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Steady your heart, my friend. · By Drakes, GruntSteel

Feedback Thread Sticky

A topic by GruntSteel created Feb 01, 2021 Views: 873 Replies: 18
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Developer (2 edits) (+2)

Hi there! 

If you have any feedback on the game, be it story, bugs or whatever. 

Please post them here and we'll look them over.




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Feedback: dis gaem sux! 

Here are some typos I caught:

"You look more sad than usual." Correct is sadder.

"The drunkard waves Steadfast off and turns to Finn" is missing a period in-game.

"[...] like you used to do." Not exactly a typo but that last 'do' is unnecessary.

"Will is no fighter." It's supposed to be Finn.

Possible errors or otherwise lack of polish:

Sebastian's and Robert's names are revealed but their dialogue tag remain 'Guard' and 'Passerby' respectively.

The very first instance of thunder lacks sound Effects.

You'll be hearing my actual thoughts on the game soon. Thank you!



First: Thanks for all the feedback, truly!

I've fixed the typos and grammars errors here listed for the eventual fix patch.

As for Robert's and Sebastian's names they're done as such on purpose to kind of remove some personality from them, and put the focus on the others.

The lightning effect seems to be there, but it's a very quiet one as it's supposed to be distant. I'll bring it up a little for the next version.

Once again, thanks, and thanks for reading the story! Much appreciated!


english is not my native langage so I cant really point out mistakes but I noticed that when steadfast's sprite is facing left or right his scare change from the left to the right eye (probably because you mirrored the spirte) so yeah that's it for me. I liked that story a lot thank you for this <3

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Ok so, can we post our opnion on here was well? xd
What can I say, the unrequited love on the start looks so cute, it makes me want to puck enter in the game and scream to them that they love each other and that's nothing wrong
The visual for me looks all good, loved both Finn and Steadfast, just thought the sprite when Spreadfast turn to other side a bit weird cuz of the scar changing from left to right
The story was lovely, I was most of the time screaming inside cuz of how cute they are, and even better together, the poems to me were the best, the way they express themselves trough it? LOVELY.
I expect more of it, with high hopes

Take care of yourselves, keep making great vns please, or else I'll get nothing else to read xd


there is a odd visual glich when it swaps sprites from finn to will the sprite kind of jumps its a little distracting 


I'll change the transition for the eventual "fix" release. Thank you! And thank you for playing the game!

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Noooooooo! I want to play but no Linux version. 

Oh well. Maybe later.


Give me an hour.. 

I can't test it properly though, but I'll upload it for you!


I was not expecting that. Thank you so much.


It worked fine. Fantastic work and a proper emotional roller coaster.

I do love the short story VN format.

5 star work.


Thanks for testing it! Truly. 

And thanks for playing the game, and the feedback. I'm glad you liked it!


Happy too test it out for you.


This turned out amazing! 


Thank you!!

nice. U have to get used to the art style but I like it ^^


Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed your time. ^^ 

Yeah it's pretty c