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Hi there,

There's some budding romance. (Some think it's too fast, some think it's too slow...) Mainly in Mikes & John's routes so far, with different flavor.


Thank you for the kind words!

Hi there,

Doing my best, work is still hectic, but hopefully there'll be something ready at the end of this month.



Not directly, but it'll slightly lower the number of points you have with him.


Hi there, yes! The MC is human.

Hi there,

Ish, in the sense that it hasn't been updated for a while. However, there's been some work done at least. Mostly code, art and music. What's been stuck is the writing.

I have been and currently am in a rough position with my day job and I've had to prioritize staying afloat more than DT. I am however more recently back into the groove of things. I had planned on updating at the end of this month, but due to illness at my workplace I had to push it to next month.

Best Regards,


I boomerposted this on Twitter forgetting about the character limit.
I'll post it here as well to see that it reaches you properly.

Hi there,

I first decided to remove you from my discord server after seeing you use other creators social media (itch) for advertising your content without consent and spreading what I percieve as toxicity.

I have noticed that this seems to be due to some arguments between you and some other creators, and while I am not really involved I can't help to see the thinly veiled threats and underhanded actions made.

As creators in an indie community such as the FVN community, I believe it's our responsibility to help each other out remember that we're all a bunch of passionate people gathered around the same genre of content.

At the same time, we're all responsible for our own platforms and the communities we build around them. 

While there's always bound to be drama and arguments, and I understand that there's always frustration and anger at things others do (I get frustrated, too), taking to using each other's platforms as a vector of attack, as a creator, is in my opinion not acceptable.

On that note, from what I gather you have already taken this with discord and twitter support. 

If you feel you've been treated in a ToS breaking way, instead of these threatening comments and "attacks", letting the site admins deal with it is the proper way of things.

Now: after your request I have decided to remove the ban from my discord server, feel free to join again. However, please note that subtle threats and toxicity is not something I want around my platform. I believe in forgiveness and building instead.

Remember, being defensive is not the same as being "offensive back".

Finally, I've opened up my DMs (twitter & discord). Feel free to contact me directly if you feel the need.


Since I work full time on top of working on DT, it's been a lot. Things happened and stacked up, eventually I burned out, so I've been taking a longer break trying to regain some energy.

Hopefully I'll be back working properly on DT next week, without being as burnt out.


Oooh, looking forward to it! 

Hi, expect it at 2022-08-31.

Hi there,

Rotshild does the bulk of the code himself, I just poke him in the right direction if he gets stuck. It's very giving to help other VNs out, and leads to some extra inspiration for my own stuff!


Oh! Good catch. 

I'll see about changing that functionality to be clearer, shouldn't be too much work to have it in the coming update.

Thanks for letting me know what worked for you!


Hi there,

Are you on PC/MAC/Linux or Android? There should be pages at the bottom (1-9) you can click for more slots, and if you still need more slots you can scroll even further with the scroll wheel on the save/load screen.

If you're on android there might be an issue I can't see on my phone resolution, so let me know if that's the case and I'll look into it!


Hi there. VN is still being worked on, I'm just facing writer's block.

Sorry. Still alive, though!

Hi there, that sounds awesome! I'd love to see my avatar in your style, feel free to draw and post it anytime!


Does that make him a... gran-dad?

There's something* in the pipeline for Max, being worked on by a friend. (and I like what I've seen so far!) We'll see how far it gets, otherwise I'll be touching on a Max route once every other route is finished.


I'm still alive, but I don't want to promise a release date at the moment. 

I'll post some teasers on discord this week to show some progress, at least. Sorry for all the delays!


Hi there, I'll take a closer look at this. Thanks for letting me know, I appreciate it!

Always! ;)

Oh, interesting. I like your stuff, can't wait to see what you come up with in digital format!

Thank you very much, and I agree!

Heya! Still working on it, got a bit of a writers block as I tend to but it's getting there!


Hi there,

This depends on a few things and choices made in the story, and will be expanded on in Chapter 4.
Most of the time, he will be alright. 


