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What accessories and clothes would you want to give to Asterion?

A topic by Minoh Workshop created Aug 19, 2021 Views: 2,028 Replies: 61
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So far we've tried to give Asterion a good selection of clothes, but sometimes our own creativity is a limiting factor. It's easy to get stuck inside a box of stale ideas!

So, help us out on this one. What clothes and accessories would you give Asterion if you had the chance? Don't be shy as listening to ideas can help us, and don't be afraid of posting reference images.


I like an open vest with nothing underneath (I mean shirtless).  Haven't tried one on a big boy like that though.

I'd at least give him one for a day to try it out.


I dont wanna be that guy but m-maid outfit 


Or a very form fitting butler outfit.


More elegant/classy attire, yes please! Really like Asterion in sleeved outfits after he outbulked my beloved t-shirt


I've mentioned before, but maybe a talisman/tattoo of the symbol for hades, like a memento from serving in the underworlds army. Originally I thought of the symbol for Pluto but that was a more roman thing and might be a bit out of alignment. So possibly a white poplar tree or pomegranate instead?

A lot of Greek coins had pomegranates now that I'm looking


We ended up adding something like this, which if I recall correctly you suggested a while ago. I won't go in details as to not spoil it, but despite being discreet I think you'll like it.


honestly I prefer natural asterion but if you need outfits.  I prefer outfits that reveal the body completely except the crotch.  while searching on twitter i found some examples (which comes from hades game fanart) 

Or this is good too 

and i would love to see asterion with the same cape as on the art of @GigaSaddle

I hope to have given you some ideas .

in any case good continuation and I am really looking forward to tomorrow to play the new update.


Ah yes, the always reliable world of Hades fan art...

On the topic of the cape (it's a chlamys, actually), the one on Giga's art is based on an outfit we added to the game. It's not identical, but I hope you'll like it!


I would definitely love some regular briefs for Asterion. Would go well with his modern outfit(s). He seems like he鈥檇 be a modest, tighty whities type of guy. Plus, they鈥檇 look really cute on him.


Have Luke convince Astreion to wear a wrestling singlet XD


There's something I'm not sure the name of.  It's like a shirt and a net had a baby.  I'm mostly just curious if it can be done.

Definitely a halter top and some more intricate loincloths- ones that look like jockstraps with sashes/skirts around them. Maybe a bath towel, tight ripped jeans? A sleeveless hoodie with a custom hood that can go over his head and has little weighted dongles so it stays there while his horns are still outside the hood?


A pull-over cow-print hoodie with cow udders attached as the pockets in the middle.


I've always wanted to see Asterion "interact" more with modern Crete, so I'd love to see him in one of Crete's (or even Mediterranean) traditional outfits.

Like the Vraka


I'd like to see Asterion's butt in different outfits. 


Don't we all?

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I concur - hoodies would be very cute and give Asterion a much-needed comfortable clothing option.

Deleted 53 days ago

For an accessory, I'd like to see him with a gold torc

Suit and tie. Or a vest. Fancy business bull. Also cowprint pajamas for relaxing days off.


Oh. I feel like you should unlock guest/staff clothing styles if you max em out. Like Luke's spare star spangled speedo or Bull in a yukata. Might as well seeing as he already imitates a certain one. A toga would also be nice.


give Asterios a crown SO HE FINALLY CAN BECOME MY, i mean *OUR* KING.

Although it goes against Asterion's wishes, I want to see him in an outfit the reveals everything (maybe in the ruthless path?). Things like shear loincloth, crotchless pants, etc. Another idea is  wearing only jewelries and accessories (e.g. necklace, armlets, nipple ring, cock ring, and chains). Of course, there's always going al la natural. 

A very silly thought, a small rebellious concept that probably would take Asterion really being comfortable in his own skin and Luke's bad influence. Asterion in a Chippendale's stripper outfit. 

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Can you do ones that are references to other properties? I'd like to see him in Orlando's shirt from Password VN.

I just really like that shirt.

Roswell's another good choice. 

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Well now I want to be able to dress Asterion in something from an urban RPG.  Like the coat covered in emblems that Adachi (he's kind of a tanky party member) wears in Like a Dragon.

I admit urban RPGs are really rare and at least half of them are Japanese.  Also a couple of them are of the cyberpunk persuasion.


