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Wardrobe Malfunction

A topic by McScoutass created 47 days ago Views: 352 Replies: 6
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In chapter 13, when looking at his reflection, no matter what hes wearing it'll put him in the modern clothing & keep him in it until the next time you're able to manually change it. It's not game-breaking, thankfully, but I would've liked him to be wearing my chosen clothes during the scene later in the chapter

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at some points in the story, asterion will decide which clothes he uses by himself. now that i think about it, i know the master gets to choose his appearance, but this is a story about him breaking out of being a prisoner, so he should be able to express himself more often later on. the wardrobe becomes a contradictory mechanic as the story progresses.

true, but he was wearing the other outfit around the ipad, but the reflection itself was modern. its an error


now that would be a continuity error. i don't know that would be an easy fix for the devs though. if nanoff has to draw more art for it, then it might be too much trouble. but good catch on that.

On this subject, I just noticed that in chapter 15 when Hermes gives you the letter Asterion image appears to be mirrored. I wasn't sure the first time I played it because the arm band was on the wrong arm, but this time he had the MOO! shirt and it was clearly mirrored.  !OOM.


I think I just realized that the mirroring is supposed to indicate that Asterion is pacing, and that it's intentional.