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Which sister fed Asterion beef in his food and theories about why Ariadne was left on the island

A topic by BOB1134 created 98 days ago Views: 192 Replies: 1
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Was it Ariadne Or Phaedra who fed beef to Asterion? And if Ariadne did it was that the real reason Theseus left her on that island because maybe Phaedra told him about what Ariadne did or maybe it was Phaedra but she pinned it on Ariadne so she wouldn't be left on the island instead 

Apparently it was Ariadne that at least persuaded her father to exile Asterion. Apparently Tablet 7 seems to relate her to the observation that women had to use wiles to work their will. Honestly I wonder why she did it, or if it was for that really petty reason implied in that ruthless route...