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Please tell me that Gordon will have his own route, He's the sexiest Rhino I've seen...

Less to clean, more free time. I would choose a better seat than that, maybe a comfy couch?

I can't play it offline, there's no executable in the archives...

Could you add a downloadable option?

The romance is imho one of the best parts of the VN, I think you should consider other options, maybe lighten up the word count a bit, but don't cut off the romance, please.

Please share your youtube name so I can look you up.

Hi, could you tell me the name of the soundtrack when the MC has to take a semen sample for the doctor and is fantasizing about Brendan? I love the bass track and I'd like to see if I can figure out the tabs by ear.

I'd prefer to wait until you have the artwork necessary.

Not fully here or in Steam?

Has this VN/game been finished?

Which route got updated? And which route got the NSFW CG?

Awwww, that's a colossal disappointment...

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I've liked a lot what I've read so far of the VN. However there are a LOT of misspellings and Grammar mistakes, you should really consider getting someone else to check your scripts to clean them up and correct those mistakes. It would give the VN more quality and reduce the quantity of the mistakes. Also you should consider opening a comment section it the VN site.

That's wonderful to know, can't wait! :)

The premise looks interesting, will there be romance?


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Is this an April's fools joke? Because if so, I don't find it funny... Every year most developers do this and it gets old...

Who's the host? Damn, he's smoking hot!

Thank you!

His massive, gorgeous tits. I want to milk his tits so bad.

Show us the stickers please.

Will this have romance?

Not falling for this trick, I know what day this is.

Who's that?

Damn, that black wolf in Biorn's picture has the biggest tits I've seen in this VN...

Will the Lion and Tiger guards be romaceable? Will they have routes of their own?

It's good to know that you're well. Hopefully all goes well for you, can't wait to see what happens next! :)

Which route will be updated? Vic's?

Nightmare fuel.

Will the raven/crow butler be a romanceable character? Because he's quite a fine specimen

He looks like he has a severe hump, or is extremely hunched over...

You are cruel, you show us these gorgeous studly horses and they're going to be minor unromanceable characters? That made me feel sad. They look gorgeous, love the art.

What's new in 0.2? Devlog, please?

Same here.

Thank you! :)

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The coloring you've chosen for Floris makes it hard to see his facial features, could that be fixed somehow? Please?

What about the romance part? Will we be able to romance the panther?

Well, it's good to have you back, can't wait to see where you take the story.

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Will there be romance in the VN? Will we be able to romance the hunky black panther? Also, could you release a windows version?

Am I the only one that can't stand the Princess Dhalia that narcissist, stuck-up, elitist, self-centered, arrogant, umpleasant bitch? Not that her maid is much better if we're being honest... To be honest if they "disappeared" from the VN I would be happier not having to deal with them.