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What future content (that you can tell us) will be the most challenging to develop?

Do all members of the team know the whole story like the writers do?

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Maybe I'm the fool

Got this weird recommendation of my Youtube. 

(also this thread needs more memes)

Currently, the only explicit scene is Luke's truckstop one. There's is a steamy kissing scene later on, but nothing NSFW

If your save is from before 0.4.1, they should be incompatible with the new versions.

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Did you make the same choices across all playthroughs?

Does your selected name have special characters? Sometimes that causes issues

Asterion is the only option for the Main Character, but you'll be able to pair guests and see their relationship develop.

I think you might  overlapping two concepts here. You see, there are things called "fragments" which were left by the gods that favoured Asterion.

Hades - Statue/Garden
Hestia - Mirror
Dionysus - Wine
Poseidon - (Incomplete) Sea
Hermes - The bedrock
Hera - ???

The other punishments you mentioned, are mere characteristics of the Labyrinth as stated in the constitution.

That's what I think though.

Memes go here as well. As long as they are moo-pilled

Talk about a heel turn, huh?

The ruthless route is the speedrun of revelations of Minotaur Hotel, isn't it? Poseidon's Gift, the narrator's identity, the truth about Argos, all in a condensed little, painful story about toppling tyranny.

I can't help but empathise with Dominikos thinking he might have caused it by being too good a deciever. So, I'm glad the Master gets his comeuppance by the snake's hand (in one way or another).

Also, aren't you guys glad this wasn't just a bunch of scenes of the Master being a bad guy over and over? Imagine how drab and/or depressing that would be.

did it bring you.... joy?

Unfortunately, you can't make Asterion a top, you'll have to be the top in the relationship. You can however, control through your actions how subby Asterion will act.

You'll have to uninstall your previous version and then install the new one for it work.  Saves won't carry over anyway, so that's the only way to play 0.5 onwards.

I've always wanted to see Asterion "interact" more with modern Crete, so I'd love to see him in one of Crete's (or even Mediterranean) traditional outfits.

Like the Vraka

Have fun with build, guys!


There's no way to donate to Minotaur Hotel development team. The creators are explicitly against monetising this project in any way at the moment

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I love him, you love him, but what do we love about him? It can be body part, personality or fashion!

To me it's those massive manly tits and the little bull-like things he does. It makes a good contrast between rough and sweet.

More fanfiction? Yes. 

Be warned: this is kinkier than usual.

(these links are for the same story, just pick your poison)


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Thinking a little more about it, I see other reasons for the success of the comic in this platform as it relates to its nature.

First is how the comic benefited from being associated with Minotaur Hotel.  The game's fanbase is composed of dedicated users that are spurred by its creators to use exclusively for both interaction with fellow fans and devs, as well as obtaining the visual novel itself. What that means is that (what are likely) the first "fans" of the game here were people that were knowledgeable of the platform and eager to engage with and share it.

Secondly (which I personally find most interesting) is the comic's characters and art. Should one go to the front page of's comic page and filter so only those with the Gay tag show up, they will find a plethora of "pretty boy" and "anime" archetype stories or artwork. Such, of course, is not a deterrence to their success, but if one "cross-references" with MinoWorkshop's Furry Visual Novel Audience Survey, they will find an overwhelming bias towards "manly" or buff (Bara) men in their content. Of the comics found in said comic page, few seem to cater to such demand, except BBD; the only large exception being comics by prolific furry artist Maririn however most of them are priced. Granted, said survey was aimed at VN consumers. Combing further with free and adult (erotic) tags, and one should pretty easily notice the void this comic superbly fills.

"Then, this comic ain't that good and only thrived through its circumstances?" Not so. What has been said so far only relates to the success found in this platform. Speaking as someone who actually stopped checking the comic here because I became a patron, I can attest to people enjoying it regardless of and even Minotaur Hotel.

I'm obviously a fan of this artist and comic and I do believe wholeheartedly the success is deserved. Thought I'd share these observations I realized reading this.

Boomer's Big Date is a good comic that balances erotic, dramatic and comedic content superbly. Though its characters aren't the most fleshed out ever, they exist in their own mythology which adds to them and to the meta behind the work.

Nanoff is no stranger to narrative in his works, be it the handful of image series he has produced or his work on Minotaur Hotel; this is however his first comic proper. For his first foray in the medium, he performed expertly. Many first time R18 comic makers will devote so little time to character development, said characters become well rendered planks of wood with genitals. The Argentinian artist avoids that trap almost entirely; as sex is never devoid of drama, comedy or development, many times all at once. All that, while delivering quality erotic content.

Characters are also shown in an interesting light. Boomer and Zoomer were originally made for short, shitpost-like strips mocking generational gaps and stereotypes. The artist has been able to give depth to them without betraying who they are at the core; much of the comedy still being related to what you'd find in the original strips. A fun thing happens when it comes to the naming convention. Boomer, Zoomer and Karen are all named after memes, such a trait is found in no other characters. What ends up happening is that Boomer is "stuck" in his stereotypes, and is only spurred into being deeper characters by those who have real names. 

