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Tim Torbelein

A member registered Aug 08, 2020

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Idk but am i the only one who loses the..motivation to play this game cause it changed so much ...

dont worn for me too. 

QwQ i tryed them all.. they dont work.

Is that normal....?

Android: 10

Finally a new update

Gay routes?

Discord dont work

Have to play it from the start...but Ranok is it worth. ♥️

Uuffff rpgmaker game.

Dude....thats a comment section / topic section. Sure ur allowed to suggest things here...ur allowed to say ur oppinion. So why are u asking...

UwU sadly so many patrons only. I mean it's good but my money isn't infinity. That's why Tennis Ace is one of my most fav. It's free and pretty good and long ♥️

UeU then please send two ♥️

Respect dude. That u do everything alone is uffff!

But that's a good think too. It's easily possible to see that u try hard and ur not someone who ask coder and artist for code and art and say that's made by urself or who gives the person's which made the most of the game just a little credit uwu

Hello. Please look at the month of the post fit's before u answer. But still tanks for ur answer ^^

Sadly it cost. I bought abducted 1 but i would like to play this more...

don't worry. The creator already told me there will be m/m stuff for sure. ^^

i use JoiPlay too. Xd I'm not that dumb. But android in android still works better. And dude...thanks for help but this comment is useless...the comment section is to report bugs or to talk to the creator ^^

Android doesnt work.

my version: 10

Phone: Asus ROG Phone 2


Git's u don't need an Android version. Just use JoiPlay. U can play all Renpy games on Android with that. No matter linux or windows version 

Lands of Fire community · Created a new topic Art

Art looks unfinished? Is that right? (characters)

i don't criticize the game. I just say what i don't like. 

u don't have to care about what i write. It's a public comment section were everyone can say his opinion  without getting hated for it . I said my opinion. So don't apologise or try to start a useless fight like ur useless comment . Useless cause idc cause it's my opinion and I'm allowed to tell my opinion to the game 

;( okey. Then i play the windows Version. Me a phone or ps4/5 Player . I don't it that much to play pc. But me want to play this too curious >w<

i play 28 different vns. Xd every single one works..except urs ;-;

better explained. I open the game. Then renpy gets visible and that it's loading. After a while I guess after it finished loading it gets black....nothing happens 

Just the one before. It worked. Idk why. Perhaps android 10 not compatible ?

there is just one with log errors. But i have a different error. The full game isn't starting. It's 


Android Version doesnt Work. My android: 10

Phone: Ausus ROG phone 2

oh okey. I changed a bit if the code at the Code line where he said that there's a error . 

This emoji spam xd

Preds it more often.

Yeah it's pretty c

 U have to get used to the art but it's dtill pretty good

This art can just come from one artist xd nice

nice. U have to get used to the art style but I like it ^^

I hate the saving system. U need crystals to save. So when u play a lot but don't have one...yeah thx game creator

Is it renpy? Would be good cause I would able to play the windows version on android with joiPlay

don't worry i did many times