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can't wait to see what the gang gets up to, this one by far one of my favourite VN's

a decent middle road would be having "flags" which warn the player if the direction they are heading in contains hardcore content, all i personally care about is that we get plenty of options to top

best dev 10/10

well shit i am gonna be keeping an eye on this hope the final version has even more kinks/fetishes to play with

watching and waiting for the day the gay update is added (i know it likely won't be until after the base game is completed) i hope that all the males are big needy bottoms

excellent most excellent

gotta say kinda a shame that you can only be Talas if you are playing multiplayer, would be great if there was a mode where you play as Talas instead and have to find cobble so you can "play" with them as you please

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you might already be aware but mentioning it just in case, once the bind starts growing larger his body/art starts to cover the text on screen at multiple points, it's notable at tier 2 and pretty bad (like covering half the text) once he reaches tier 3 growth (for reference this is on the dom path have not done sub and i know he takes a different appearance there so i cannot say)

slight suggestion if possible i would reduce the rate at which the angel uses Prophecy the battle took ages to complete as he would renew his barriers each time i smashed them

i am a touch confused, what exactly is the difference between the Gay and Straight versions of this game? if you can play as male or female in both and encounter male or female monsters in both?

eyyy Tyranno is back at it. love to see more goods from you Mutant alley was great Dino's don't get nearly enough love

I'm actually hoping we get to fight and dominate him kinda threw me for a loop that my Dragon was scared to fight considering i have grown strong enough to one-shot most encounters at this point and have a great deal of HP (plus I've grown pretty massive at this point so having him be 50% larger than me seems almost ridiculous)

as a dragon lover supreme i have to say i am incredibly thankful this exists

if the security guard gets to keep the hyper dick, and fuck the big male 'tronics when gay content is added i will be very happy, small on top is hot small with huge dick on top is even better

ahh did not realize there was patreon exclusive features... might need to see about joining your patreon then

i was kinda curious i remember reading on old patch notes there was a mention of a Naga transformation, is that in the game and i just have not found it or has it not been added?

ahh i see, well i will keep an eye out when the gay stuff starts getting added i'll give this a try. Hope it all goes well and you get plenty of support along the way

so wait why does this game have the gay tag? from what i can tell this is a male nightguard dating/fucking female animatronics

oh lisa inspired eh? might need to give this a go, doubly so if it has the same kinda horror vibes as lisa

by the gods the off fandom yet still live's i must begin playing this immediately

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ahh yeah i heard about that, shame since i was thinking about trying FBTW since while i have heard alot of bad i have heard alot of good aswell. Although to be fair to After class it was my understanding the "episodes" were supposed to be patreon only bonuses kinda like the side stories for Echo

ahh i see my apologies thank you for telling me

so wait is this VN dead? the last update here was back in july of last year

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the curse of being a top in the furry fandom almost everyone else is a bottom so everything is bottom focused. still that aside you are doing great work and i hope you continue to thrive, even bought the cheat addition to give you a nice little boost

playing a bit based on what Bjorn has said i assume we are going to mostly be bottoming. how unfortunate these kinda men are exactly my type but as a top i find it hard to get into things from a bottom perspective

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i am kinda curious what is the bottom to top ratio of this game? (how often does our character gets to top and how often they bottom) i've had a look at the wiki but it does not tell very much

oh actually one more question if you would be kind enough to answer, when looking in the images folder i also saw pics of the fat dragon in a pup mask, is that just stuff for the future or are there sex scenes with him i have yet to find?

ahh thank you sorry for the fuss i just noticed in the images in the download there was a "pirate fuck cave" so i assumed that was for him

how do you have sex with the pirate? whenever i talk to him even if i say the right things he gets drunk and then says he would rather fuck when sober (even using dragon worship to take the barrel away from him won't keep him from getting drunk)

i did not know you could "fail" sex scenes thanks a for the clarity

alright well thanks for the info

honestly just a general overview of what to do for each stage would be great

that would be great if you are willing

ahh i see thank you for your response i appreciate it

so a few things first i noticed when i downloaded both "The curse of V0.11" and "The curse of spookiness" both were just image folders with no actual game to run, also i was wondering what is the difference between the curse of something, and the curse of spookiness?

i'm wondering if there are any guides for the secret scenes i think i get the basic gist of them but i would rather know for sure

thank you kindly

is this the complete version of adastra or do i have to buy it from patreon or something?

question is this game route based or is the story totally linear? 

fabulous work as always Shiro you never fail to impress be it for Ballad or Repeat