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I am all for the mc turning into a antichrist villain >:3

I hope we get sex scenes by losing to monsters 🤤

what do I do when I run out of clothes?

How do I beat the Enthralled Explorerer in the orange side-quest

Hehe spooky number :3

Has the recent update make getting these cgs easier or are they still broken and nigh impossible to get to without rng bs?

That chapter where asterion plays hide and seek in the underground labyrinth reminded me of thise liminal space horror games and I feel like it would make for a good (non-canon?) Halloween special lol

Well fuck thats annoying

Anyone got a quiz guide for when you create your character?

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Your so sadistic for writing the protag clueless about space in a sci-fi story it hurts to see him know jack shit about the solar system 😭😭😭 /joking btw

I can tell its the same forest bc of the trees on the left and right side and the tree dissappears right when the 2 options to explore and leave pull up on thr screen

will this be added to the apple store too?

I was curious if the Tapir god who cursed the salt was from actual myth or just something for plot all I found regarding tapirs and Brazilian myth was a cryptid named tapire-iauara that guarded the flooded rainforests of Brazil from humans

is the female humanoid monster made from coal a monster based from Greek myth?

I keep not getting the 4th ending where apparently Argos gets trapped in the hotel any walkthrough to get to that route?

ok so I already finished a lot of the endings in minohotel but how do you get the one with Argos trapped?

where do I go to look for the shed?

oh... welp hope changing my name on that phone doesn't get me the bad ending lmao

same I need to know too!

Was it Ariadne Or Phaedra who fed beef to Asterion? And if Ariadne did it was that the real reason Theseus left her on that island because maybe Phaedra told him about what Ariadne did or maybe it was Phaedra but she pinned it on Ariadne so she wouldn't be left on the island instead 

I've been trying to find it but the best I found was a dead pastebin link 

does putting in a different name affect the story majorly?

‪What's the character's Astral Zodiac and/or Chinese Zodiac?‬

I’m ready to see Argos get fucked both in a fight and literally

i did put then in separate slots but the red dragon characters was somehow both in slot 1 and slot 2 at the same time while the the one with a robot arm wasn’t in there at all I even did a battle and he wasn’t in the party it was just the main character and the red dragon guy

when hiring party members i hired the blue lizard with a prosthetic arm and then went to go hire the red lizard only to have the red lizard be in two party member slots completely replacing the blue lizard with a prosthetic arm

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an error also happened when flirting with a barbaric kobold and spellcaster kobold

also when flirting with the wasp enemy it creates a error 

Hey just started playing but in the first room I checked a drawer next to the bed and it said I got a scroll of wisdom but when I check my inventory it doesn't show up in it isa this normal or is this a glitch?

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Well when I open the app it goes from the renpy loading screen and then immediately crashes no main menu or anything i even uninstalled the game and reinstalled it but it still happens also the phone im using for this game is a android 9+

Hey the android update keeps crashing when I try and open it

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just curious but what are each characters zodiac plus the characters that were revealed to show up in future updates? Also would Asterion be a taurus 😆?

samsung galaxy 9+ and no it works fine now

oh sorry I didn't reply i was asleep but it would show a quick millisecond of the menu without words with a short blip of music before cutting to black and I tried tapping everywhere on the screen but nothing worked


When I open the android apk version of the game it shows a quick glimpse of the menu before completely going into a blank black screen

Does the hotel allow it's owner able to change their own hair/eye color like they are able to do with Asterion

Ahhhhhhhhh Yeah!!!!

does anybody have the rewards for flipping the shiny coins and the percent rate to get the rewards?

that sucks i got banned a couple of times for bad mouthing terfs I hope someone makes a better alternative for twitter that doesn't cater to bigots