Hey everyone,

There's a lot of different opinions here and you're all entitled to your own ones, but I'd appreciate it if we could stop this thread here.
Sometimes, someone just has a bad day or really feels strongly about it and sometimes all that's needed is to be heard.


Oh, fuck. You got me good! lmao

> "btw when was the last time you thought about the game?"

About every hour, really. I take notes a few times every day and I try and think of ways to take it forward. At some points I have to really try and step away because focusing on the sheer amount of work is really overwhelming. 
I really wish it was as simple as writing what my mind wants to say, but it doesn't always think in pure words, even if it feels as it does.

If it did, I'd pump out the updates like crazy and let you all know the story I want to tell.

All the best


P.S > I put Drakes up to this, not the other way around hehe


Hey there,

I apologize for the let down, for me it's just a way to let off some steam. A meme, if you will.

On the flip side, there's a true point and a proper upcoming art teaser if you look closely, one of the pieces is of higher quality of the others.

As for the true point, there is indeed some Drake's art coming to DT.

Hoping that'll ease the disappointment some.

Over 'n out /G

Mike and John should both get their Ch4. As well as trying to get Charles ch3 and 4 in there as well, so hopefully all 3 up to speed after this one.
I've run into some writers block though, so it'll be in April by the look of things.


Eu tive que usar o google tradutor, então peço desculpas se não estiver correto. Obrigado pelas palavras gentis, é muito motivador ouvir! 



I had to use google translate so I apologize if it's not correct.
Thank you for the kind words, it's very motivating to hear!


Some delays for me (I replied to the content above with a bit more information). But it should be out sometime this month at least. Sorry.


Hi there, small update on that.

I ran out of juice as writers and game devs do, with some of the things going on in the world. On the flip side, Elden Ring released recently and I've been playing it a lot. What it's managed to do is recharge my batteries, so I've been making small but important progress.

So in short, it's delayed from what I expected (this week). It should still be this month* (sorry for the slow updates, truly). It should also, in my honest opinion be a very good one. Art wise and story wise.


Long read! You must have woken up on the wrong side of your bed this morning.

Some interesting thoughts that I personally don't agree with at all but could read through and see. However, they're all sadly invalidated by your child-like outburst at the end personally attacking and trying to put down someone's hard work and creativity. 

If you're going to review a game, review a game, don't step on someone like that because you're too incapable of regular human interaction. 

I wish I had a clever thing to say tot mimic your "the only thing he is good at..." but sadly, there's nothing worth taking away from your post after ending it on such an idiotic note. You turned yourself into a troll, at best. I'd love to see a review where you actually spent effort into reviewing the game, not spewing irrelevant hate everywhere.

P.S If you're going to review a game, at least play it enough to know that the character is not named Gerat. 

Thank you for the kind words! It gives a motivation boost when working on the game, truly!


I wrote a rating for this and figured I'd share it in the comments as well.

First of all; Sorry for all the rambling. I'm mostly just writing down my thoughts and I know I'll end up repeating myself so I'll try to summarize somewhat at the end.

There's also a lot to say and most of it is tied in together so well with the other parts that it's difficult to sort it into segments.

That said, here we go.

As a side note, this rating is mostly written with Burry's route and character in mind.

I've played Shelter a few times, mostly passing it over as "Oh, it's well made and has good assets but it's not something extra ".

The part that stuck out to me most previously was the fact that it makes excellent use of the VN Media form to tell the story and present gameplay. There's a lot of choice and your decisions unlock further options in further playthroughs, even if it sometimes get a bit much to go hunting for unlocking different endings. It's a fresh breath breaking away from the semi-kinetic VN's I've grown used to, while still retaining most of the important bits. The only thing I missed in this was a clear way to see what route you're on, as it's tempting to mix and match and end up with one without realizing it the first time through.

Moving on, the excellent use of the VN media form was the one thing that stuck out to me until this update (V20) which tied everything together in a much better way for me. It balanced the scale, so to say.

