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Minotaur Hotel community · Created a new topic Patreon?

Is there a Patreon for this project? 

I appreciate that a lot of FVNs are free to play since a there isn't a lot of queer media out there for people to relate to, but I do like contributing to projects that I like as much as this one.

I don't really want anything more than what is posted here. But I would like to know I'm helping people that make art I enjoy.

All the routs are in one game. There is a scene where you have a list of people to talk to after a fight that sets which rout you are on.

Damn its strange knowing I've been to the town this game is set in. *shutters* 

I'm playing the game for the first time, and maybe its because there is an extremely small town named Echo in my home state which is very deserty next to a canyon of the same name. Its a little extra knowing a place that seems to match the geography and name so well. 

This isn't Echo Utah is it?

Thanks for finding this. I looked at it and thought I might be able to transcribe it to make it more readable, but there are enough letters that I can't make out to even transcribe it. 

Its frustrating because I can make out a number of words that are part of my limited Greek vocabulary that I can tell that it's not just nonsense, but then I can't even make out all the letters in the second word.

Attempting to read this feels rather like the description of trying to read it in game. My brain feels like I can almost latch on to it and make it fit together but then it slips and losses track of what I thought I saw. 

I'm dyslexic, and looking at this reminds me of what reading felt like when I was still training myself to make sense of words.       

Damn that's definitely not workable. The fact that there isn't a higher quality image available, I think we are safe  to assume that nothing important is written there. 

I figured it wasn't the text of journal entry, I was hoping to find an Easter egg in it though. But you're probably right about it being some unrelated Greek text. It looks hand written with modern lettering (as opposed to the all caps used anciently), so I was holding out hope the devs had written something themselves like they did for the inscription on Asterion's horns. That being said I have no idea how much Greek language knowledge the devs actually have, and a document that long would require quite a lot. 

I've been looking through the game images to try and find the page of Argos journal shown in game. I haven't been able to find it.

I can make out a few of the words in game, but a lot of it is blurry enough that I can't read it. I was wondering if there was a sharper image that I might be able to read.

I think I just realized that the mirroring is supposed to indicate that Asterion is pacing, and that it's intentional.

On this subject, I just noticed that in chapter 15 when Hermes gives you the letter Asterion image appears to be mirrored. I wasn't sure the first time I played it because the arm band was on the wrong arm, but this time he had the MOO! shirt and it was clearly mirrored.  !OOM.

That's interesting addental context. I don't know if I have it in me to play the Ruthless route. I looked up some "Lets Play" videos and I was immediately faced with an image of Nikos beat up and missing an eye. It hurt my heart.

If I remember correctly Nikos' grandfather was also trying to create sympathy for Asterion by trying to be an obviously evil villain, which ultimately backfired with Clément. This game has a lot of really well written metaphors, and the background of the Argoi may also be comparable to Eichmann, or rather Hannah Arendt's analysis of his war crimes trial after World War II.

I think this especially true since Eichmann's defense at the trial was that he was just doing his job, which is basically what Nikos says for himself when asking if he is a good person. A question of surrendering your own morality in the name of doing your job or following the will of the gods.

Now that I know that Nikos tries to play the hero in a timeline where you abuse Asterion, its clear that he is a better person than Eichmann, or even his own grandfather. He wants to do what's good and will break job he's cast for and damn the will of the gods to do what he thinks is right. That's just amazing. I love his character even more because of it.

Even still I find the history of the Argoi as a whole relatable to committing harmful acts in the name of religious duty. I feel like Nikos' grandfather has some culpability for what happened to Asterion, the same way I feel some culpability for converting people to a homophobic religion. I'm glad Nikos has a timeline where he figures out his ethics before doing any lasting harm. He needs more hugs, and probably a good good boyfriend.

Damn I didn't expect this game to effect me so much when I first picked it up. I love it.   

I got Argos/Nikos back story for the first time in my most recent play though, and I absolutely love it. I feel like I can relate to it quite a bit in the aspect of performing a roll of religious devotion and familiar duty that you come to regret. I feel like a lot of queer people are damaged by the religions of their upbringing in a way that is analogous to Nikos. 

For myself I was a missionary for a particularly homophobic sect of Christianity. I knew I was gay, but I believed I was doing the right thing evangelizing and I hoped it would make me a good person. In retrospect I worry that the children of any of my converts are queer, and are being harmed because of their family's conversion. So that "Am I a good person?" discussion with Nikos really hits home.

Also while the bit where he calls Asterion in a panic because his father has kicked him out. That is so relatable for a lot of queer people I know. I'll be interested to see if that phone call is given any more context in updates. As it is I suspect that Nikos was trying to draw Asterion out of the hotel to protect him from whatever Hermes was up to, but I wonder if there wasn't a grain of truth in him being kicked out.

Also the detail that Nikos is Christian is a really interesting detail. I kinda assume he's as gay as all of the other major characters in this story. I find myself wondering if his family is also homophobic.      

I've got a lot of favorite things, but one thing I think is just too cute is his horn engravings. They just say "Asterion". How old was he when he got his horns engraved. I highlighted this for my husband  and he replied, "If lost please return to Asterion".

Ok yes that clause does appear to cut Asterion off from holding the deed.  Though the constitution itself lists his parents as Pasiphae and King Minos. As an adopted person myself I would count Minos as Asterion's human parent.  Minos may not be his sire, but he is listed as his parent, and it is Minos's house that Asterion was born into. 

Its a technicality that may not win out, but sometimes stories turn on technicalities depending on who is adjudicating.  

I've read though the Constitution of hotel a few times and I don't see that there is a clause that would prohibit a master from designating Asterion as the hair of the of the deed. 

I thought this would be the loophole that would allow the player to "free" Asterion or at least never again leave him a slave to future masters.  Is there an ending like this?

Minotaur Hotel community · Created a new topic Appreciation

I was just searching for a a furry porn game when I found Minotaur Hotel. When the game was free to play I was not expecting such a heart felt story. I'm only on chapter 13 of my first play through and it has meant so much to me. 

Also side I used the name of one of my own OCs for the protagonist while playing. His name is Luo, it happens to also be Greek. It means "I free". I didn't know how well it would fit the theme when I started, I hope Asterion can be freed.