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i'm wondering if there are any guides for the secret scenes i think i get the basic gist of them but i would rather know for sure

thank you kindly

is this the complete version of adastra or do i have to buy it from patreon or something?

question is this game route based or is the story totally linear? 

fabulous work as always Shiro you never fail to impress be it for Ballad or Repeat

i am genuinely curious what your definition of "consensual" is

it would be fun if we could at some point have proper sex with the dad, considering you can blow him (even if the mc does not let him cum) I don't think incest is really an issue

aww yea it's time for best boy

i just love his sweet personality, i wanna hug the guy and make him understand he deserves love

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I've figured out the basics but I am having issues with the positioning and even after getting "on top" of my laying slave and the game saying my character is in a position to start fucking them I get no options for it best I can do is give and get a blowjob

dragons and reptiles are the best give in to the scaley temptation

looking forward to what you do with this

i am late to the party but what is the difference between the "stable" and "experimental" builds?

this was actually an interesting start and i would like to see more,

you always do amazing work shirokoi~

the cliffhanger was diabolical, and personally i was kinda hoping killigan would be somewhat changed going forward (like having one of his horns remain crystalized or something) all in all though you did a solid job, mac is sweet as ever and you are building some good set up for whatever is the cause of killigan's immunity and power

i know Macsen and zhokar are potential love interests but i was wondering what other ones will be included

for the love of god knock it off

it would not be hard to establish a cover story doubly so if he has Pierre and the company backing him so his"preferential treatment" would be a non  issue since no one would even know. i do see what you are trying to say though i just feel like a little lie would cover it all up since only a small handful of people seem to know 

love Binini he is amazing hope we see more of him down the line


i do hope killigan keeps his new monsterish form (or atleast elements of it like his horns retaining the white crystal look) so many things have characters undergo cool transformations but then just turn back like nothing happened

so just as long as i fight (and win) against all three of them before day 8 correct?

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thanks i will give it a shot just to be sure though do you mean beat all 3 in one sitting? i am pretty sure you can only fight 2 per visit

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i am having difficulty finding the "better fitting attire" mentioned in the v.12a notes

i will die for that cute frog boi

i appreciate the response and for a non-native speaker you do a very good job, as for the bit about the community service i can see your point but atleast from how i understood the situation pierre knowing the protags father came from a different world convinces the others that the "from another world" story is true atleast that was my understanding of how things played out

oh thank you i appreciate it

i feel like the game has alot of potential but it is pretty rough in it's current state (i played 1.06 for context) quite a few spelling and grammar mistakes along with the shower scene getting repeated from pierre's apartment and then once again back at the station. and it may be a personal thing but i feel the community service charge is beyond egregious (it's like charging a kidnapping victim for illegally crossing a border while tied up in someones trunk)

thank you very much i appreciate the response

title says it all in the dev pics i see him with a black shirt with a line of greek symbols, in my playthrough he got a pink shit with "MOO!" on it

i am curious what path c and d are i assume path A is the "best" one if you avoid the day ten tragedy Path B being if you fail to stop it. I can guess path C is dependant on how you handle sal but i have no idea what path D would be

just wanted to say you guys are doing fabulous work. and if you need time to yourself to be well none will begrudge you for it be well darlings <3

thank you hun, sorry for fussing over an "issue" you are already planning to adress (as much as simple preference could be called an issue)

personal preference i would just like some more scenes where we can be the top, almost every seen has us getting fucked or sucking dick, djen is my favourite just for the fact he is a bottom

i should specify i mean during day 2-3 when you can go look at the vault

i am curious if there are any working passwords before the lead up to the first bad end

i only just came across this vn but i am already planning on sticking around for awhile i look forward to what comes next

this game turned out to be quite exceptional you have more than earned the 5 stars

gotta say i am blown away by the new title screen it's been almost a year since i last tried identity and so far i am very impressed

looks pretty fabulous,very well done