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So, is it day 4 of Geirolf's route? Or of all routes?

Context? What's the story about?

Will the VN be at some point translated to English? Looks good by the way!

Why did you cancel the VN with the demon to do this? The VN was good...

But it's still in the works, right? Then it's okay! :)

Any news on the next update? There hasn't been an update since February 2023...

This is mine.

That's a pity...


¿Está finalizado el desarrollo de esta VN?

Public update when?

No, but they looked better in the last update you published.

What's with the new artwork? The last artwork looked better...

What's new in 1.2?

Has the VN been cancelled? There are no updates or news of the VN since April 2023...

Has this game been abandoned?

It's great to see more of this VN again. I've been missing it!

How is it almost over Owen's route? If there's been nothing but Sissel for at least 2 years?

Wondering what?

Could you add an option to play this offline? To be able to download the VN/game to be able to play it offline?

Is this VN still in the works? I haven't heard a peep from this VN in YEARS...

Could you please add a Windows port to be able to play it offline?

What is new? Devlog?

Is this VN alive still? It's been a long while since I last heard of it... I miss it.

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Does the 5$ bonus content pack have a guide route for the guys? I think I found a bug, when I'm playing Cedric's route right before we lose the battle with gravity against the void my game crashes here, no matter how many times I reload. 

By the way, are there plans to make a sequel of this wonderful VN? I'd like to see more of Wes and the other guys, maybe see how the romances and friendships developed.

Who are the romance interests? If we get to choose, that is.

Will Mallox (the Demon King, I presume) get his own romance route?

Will the Rhyno and the white Lion have romance routes of their own?

Finally! I've been missing this wonderful VN.

When is the next public update?

What is new in the 1.3 update? Devlog?

I like this VN a lot. When is the next update?

What is the changelog/devlog of the build 0.2?

Nightmare fuel.

Wow, that's dark...

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Are there any gay (M/M) routes in this VN? Or planned?

Kovu from the Lion King, or Chief Bogo from Zootopia.

The pacing is too fast (neck-breaking fast) The protagonist adapts waaay too quickly for it to be credible or believable, there are a LOT of grammar mistakes and misspellings (which overall makes the reading experience less enjoyable) The gratuituous violence from the white werewolf feels hamfisted and shoehorned just for the heck of it and the MC's response isn't natural acting like nothing happened and the same with the white werewolf. Overall: the art was good, though I saw in the sketches that Bowers has nipples then in the sprites or in the CG artwork there's no trace of nipples which is a bit of an inconsistency issue. The story: So far needs to be reviewed again for the issues I described above. Grammar and Misspellins: Those need a serious review and fix, seriously.

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