The idea of the simplified characters growing deeper, mirrors Nanoff's own transition from a mostly shitposting/pin-up artist into one who explores story-telling. One thing is clear as the comic progresses: the Nanoff at the end of the comic is a much better cartoonist and narrator than the one that started it. Especially when it comes to expression and blocking, the improvement is tangible and appreciated, furthermore fans are quick to point it out.

Alas, this is not the perfect comic. One of the biggest critiques I offer on the overall art is the difference of portrayal of different body types. Muscular, chubby and musclechub bodies are perfectly well represented, but thinner or more feminine bodies visibly fall short in comparison. The comic will also show an overuse of reiterations; some feel like they occupy more of the comic than necessary.

Regardless, none of its shortcomings are enough to bring the work down too much. Boomer Big Date works well as a stand-alone project and as a springboard into many interesting scenarios these characters can offer.

Actually the lead thing has been brought up before. Here's the answer:

We didn't get the time to explore it in Chapter 13 but the lead and gold armbands aren't made of actual gold and lead, they merely look like it. So no one's getting poisoned.

You can see the full answer here.

As for the release... we don't have it yet, I don't think. The lads are hard at work on it, that you can be certain. Rest assured 0.5 WILL BE WORTH THE WAIT.

D'aww The little string tied to his tail is a very cute detail!

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In the game (as of version 0.4.1) changing Asterion's form to such degree is impossible. The customisation system will have further options in the future, so perhaps? As it stands, doesn't seem likely though.

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Like you, I just downloaded the .apk on my phone and installed it for the first time on my device. Seems to be working correctly on my end.

Could you try reinstalling? Or perhaps downloading it again?

Try  to report back here whatever result you encounter.

Thank you!

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Hey! As imagine you expect to use the Wiki more passively, I would love to hear about your experiences with it sometime. Don't feel like you have to, though.

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For any newer player that find this post, all Lore drops are now registered in the Minotaur Hotel Wiki!

Find them here.

Thank you Lanwolf, for your hard work.

And... Done! Chocolate and Vanilla flavors also available by clicking the image.

POV: You are having one of those weird dreams where Asterion just won't put a shirt on and is teasing you constantly.
(Posting like this in case the digital version doesn't pan out lol)

If I can recommend a Sub-Saharan cultures, I can tell of the Zulu people. They have a decently extensive data about them online, importantly MADE and kept by themselves. There's also the San that roam the Kalahari Desert. Their civilization is arguably the longest lasting one, 30,000 years, which is potentially quite interesting for a character. The caveats is that there many misconceptions about them in "official" researches, also, due to their unique lifestyle, they are functionally unreachable.

While I can't say on the character's species (maybe a African wild dog or something?) I'd like to cautiously advise against him being a Djinn. If there's something that differentiates Northern and Southern African cultures it's the religious import. North Africa's peoples's had major contact with Islamic culture while South got most of it's religion from later European colonialism, ergo Christianity (not disregarding native beliefs, however those are poorly documented). Though I can't attest to it, having a mythological figure rooted in Islamic tradition like the Djinn being put to represent Southern African cultures could be seen as tone-deaf.

I know you'll do a good job regardless, so I await whatever decision you make.

Ever since reading this comment the following phrase has struck me.

Mixing myths and their history, with the worst (extreme) situations/events of the world that we know today ... - this is the worst mistake that must be avoided at all costs.

I've read it multiple times and I can't seem to find another interpretation; as I see it, this is just straight up incorrect. Of course, that's not how we do things, right? I can't just say "WRONG, STOOPID" and leave it at that. Thus I imagine it's more likely we are in disagreement instead. So for the sake of my curiosity or for the production of better stories, do you mind explaining what you mean? Of course, you have no obligation to do so, but I, for one, am very interested in  an explanation.

Yup, it's another fanfic; shorter, this time. I'm experimenting with a few things, but I hope you'll like it anyway.

This one features this art by Nojulo. They are kinda new, so make sure to check them out as well.

Yeah, I after replaying from the start, I came to the conclusion that it's waaay more likely that bull-people in Crete are a reference to Europa & Zeus-Taurus (with it all revolving around the dang island for one).  However, in the world of MinoHotel, Minos (foster-father of Asterion) is a descendant of Minos (son of Europa); that also would explain the "men of certain Cretan lineage with bull features" that Asterion hears of in Hades. I can even believe Minos (father of Ariadne) is totally unaware of his bull lineage otherwise it could be strange for him to shun Asterion so vehemently, even if he thought of him a cannibal. It wouldn't surprise me to see the concept of glamour showing up in his backstory.

