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Not yet, no. As far as I'm aware... 

Good to know!

Is he romanceable?

Who's the brown Wolf/Fox?

When will the public version be updated?

I can't seem to be able to do Logan's quests he won't accept them or say I don't have enough. Help please.

Seems like it. 

Quality and larger releases than short releases. Take all the time you may need.

Oh? The Raven will have his own route?

What is the actual purpose of the nightmares with the Raven? I don't get it...

Oh, I see. So what's posted it's the finished content for this project, then.

This is the final version? Or will you update and add more content in the future?

Oh, thank you! A few creators choose to post here joke updates this day, it's a bit cruel, specially when one is looking forward for an update.

It's not a Fools day joke, is it?

What's new in 0.22.1? Housekeeping?

Oh, okay! :)

When will the public update be updated?

Is this an April's fools joke? If so, not falling for this.

This is not a fools day joke, is it? It's an ACTUAL update?

Oh, okay. I meant no disrespect. And I apologize if I offended you in any way. 

Joke's on you! I know what day it is today, not falling for this! LOL

He looks smaller than when he had his former sprite, also not to discredit anyones work, but I think Alan's former sprite looked better...

That Alan sprite looks odd...

Yes, windows 10. It says I don't have any wood or anyone qualified to build a bridge. There isn't any wood to collect anywhere nearby... 

The game looks promissing so far. Can't wait to see more translated content, keep up the good work!

What's new in the 2021 update?

Can the vore be skipped?, Because I find it disgusting.

(1 edit)

Who's the long haired wolf from the last update's thumbnail?

So, he can't be romanced, then?

That's a pity...

What's new in update 2.0?

Can we ride him? (I mean us bottoming for him) and such his cock?

Take your time. Don't rush things. :)

I wouldn't bother. Blackgate is dead. There hasn't been any actual progress or any actual update with actual content in 2+ years, Bane is a swindler. 

Already did, yesterday. 

Yes, thank you. :) 

You didn't missed anything. Only good route was Gruff's (and it got dull) 

Does that lead to the good route? 

Oh, thank you. Any I should do in the meantime to direct the playthrough in Vance's direction? Or is it not possible yet?

Blackgate cones to mind too. About unimportant dialogue and choices.