be deceitfully tactical (not as innocent as he comes across) while Storm would be rather naive.

Pedro would be mostly tactical. He might have some martial instruction from the police even if his job was mostly watching.

Themba and Robert would have strenght but not much agility.

Kota and Khembish would be more about traditional techniques.

Wolf would never loose, mostly because of a lack of understanding of the rules.

MC might be able to cheat by using the hotel powers.

This is how i see their skills distribution, but i'm not sure about pairings. how does it work since not everyone will be around and certain backgrounds get extra characters?

I would love to is Themba go up against Luke just to make him pay a little for that Kunta Kinte remark during the drinking game.


It's hard to not favor Khembish, he's the only one we KNOW has actually competed at this. That might put him at a disadvantage, if he falls into the "reads signals that aren't there because his opponent is too new at this to even be aware of the meta" thing? I think he'd still be very much able to hold his own though.

Themba, well, Themba is very large. Just an enormous heap of a man. Can easily picture him just standing there, arms akimbo, not even reacting as Luke or P shoves on his chest in vain like he's a stuck door.

P's principle advantage is that it's impossible to sneak up on him. Dunno what police/merc training he might have had, but in terms of sheer mass he's probably the smallest.

Luke isn't going to be able to resist the chance to feel his opponents up, and will be disqualified. To which he will respond "worth it!"

I don't know if Kota knows any Sumo or not. He might be grumpy about people assuming "just because I'm from Japan, therefore I must know Sumo? You are from America, Luke, do you know all of Dolly Parton's songs by heart?!" and that backfires because it turns out that yes, Luke very much does.

Robert's had so many "surprise! hidden depths!" moments that I think the swerve here is that he does not, in fact, have this one. He's never wrestled before. He has a desk job. The closest he came, I think, was debate club at Hell Law School.

Nikos is difficult. The rules say any body part other than the feet, and he doesn't have those. If he can compete, then the ability to wind up around someone, like he does to Asterion in the first encounter, has some real strategic possibilities. If not, well, MC can always summon him a referee shirt.

I could see Storm going in a bit cocky. He's young and well-built, and he might assume that'll be enough to carry him. I'd put him as the most likely to get fully owned by Khembish. On the other hand, he's lived on the streets for a while, he may know just out of necessity a thing or two about handling himself in a physical confrontation. I'd want him to wind up facing P, and then an attempt at a tackle puts them both on the floor in a compromising position, like within inches of kissing, and it's cute.

The Cobalts have their own separate division, and indeed get bored and begin wrestling with eachother DURING Khembish's attempt to explain the rules.

Wolf has no idea what's going on, but is more than content to play tug of war with an old sock he found if anyone wants to?

Asterion is probably the second most likely to have actual training, something akin to Pankraton. The difficulty might be convincing him to actually use what he knows and not just roll over. I could see using 'whether he's willing to actually compete' as a barometer of how much the MC has built up his self confidence to this point. What might be neat is if, instead of wrestling, he winds up with a version of that Cretan "grab the bull's horns and do a flip over his back" sport, from the murals?

MC I could see interacting with the event with prompts similar to the ones from the scene in the Deep Hotel. Maybe there's some background specific ones in there? Like, "Leadership" lets you play on your opponent's psychology to distract them, or "Arts" gives you the option to do a mock pro-wrestling promo, where you point at the sign on the front of the hotel (they love it when you point at the sign!) Nobody but Luke gets it. Luke thinks it's hilarious.


So this line up is considering that we will get all current characters in the future  despite what we choose in regards to backgrounds and with Jean.  So that would be of course MC, Asterion, Argos, Luke, Kota, the Cobalts, Themba, Khembish, Wolf, Storm,  P, and Robert.

MC and P I would like to think that later on in a diffrent update  that P would alos be on security duty and would possibly teach him some moves that the MC could use for self-defense. And maybe also because of Asterion and Storm.