Now, if you allow me, Imma RUN with your idea of the bedrock being crystal ichor. I wouldn't rule out Zeus Xenios of playing a role in the Hotel itself, but in regards to the basement I think differently. You see, there are two ichor-bearers that were killed in Crete. First one, of course is Argos Panoptes (the giant) killed by Hermes; then there was the giant Talos, killed by the Argonauts (which is debatable). Not only were these two giants (one a literal giant and the other a giant in size) killed in Crete; their blood was important, Panoptes' being the first blood spilled among gods after the Olympians took over and Talos' being specifically made with a single vein of ichor; but also while Argos met his end through Hermes, Jason, descendant of Hermes, led the Argonauts who in turn ended Talos. Whose shrine is at the bedrock? Frickin' Hermes'. It might be all connected! I think the possibility of ichor on the bedrock being (at least partially) Talos', makes sense of it's command-driven nature of it's functionality. Lastly ichor is said to be nocive to mortals, which checks with Asterion's advice to not touch it.

Also I believe you are right on the money about Storm and his potential to cause trouble in the Hotel.

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If you're talking about build 0.4.1, yes, a save wipe is happening. Nanoff, programmer and artist, restructured much of the game's code. This'll make the game easier to develop in the future and help with performance; it comes, however, at the cost of any and all previous save files. You can read about it here.

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...or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bad Ending.

TL;DR: Despite its brevity, Steadfast makes good use of time and scope; especially in regards to what it tells and what it doesn't. It could stand to be smidge longer or a bit more polished. It's interesting use of multiple endings (maybe unintentionally) takes jabs at VN storytelling.

Another VN producer once said on shorter, "static" Visual Novels 

"[...] going forward I believe we will see more [shorter and non-branching] projects being done (and succeeding) than [longer and with multiple path ones]." 

When he said that, it's my belief that projects like Steadfast is the sort of thing he meant. The length of this story rarely detracts from it's quality. Small things like Finn's family whereabouts and his sexuality are initially presented without overbearing exposition. There are many examples in this game of implied things that are only brought to the foreground when the narrative calls for it. Some of the few flaws within the story that are a side effect of the aforementioned briefness, happen as characters choices have too heavy an impact on the narrative; another case of that happening is the sheer speed at which things happen. I believe the pacing could be made a bit more palatable with just a little more text. Overall, this story is a great example of being brief without leaving much out.

For what it does with its length, I must say that I find the relative "lack of polish" in this project distracting. By that I mean things like how uneven the use of music is sound effects is, and the redundancy of the character indicator and miniportraits. Feels like the creators are holding back for this project in specific, which would be fine if there weren't nuggets of quality irregularly placed throughout. Having Will drawn with an asymmetric design and having his sprite flip all the time stuck out like a sore thumb (even if his scar has a narrative importance, could have been more smartly designed, or having different sprites of different facing poses).

I’d like to briefly mention also the characterisation through text. At first I thought Finn’s monologues having that over-poetic vibe, was a great way to get into his head… and then it is revealed that Will’s (who is supposed to not have high poetic skill) are the same. The inside voices of the characters can really give an unique look (insight, if you will) on their identity. I feel like the indiscriminate use of poetic language blunted somewhat the potential it could’ve had.

Undoubtedly what will stick with me for the longest about this project is its use of multiple endings. It’s just how it goes back and undoes what happened or how differently things play out; the wording and the presentation are what really elevate the prospect from novelty to greatness. The promise of a better second ending, gives one hope of a happy ending; mostly the desire comes from the reader wanting a good resolution for the characters, despite the game itself making it very clear that it’s probably not gonna happen regardless. All that culminates in the third ending that can only be accessible by fighting the game’s intention. That leads to a bittersweet ending that’s great for the characters, but, from the reader’s perspective, can be seen as too fantastical. That said, the fact that the handful of choices that they (not the player) make in such a short time has such a big impact somewhat curbs the effect it could really have. The way it’s in the game as released is nothing to be scoffed at, however.

And those are my thoughts on the game! I hope that made sense! I really liked it and thus, hope it can be even better. Anyone who has questions about this text can just let me know. If you were forced to sit through this you can blame MinoAnon for showing me the game.

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Feedback: dis gaem sux! 

Here are some typos I caught:

"You look more sad than usual." Correct is sadder.

"The drunkard waves Steadfast off and turns to Finn" is missing a period in-game.

"[...] like you used to do." Not exactly a typo but that last 'do' is unnecessary.

"Will is no fighter." It's supposed to be Finn.

Possible errors or otherwise lack of polish:

Sebastian's and Robert's names are revealed but their dialogue tag remain 'Guard' and 'Passerby' respectively.

The very first instance of thunder lacks sound Effects.

You'll be hearing my actual thoughts on the game soon. Thank you!

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Took me a while to get the hang of it (believe it or not there's a method to the madness). Regardless, the it was quite the fun for it's brevity. I just feel like the gallery could be more spread out (requirement-wise) and/or follow a little narrative, instead of just being in a seemingly random order.