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What sorcery is this? lol

I am confusion...

I'm so happy and excited to hear that. Can't wait! :)

What was actually updated? There's no devlog... 

I'm just a worried and concerned fan, just wanted to know if everything was okay since we haven't heard from Drakes for a while. 

What route/s got updated? Do I get to hope that I'll get my engineer fix?

Any news on this wonderful VN?

Any news on the next update?

Any news? It's been a long time since there was any news of this wonderful VN...

Hadn't we already played vers. 0.7? Wasn't it released not that long ago? 

Is there male/male content/romance options? The game looks interesting. 

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Once affection reaches a certain point blowjob scenes don't show up anymore... I think that should be rectified, also the option to kiss him naturally, with his consent should be added, not to just force him...

Why mr. bean? Just why? He's unbearable. 

Gillian isn't a love interest, is he? Pity...

Well, it's good to hear that this project has life again. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

#Death by sugar overdose

What's new in the 1.37 update? Devlog, please.

Glad to help! :)

Options in the menu re-set to default after closing and language re-sets back to French. I don't know if you noticed this, maybe it's a bug?

I see nowhere to download the demo, where is it?

I'm happy to hear that, can't wait to read it when you post the update! :) 

I'm liking the game a lot. Do you have planned to update it in the near future adding more of the story and more chapters? I'm loving Magnus so much, he's become my favorite character.

Good to know, thanks for answering. 

What's new in 0.19.2? Bugfixes?

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Is this a joke build? Or the real deal? 

Ha! Joke's on you, I know what day it is! Not going to fall for that. :) 

I'm liking the game so far, however I'm a bit stuck with the engine puzzle. Also I have a suggestion, if it's not a bother, but could you add an option to roll back? 

Inspiration struck, eh? 

Oh, yes. I like it a lot. 

Oh, our darling bear got a redesign? I like it a lot! Can't wait to see it in game! :)

Will we see this update in the public version or the patreon? 

So, are we going to see more of Boris?



What's new in this update? Do we have to re-start again from the beginning? Because I continued from the last save I had and saw nothing new...

Glad to be of assistance. 

Redesigns look worlds better than the current art, they also look more their age, which is a huge improvement. I like them much more now, can't wait to see the redesigns implemented in the vn. Kudos! :) 

That's wonderful to know, can't wait to see that happening. 

Are the wolves the only love interests? No other species? 

It would be nice to see pictures of the characters, if you could post some.