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Why is the contract armband made of lead

A topic by BOB1134 created Jan 26, 2021 Views: 834 Replies: 8
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Isn't lead super dangerous even in jewelry wouldn't the protagonist get poisoned from it why not gold like Asterion's gold laurel armband


The lead and gold armbands are a reference to a certain Greek myth (now which one is something people will have to find out).

We didn't get the time to explore it in Chapter 13 but the lead and gold armbands aren't made of actual gold and lead, they merely look like it. So no one's getting poisoned.


Hmm... I thought it was ringing some bells, but I couldn't seem to find which myth it was reminding me of. I guess it's time to renew the search now that I know I'm not crazy


my best guess is how the philosopher stone can turn lead into gold but I dont know if thats even related to greek myth its more of a amalgamation of Greek Roman and Egyptian myths

After a very hectic month I finally got some time to do the searching, anyway, important clarifying question. In the myth being referenced, were the objects also armbands or were they something else? Because I think I may have a guess


They were something else.


would they perchance be ..... arrows? :^) 


Maaaaaaaaaaybee... (By which I mean yes.)

Yeet! I love it when I'm right about things!