Looking further, the reason that was the one thing that stuck out, rather than the story or setting is most likely due to the game feeling as "three games mashed into one", paired with some community prejudice.

With that, I'm trying to say that it's due to the fact that on the surface this game simply looks like it was made to get people off. Rather, it probably is. And yes, it does that well. 

However, at the same time it's bunched in with a whole lot of comedy and some incredibly interesting world building and heartfelt stories. They're just behind the surface. With the different tone shifts, it becomes confusing at first.

If one goes in without real expectations and is met early on by the goofiness and horniness, it's easy to fall prey to prejudice and think that there's all that there is to the game. And that content is not bad, there's so much more to it in my opinion. This is where a few of my friends have gotten stuck and didn't really want to continue, despite the quality of the content. To me, that's unlucky, because somehow those moments also help build the entire world and story.

In every moment there's some kind of character or worldbuilding, mostly both at once. It's often in silly things, such as looking at Rune's balls 'to see if there's mana storied in them' introducing the idea of storing mana properly. There's the balls, which I find hilarious, but some of my friends just couldn't get past,  while at the same time it makes your mind go 'Canine mana? Human mana? What's the difference? Are there more kinds? What do they do?' These little snippets of information makes the world feel more real and thought out. 

Further, it's all quite grounded. It's not abstract concepts mostly, instead it's things that make sense, such as canine mana having canine properties. Pack mentality, improved smell and so on. It helps make the world more relatable, which is a big plus with how much there is of it.

Further on, every character seems to have an interesting backstory of their own, which ties in with all the worldbuilding and makes you ask questions such as 'who is in charge? where are they from? why are they at shelter?' It makes the characters feel more real, on top of helping introduce their goals and personalities, wishes and wants. The part that really makes it click for me is the fact that the world seems to have impacted every character.  We're told this epic story, and the characters are actually a part of it. 

The exception for me here would be Alon, I love the character and he has fun moments but for whatever reason he seems like bit of an afterthought. He's a little too opportune in that he seems to solve a few writing "problems" a little too often somehow. He sticks out just a tad too much, despite hinting at being a villain of sorts.

Moving on, it's the fact that the world building actually delivers which makes it a pleasure to play the game. What has me focusing on that so much is that there are more than a few (great) stories out there which have a lot of the same qualities when it comes to characters and worlds as Shelter does, but they never deliver. They have a great world and interesting characters, but they're never tied together. There's a world, and a story, and characters. And mostly two are tied together, but almost never all three. Shelter ties all three together, and it does it well. Shelter doesn't introduce Chekov's gun (bomb) and never have it go off. That's what truly makes it stand out.

Now, I previously said "It's well made but not something *extra*" and that somehow still holds true up until what I think of as the splitting point. The bath sequence.

Essentially, it shifts the tone from the "horny silly" and reaches a breaking point where it tills over to storytelling of the previously built world. It suddenly drops most of the goofy parts and forces you into the present, with the attack on shelter. In a way, it's a climax created by skipping the... climaxing we've had before.

All the hints and backstory we've gotten so far clicks, and Burry and Luke are all tied into it. We learn more about Skies ablaze, and what it all entails. Pack mentality and the differences between races is expanded on and further tied in with Luke, who as a human somehow is more relatable which really makes the reader fall into the role as Luke.

Now, focusing on Burry's route, it's a dark backstory filled with action scenes (which are excellently written and presented. These are one of the most difficult things to write in text or VN format, in my opinion). 

For Burry's story there are no stops. It is a lore dump for all intents and purposes, but it's also a lore dump built on information we've been given before, so it doesn't really feel slow to read. Instead it's just a bunch of puzzle pieces falling together.

Somehow, I felt like I was missing a few pieces with how Burry felt within, rather than "at peace" while still being conflicted. It still tied together nicely, but with how good some other descriptions are it felt a little barren.

