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Image of Argos journal page

A topic by hiereus created May 09, 2023 Views: 503 Replies: 7
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I've been looking through the game images to try and find the page of Argos journal shown in game. I haven't been able to find it.

I can make out a few of the words in game, but a lot of it is blurry enough that I can't read it. I was wondering if there was a sharper image that I might be able to read.


i don't know about image, but isn't this the one that you have to get translated via R&D? because even if there are actual words, if it's not identical to the translation then it's probably not canon.


I figured it wasn't the text of journal entry, I was hoping to find an Easter egg in it though. But you're probably right about it being some unrelated Greek text. It looks hand written with modern lettering (as opposed to the all caps used anciently), so I was holding out hope the devs had written something themselves like they did for the inscription on Asterion's horns. That being said I have no idea how much Greek language knowledge the devs actually have, and a document that long would require quite a lot. 


If you're looking for the stray page that the MC pics up, it's in the GUI folder -> Inventory -> Icons


well, it's indiscernable when you zoom in

Damn that's definitely not workable. The fact that there isn't a higher quality image available, I think we are safe  to assume that nothing important is written there. 


There's a slightly larger version in the Big folder but it's still pretty unreadable. 

Thanks for finding this. I looked at it and thought I might be able to transcribe it to make it more readable, but there are enough letters that I can't make out to even transcribe it. 

Its frustrating because I can make out a number of words that are part of my limited Greek vocabulary that I can tell that it's not just nonsense, but then I can't even make out all the letters in the second word.

Attempting to read this feels rather like the description of trying to read it in game. My brain feels like I can almost latch on to it and make it fit together but then it slips and losses track of what I thought I saw. 

I'm dyslexic, and looking at this reminds me of what reading felt like when I was still training myself to make sense of words.