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he can’t trick me, I already tricked him 2 times in a row. 

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plus, Asterion definitely knows what the Hippocratic oath is, so maybe that would make him feel a little less bad about it. I can’t stand seeing him get all anxious like that, I’ve never felt so bad for a fictional character 

now where have I heard this story before…

am I wrong? It seems like he really likes him. Once chapter 19 comes out, I’m willing to bet that’s gonna go somewhere. 

it’s incredibly adorable

*luke walks out in speedo*

*audience whooping*

…holy shit

just use Nickelodeon sitcom sound effects for the whole thing

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remember how in older builds he used to blush? Do you remember that night before the concert? He used to blush in that scene. He would probably do it a lot more if they didn’t remove it because he’s so easy to fluster. Someone needs to correct this awful injustice. I know it doesn’t make any sense but it was adorable okay?

that’s good to hear. Also, I read the wine’s entry in the files and saw that you guys added the line 

It is unknown what anyone other than Asterion drinking the wine would do

Interesting how you’d write that. I know there’s no coincidences in this game. If it sounds important or related to something else, it probably is. So I’m guessing you already know what that would do, and I’m guessing it’s not pretty. 

how do you guys go about making the clothes for the game? What’s the process behind editing the shirt template? I bet it’s possible to get a rudimentary custom clothing program for Asterion. You use the hotels magic to make him stuff all the time, this way, anyone at all could actually make him something and slap it in the directory with the other clothes Just one issue. 

there’s no way for him to acknowledge whatever it is you made in any natural way. 

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my theory is, everything you see is real. The desert, the valley, all of it physically exists in our dimension. 

On another planet, thousands of lightyears away. Think about it. The sky, the environment, the lifeforms, what do game developers do when they want to keep the player from seeing something? They slap it in a place they assumed you’d never reach. Like, perhaps, a distant but habitable desert world they can create monsters to live on. Now they can fine tune the planet itself to their needs. The gods simply used a game developers tactic on real people. 

but I can get more wine, right? He said he used to keep a bottle in the infirmary if he ever got hurt. The game says it can’t be summoned under normal conditions which implies the gods aren’t explicitly needed to get more wine, but even if they are, Kota exists. If he lives, they can live. 

I tricked him into handing over the bottle. Even if my fight was with him, it’s not anymore. I already got what I came for. Now it’s time to focus on my new enemy;  Athena. This is all her fault. 

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Then I suppose I have no quarrel with him. My goal is to protect Asterion and locate all remaining gods. So if my success is his success, I can ignore him for the time being. 

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I don’t like him, And i scrutinize his every word, so he has me where he wants me? I don’t see your point. The way I see it, I just tricked him into handing over hestia’s mirror without signing his clearly sus contract. I’m winning, not him. 

see, that’s the thing. The ruthless route exists, you can be a dick to Asterion. I think I should therefore be able to ruthless to Argos. All Argos had to do to avoid this reaction would be to give me the mirror as a show of good faith  and use the wine as a bargaining chip later instead. At least, that’s what I would do if I wanted to manipulate me. 

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I’m sorry if this is gonna sound mean, but why am I entertaining Argos’ nonsense? He’s clearly harmless, Wouldn’t it make more sense to say “hand over the mirror or I’ll tell the gods on you” or simply “give it to me before I hit you”?

This guy has been skulking around beating defenseless prisoners because his lineage and some brat told him to. Tell me that’s not a reason to at least smack him upside the head. I just think it’s kinda weird I get to be a dick to Asterion who doesn’t deserve it, but I don’t get to be a dick to argos who totally does.