It was still heartfelt, as promised by the question in the bath, and it went through with a lot of different emotion. The parts that felt a little off was mostly actuated by the backgrounds and lack of sprites during it. Now, it's important to note that it is in no way below "good" VN standards, instead it sticks out with just how high quality and effort the rest of the assets are in the game. Somehow it turned into feeling more like reading a book than "watching a scene" at that point. I was missing a bit of interaction with Burry's brothers and despite it being such an important part of the story, we only got the tail (heh) end of it. It didn't hurt the story, but that's where I would have liked to have even more added in. Some interactions with his brothers, so there's not 11 names and 4 personalities, but rather some bonds. 

Other than that, I loved the introduction of the wolfen rule and the contrast between Burry's backstory, the wolves, and how most common dogs probably live. It made my mind wander, which the fact that it felt more like a book at that point probably helped with.

Now,  enough about Burry and on to Luke. Luke's definitely the best character in Shelter.

We get to follow Luke, and in the story somehow all the options the player gets to pick somehow feels like choices Luke would make. There's no "wrong" or weird choice. We still get to make them, and they make a difference in outcome, but they're all choices I can see Luke making. 

Luke feels clumsy when relating himself to his friends, and relates it to being human and not canine. For a human however, he's not clumsy at all. Instead he's athletic and agile. But he still feels opposite, it leads into philosophical questions which the story touches on about if it's the environment he's in, or just birth, or if it's all bullshit and unlucky. I loved it, but it's a stark contrast to expectations going into the story with aforementioned goofy and horny actions. 

It's one of many things we see Luke internalize as we play what I'd describe as the build up (before Skies Ablaze). We get to know how he feels, and then finally why. Eventually it all breaks down and he becomes more "human". He's right and wrong at the same time, he throws blame and he's angry. He's sad, he's jealous and confused. He's relatable.

All in all,  a great character with flaws and strengths, with just a dash of perspective when we get to see how the other characters view him. The outburst at the bath is definitely my favourite part of the story.

For some final notes aside from the worldbuilding and story, the writing itself encompasses a lot of humour and references such as Chekov's gun/bomb, which managed to keep my attention. It also makes me think that this story has been in the authors head for much longer than it's been "on paper."

So, to finally try and summarize a little.

Shelter's strength lies in it's storytelling and world building, which ties into character building. It capitalizes well on the VN media form with flags and choices that matter. 

There is however no denying the overall atmosphere of horniness and the fact that it is an adult game. This is as much a strength as it is detriment. The downside being that it can be off-putting to some people who would probably enjoy the game as much as I did, if they made it past that part.

While there are ways to avoid these segments, it's not always super clear and with how in your face it gets at times, it might be difficult to ever get past it. Still, I'd highly recommend anyone to try it even if they're not into that, as the other parts are top notch as well.

On the flip side, it might also be a detriment to those who want to focus on that, as they might skip past the story to get into the explicit content. While in reality, it's best viewed when enjoying both. It is weird, as the part that would be the easiest to "cut" or not enjoy is the horny part, but it's still a very base part. It's like softcore porn in a way, the hidden details are somehow more enticing than getting al the hardcore stuff.

I truly enjoy all the teasing and shafts and whatnot, and while I also enjoyed the explicit scenes, it splits the experience into two while keeping it together. Perhaps in the future, there'll be a mode where you can just get all the teasing and softcore enjoyment, letting you focus more on the world and story instead.

Finally, the above notes make it easy to miss how individual and enjoyable all the characters are. I only have great things to say about it. They're all individual and have wide personalities and backstories. 

Either way, regardless if you're looking for NSFW content or a great fantasy story with good world building, you'll enjoy Shelter. Just don't get hung up on it being one or the other, because it's best enjoyed as both. 


I'm doing alright, thanks for asking! Winter is going wild here and so on. Next update is probably sometime in the first half of March, if things keep progressing as they currently are


Hi and thanks for playing the game!

Mike (the bear), Charles (tiger) and John (badger) does for now. I'm probably going to revisit adding more routes once those three are finished.


It's still in the works, don't panic!

Hi, I've uploaded a universal release .apk now, please try that version.

If this does not work for whatever reason, try deleting any old version you have on the game first, including the local save file storage. (Usually in \android\data\com.distanttravels~