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Windows 7 x86 32 bit netbook. 

Have you noticed that Nasir doesn't have the cg's when Yoshi and him are playing pool and it evolves into sex? When he fingers and sucks Yoshi off and Yoshi sucks Nasir off?

I love what I've seen so far. Lovely graphics, lively backgrounds, etc... I'd love to play the VN but, there seems to be a problem that pops up when I played for a bit the day before yesterday. There seems to be a lot of lagging when it comes to opening up the save/load/options menu. (One instance it got stuck like that until I had no choice but forcibly close the game) I don't know why this happens, but I tried other VN's I have and this only happened with your VN. Could you look into this? 

Likewise! :) 

Good to know, thank you! :) 

Can you romance the Lion?

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Can you play as the Doberman?, I'm pretty sure this game isn't going to work on my computer but I'm going to try ( I have an x86 windows 7 32 bit netbook)...

Some pictures of the in-game content would be appreciated, if it's not too much to ask...

Is Richard the only love interest?, what species is Richard? a cat? a Canine?

Many are wondering about it (myself included) it's been mostly a year without any news about it...

No info about the update? what are the changes?

Thank you for answering. Can't wait to play it and see for myself all about it. Looks good and promissing so far! :) 

Is this an NSFW Gay game?

Looks really good. Can't wait to play it! :)

I like the designs of Nik and William the most, however... William seems to have a bad case of "toxic masculinity with a side of internalized homophobia" despite going for Samuel's services, and using him for his advantage. Which is a pity, because I liked William's design the most. I really do hope he gets his head out of his ass and corrects that... 

Looks promissing. Can't wait to see what awaits in future updates! :)

Glad to be of service! :) 

Looks promissing. 

Good to know, you should include that in the description. When I looked at the game it wasn't described as such. :) 

Can't wait! :)

I guess we'll have to wait to see what happens...

Not a problem, glad I could help. :) 

So far it's good, I only was curious about it. Thanks for answering though. :) 

I don't know if this is a bug or not... But when I start a new game the screen goes black and gets stuck like that until I forcefully shut close the game. 

What is this game about?, does it have gay romance?

Does this VN have gay romance?

Does this VN have gay romance?

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Thank you! Will do. I have a question, though: why are all the romanceable characters so slim and twinky (no offense meant) I would've hoped for some meat on their bones...

Oh, I'm sorry I thought you couldn't change it (I never found the room before) 

Can you adapt a version compatible with Windows x86 32 bit? I can't play the game with the version you have posted... 

Could you make a version compatible with windows x86 32 bit? The one you have posted is incompatible and I can't play the game...

Could you make a version compatible with windows x86 32bit? I can't play that version you have posted...

Does this VN have gay romance?

I don't understand why I'm forced to name my character anon to reach the secret room, it should be accessible regardless of the name you choose in the game...

Are you alive? We've only had radio silence from you since you paused the development of the VN. Has there been any progress?

Thanks, good to know. 

What are the contents of this build? What's new in comparison with the last public build?

Will there be a gallery in the game, to view the sex scenes and not have to restart the game to see them again?

Do you actually get to be intimate with Gil?,  If so how do I make it happen?

You could add the scenes of Kol and Yoshi in the medbay's shower, it's not fair the others get two cg scenes and Kol only gets one...