I think Speedrunner would probably give him a hoodie, headphones/earbuds, or turn the office chair into a gamer chair much to Asterion's displeasure. I could see him trying to convince people Asterion is a vtuber alt now that he's been learning about cameras. Definitely needs to try an energy drink/G-fuel knockoff at some point.

I'd personally enjoy more collared shirts that show off his armband. So far I think Kota's restaurant is the only one that does, and I much prefer the atmosphere of Luke's lounge so I'd want an option on his route, too.



Agree! And this being 2019, now would be a great time for a Speedrunner MC to get in on the vtuber streams before everyone else gets in on it like a hipster.

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We need a whole segment on Asterian trying knock off doritos for the first time


No he is not ready to taste the (not) Doritos intense Nacho flavor

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Suit, texan cowboy and/or mariachi costumes, both color affected by MC's background


I'd love to see him in a toga to go complete with the loincloth to harken back to his days in Crete

While I'm playing so I don't forget: he needs goggles just above his eyes so he can be a true protagonist. They'll go with the sports gloves.

Three things I would like if possible:

1) More choice of general contemporary clothing. I felt there was only the illusion of choice through most of the game, the wardrobe system seemed to have only 1 or 2 items available for each slot which made it seem a bit superfluous (I appreciate more can be unlocked). I want to be able to mix and match and experiment, which you couldn't really do with 2 main outfits. I felt it was either the 40s outfit or T-shirt/Jeans combo for most of the game.

2) Old Fashioned style hotel uniforms: See Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel for inspiration!


So stylish!

3) This is probably a lot more to ask than simply adding more outfits but I would like the option of asking Asterion to slim down to his second size. I appreciate reaching his buff fully healed form is part of his literal 'personal growth' through the happy playthroughs, but I actually physically preferred him at his second size where only his eye is injured. He's still big but not a giant.

As the hotel can supposedly do anything with his form the issue here would be more technical implementation with the sprites than creating any issues with the established logic or story, but I appreciate it's probably not a priority.



Hello, Grognard!

The issue with Asterion slimming down is entirely with the workload it would take, yeah. It makes sense in-universe, it would not be beyond Asterion's capacity. However, making another set of sprites (and clothes) for Asterion, then remaking the CGs would be a very big endeavor for us and we aren't in a position where we could really do that.

Reusing his previous sprites wouldn't be feasible, sadly. They are rigged in different ways so we can't just switch them back and forth, because the half-healed sprites also move the arms around independently.

Looking back we should have anticipated that some people would have preferred the half-healed/a slimmer look. I think it's a perfectly valid preference. We would do it if it was feasible given our resources — but, sadly, it isn't.


No worries, thank you for the response! I'll learn to love him how he is. I can't remember if we saw his largest form in the flashbacks before or after he was fully healed. It might have helped if I knew how he was going to turn out from the start if we saw more of that earlier in the game, but it's really a minor thing.

a pijama could be so cute


This might sound silly and I suppose stands at odds with the general premise of the thread, but: Following the story's theme of building Asterion up and working to restore his agency and sense of self, is there a possibility of encouraging Asterion, when he's ready, to choose his own appearance, find his own style and maybe even surprise the MC from time to time? We've had a small moment of him doing so in Chapter 18 which was nevertheless great to see.

I always end up sprinting through the dress-up without changing anything outside of his preference because I don't want the MC to continue to exercise that kind of power over him.


Oh yeah, I want that to become more frequent as the story goes on.


That's an interesting point. As the game went on I felt the dress up mechanic became more abstract 'gamefied' in my head and separate from the MC telling Asterion what to wear, to the point where I didn't feel it was the MC telling him what to wear.

There a few moments where Asterion is going out at night on his own without the MC where he's presumably dressing himself but still has the option to choose outfits.

I do like the idea of him having more agency with it though. It would be cool if some of the new outfits were introduced as ideas Asterion had on his own, and he's simply anxiously asking the MC for fashion advice. It could co-inside with him using the internet for the first time.

I'm surprised no one mentioned this, but i feel he should have some kind of greek armor


It's Cretan!!!!

But jokes aside I think that's a great idea, since Asterion was raised and trained to be a warrior somewhat, it would be cool if we found pieces of rusted armour in the valley


bull onesies, imagein the face of him getting so pissed ahhaha

If the in-game date hits October giving him (and other staff?) Halloween costumes would be cute.