Asterion and Storm- Storm of course gets cocky and challenges  Astreion and it gets the boyfriends invovled also

Khembish and Luke- Khembish tries to get Luke to stop being horny on main XD

Robert and Themba- big boies 

Astreion and Themba

Kota and Storm- I dunno I like the idea of Kota the calm one putting Storm the brash one in his place

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I feel like Robert and Thmeba, out of courtesy, will stay in their own weight category (considering they basicly outweigh the others twice over). Khenbish similarly might abstain since he is an experienced wrestler, but I think he deserves to have some fun for a change.

Some ideas that might make the scenes more interesting:

- Storm convincing P to a match - P wouldn't want to lose to a brat, but he would get a little too "distracted" during the fight (making his mind race as usual)  - for that little pinch of hornyposting

- Luke being horny and teasing/touching his opponent inappropriately, but hilarity ensues (gets his ass handed to him) 

- Storm trying to desperately prove his manliness due to being young and cocky - this would give some exposition for his character being a young adult starved for validation and proving himself

- Luke vs Kota because OTP frenemies

- MC and Asterion having a rematch for the symbolic title of "King of the Hotel" - a more humorous, lighthearted "fight of the night" but with both of them giving all they've got

- maybe MC and Hermes duking it out because they are the most "human" and closest in weight category? 

- Kobalts wanting to frantically to join in on the fun but are kept at a safe distnace because they're too small and squishy

- Argos fighting...honestly anybody. It can be very interesting to see what kind of strategy he and his opponent would deploy on each other. He definitely seems like the kind of person that would have no qualms cheating (e.g. by whippling the ankles with his tail or throwing sand), but could still be overpowered e.g. by Khenbish. Argos vs P might be cool for the drama, but the fight would probably the prevented by others because it could end bad

It's been awhile but I got the vibe that Asterion comes out of his shell more when drunk or doing physical activities. So it would be interesting to see how everyone reacts to just how strong he actually is. (Who would even be a match for him, possibly Khenbish?)

 If this happens after MC and Asterions private wrestling match the outcome of that could be mentioned as well. (Maybe MC brags about being the only one to win a match against Asterion, which could lead to Asterion taking you more seriously before absolutely crushing you in the rematch.)

Not matches but some more thoughts:

-MC... has to use trickery against everyone but Nikos, Storm, and Asterion. Everyone else would have more experience or more strength. (I had a good laugh thinking about how during the drinking game if MC drank to Themba's question he could use that to surprise him and get the upper hand.) If MC beat Asterion during the private match then it would be interesting if it effected the possible outcomes. (Such as only beating Storm if he already discovered how to use Asterion's weight against himself.)

-Luke... he's a vet so he knows how to fight but I feel like he would be over confident and forget that Khenbish has done wrestling tournaments. Also Khenbish would be using it as an opportunity to payback for all the h o r n y.

-Kota... I feel like he would either flat out refuse to wrestle Luke or immediately grab him and suplex him just because he can. (I also feel like he would be very nimble and hard to trip up since he was a river god??).

-Storm... I feel like he would have strength but not really know how to use it, or he would be afraid of hurting people because he baby.

-Themba... he big (but how strong is he?) so unless he has the same weakness as Asterion I can only see Kota/Robert/Asterion giving him any challenge. 

-Khenbish... it's ya boys time to shine, but will luck be on his side for once?

-Kobalts... they fight together as a unit (3 Kobalts in a trench-coat? ) hijinks ensue. 

-Robert... how much wrestling experience would a demon lawyer have? I have no idea but either it's very little or a lot. I kinda want to lean on very little since he seem's to be pretty self confident overall and it would be interesting so see him outside his comfort zone.

-Wolf.. tries to join and hijinks ensue. 

-Nikos... he has no feet therefore all his matches are ARM WRESTLING matches. Of which he would do surprisingly well in.

-Asterion... he knows the Cthonic fighting style and dominates. Kota/Khenbish are the only ones who put up a fight. Asterion would give Storm a lot of advice during their match.

As for actual wrestling matches some ones I personally would like to see (and how I feel they would go but that's just me):

-Kota vs Luke: If they are on good standing Kota immediately suplexes Luke after he teases him. Just because he can. (Luke loved every moment of it.)

-Robert vs P: Much to the surprise of everyone Robert has no idea how to wrestle. P's sight and training allows him to easily trip up Robert and win.

-Kobalts vs Wolf: Neither take things very seriously and it ends in the absolute destruction of a perfectly good trench-coat. They retire after this.

-Themba vs Nikos: Time for some arm wrestling! Themba completely underestimates Nikos and quickly finds his arm pined by Nikes. (much to everyone's surprise).

-Storm vs Themba: Brick wall Themba easily resists the strength of Storm and wins. It reminds Themba of when he played with Asterion as a kid but reversed.

-Storm vs MC: If you won against Asterion and teased Luke about it after fixing the computer translation he warns Storm that he has no chance since MC has beaten Asterion.  The wrestling match could play out similarly but with Luke's warning Storm might be able to predict how MC might trip him up.

-Kota vs Khenbish: It ends up being a very formal contest of strength and mutual respect. (Honestly this one because it would be interesting to see the outcome of two people taking things very seriously).

-MC vs Asterion: Rematch of century... or not. Asterion, being confident around the MC would try and copy Kota. This either leads to him getting his horns stuck in the floor and losing (MC lost the first match deep beneath the hotel) or Asterion actually suplexes the MC knocking him unconscious accidentally. (MC won the first match).


-Luke vs P: Luke tries being h o r n y with P which leads to P promptly kicking Luke in the balls. Storm can be seen in the background holding his crotch and wincing. 


Oh my, that sounds fun.

I'd mainly like any pairing that gives Asterion a chance to prove his might, since he may have already lost against the MC by that point. 

Also I get a feeling Argos would be the kind of guy to get instantly destroyed, get bitter and then claim he didn't lose because technically the whole core of his body is an equivalent to his feet.

I'm sure most would be like me and would want to see the pairings with the most "animosity" between them such as Luke and Kota, Asterion and Niko, Pedro and Niko. I'm not sure how the MC's actions would affect Nikos' presences at the hotel post chapter 18 but a match referencing Nikos rematching with whoever wrestled the wine bottle from Argos if the MC failed the task could be part of that. A former Foreman and a prosecutor, some tension there maybe?

Themba and Robert could make a fun battle of the titans considering their sizes. Asterion with Themba, Oscar and the Cobalts with his uncle/paternal relationship with them would be fun for me to read. The MC and Pedro as player and thematic player surrogate could lead to an opportunity for sneaky meta commentary.

Would anyone be brave enough to want to wrestle with a wolf? I sense a hilarious scenario involving Khenbish's bad luck losing to him. There's always the eternal struggle between canine and (half) feline too. If Robert wrestles Wolf, I hope he doesn't forget to not wear his prosecutor outfit.


"Asterion and Niko" I feeling there isn't much animosity with them at all after their talk and duet unless Asterion still has some mixed feelings in the the previous argos has done to him and how Niko looks exactly like them, even if he hasn't done any harm to him (if the MC wasn't tricked at the start). I can imagine Asterion might struggle to separate Nikos' from the Argos role still


I agree, that's why I put animosity in quotations. You would expect there to be beef (heh) between Asterion and Nikos; especially if you didn't trick Argos twice. A combat competition is a good chance to subvert those types of expectations. There might be some but after their chat and if they carried on an online relationship, I could see Asterion being understanding of the situation (especially if Nikos tells him everything about the intent of the Argos role) and be forgiving. Though I could also imagine Asterion being playfully rough and intimidating with him, all in good fun.

I have a feeling Asterions playful rough on normal sized beings would result in a bone breaking he's way too strong xD