I think it would be funny if we could place Asterion's fur on shuffle. Imagine every time he enters a scene he changes color. Insert "Perfect Hair Forever " joke here.

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I would like a flannel shirt :3
Or just in general more button-up shirts, instead of just this old interwar one.

I dunno if anyone mentioned already but a set of crowns that fit his style would be a nice touch

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It would be hilarious if you could dress him in the clothes of the other Staff members and see what their reactions would be. but what I want to see most is our moo wearing a leather (Not cow leather for obvious reasons) jacket and white sleeveless shit. I loved everything about it on Storm/Oscar and I think Asterion will rock it.


Before I suggest some repeats, what's the plan for the various clothing options that were available via the Build a Moo back in the secret room from v0.2 (maybe it was v0.3?) builds? I know Nanoff had to do some major sprite redrawing stuff, are all of those currently scrapped and we can vote some of them back in? Every single nipple option there was amazing and I vote for all of them, haha, especially the BIG NIPS, my goodness 馃サ

If we get back the highland cattle scruff over Asterion's eyes, can we also get a kilt or full highland regiment to match?

Asterion gave us his wonderful contract-paper crown, but we never really get to see it since we're the ones wearing it. Maybe we could make him one in return so we can see it in game? I recognize how important it was though, so I understand if just copying his idea and regifting it to him feels cheap and doesn't fit narratively.

girl, so true


We're slowly adding most of them back in! The plan is to add customization options through R&D rewards or exploration loot, to give them a story purpose and show Asterion's reaction to getting each of them. For example, the bell asset had been sitting in the game files for a while, but we decided to make a dedicated scene for it that explains it's a memento of a previous master Asterion remembers fondly. We plan on doing that for most of the assets.

Some of them won't make the cut, though. A lot of these assets were made on October 2019, between the first and second builds (the first build cuts off right after the fireplace scene where the player chooses Kota or Luke), and we were basing the story off an original draft that took itself less seriously and had Minoanon roll with random ideas from very horny anons. So there are suggestions like torn handcuffs that don't really gel with the current tone that I don't think we'll end up using.

As for nipple customization options, Asterion is just not ready for that. Yet.

The highland bangs are definitely going in, everyone on the dev team fucking loves them (though I'm not happy with the current asset, I'll have to redraw it). We haven't implemented it yet because we were waiting for Oscar to join the hotel as proper staff, so the player character can get the idea from him. A kilt would look rad, too.

As for headwear like hats or paper crowns... we have one small complication, which is that Asterion's horns will be customized too, so the horns would have to be split into a front and back layer to put a hat in the middle. Same for the horn accessory layer. I'd say it's a little tedious but might be worth doing in the long run. I could try it.

Right on! Yeah I feel that they're a lot more meaningful with giving a little story that sparks their creation, so I totally approve of that. And to be honest, turning down the horny makes a lot of sense, too. 

Hah, it's fair he's not ready for anything nipple related this build if you're looking for v0.5.2 ideas specifically, just had to make it known. 馃槈

Interesting point on the layers, yeah I can't blame you for not wanting to do that rework since you already had to do all the other sprite rework for Asterion. And I assume anything with a brim requires extra work with the angry and shocked sprites having a bit of a different perspective, really only this matching paper crown or a headband wouldn't require that extra work probably.
If you do decide to put in the work for hats, other obvious choices I see are a trucker cap (both forwards and backwards) and some sort of cowboy hat, though naturally the latter needs to have Luke throwing in a comment upon getting it, haha. 

Oh and the last thing I have for now, you could always throw in a Boomer's Big Date reference, haha. His classic motorcycle shirt or maybe the work overalls. Would be easy to explain with a garage addition to the hotel I suppose.

Is it too late to propose cuter horn accessories?  Like balls?

I know you're talking about pom poms or something like christmas ornaments, but my brain went "balls... like... trucknutz?" and now I can't stop picturing that, Asterion passed out on the couch and Luke hanging a pair of them on each horn. 馃ぃ

Actually I meant like tennis balls on the tips.  But now I kind of want to see that.

I would love to see asterion in hustorical costumes, like things he would have worn centuries ago

complete with wig and makeup


Fiona, why you gotta pull the yellow onesie with the dick cup and feather hat. this hit me too hard for a monday night, its so fucking funny.


ye olde thrist trap

i give this suit 10 featehrs out of 10 pajamas