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first comment is a spoiler, amazing

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (but actualy yisss)

but they are not all foxes?!?!

Emerald Grove.. like in Baldur’s Gate?

now to cry


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I am fine with the drama horror of a killer in the premises of the university, actually I find it interesting, but I don’t get the connections with the sobrenatural and hallucination-like dreams Ben and Zach have and that just makes me literally skip through any dialogue they have.

in the end I am excited to see a Kahneh route and I will hold my flag out for him since I am half japanese >:P

Ben gets crazy because of his nightmares most of times, and that just messes with his reality.

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It may be a bit off topic but the thing that bothers me the most when reading Santa Lucia is the horror element, I don’t feel this game was going to be horror and even when the horror element is introduced it doesn’t seem to blend in with what has already been implemented (i.e the romance/slice of life/university setting the game is on) and most of times it feels like it becomes a hindrance to the development of the main characters feelings or whatever is going on at the time, which you noted deep as they are, I rather focus on the character development, such as Carlos struggling with >Spoiler<, than the mystery of a hooded figure that is uncannily similar to the mc roommate that still doesn’t feel like its affecting the story aside from scaring everyone and the mc dreams and uh foreshadowing connected dreams or things like that, it confuses me so I just shrug it off instead of “trying to solve it” possibly because it is not connected to what the mc is -mainly- doing, and again, forces a stop on the development of the routes drama to look at that scary face over there. Which honestly could be a me problem, maybe I literally skipped a few lines that could explain why I’m dumb but I also wanted to talk about it lol

The nightmares could be simply something showing the future/past or a simple concept that could be grasped but isn’t entirely given out through narrative, maybe life strange 2/3 style (powers given but learned), I just hate that it has a negative influence on Ben’s thoughts and basically fucks up some outcomes in the slice of life part of the vn, what does it do is an annoying drama sourcing from a place we do not understand a single bit of.

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Spoiler I guess lol

I am sure it would be fine as well, since bryan problem can either be solved by maturing or someone else in his life being much more “stable” when it comes to hook-ups but still loving and recipocrating in such way that shows he can break the cycle his life had (and trauma I guess lol) if he ever distances himself from the bad influence he has (the croc).

Its also bryan’s route, I doubt there would be a fucked up ending to their story (its just not feasible) plus that sends the worst possible message to the readers.


Sorry it has to be repetitive but that is how you know the community wants it: Kane route, please? He’s so sweet to get messed up on Bryan route’s mess, and even though the main character is messed up because of the weird horror element I want to see their chemistry go on.




become ignorant to the pleads of a clingy character.

Its was all a collective writing idea.

as gayer as it gets!

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the shark is adorable ok? lol

I guess that's that, jean is alive and named P at the end, dunno what it truly means now lol

The gay, approved =3=/~

Hey hey, good work, I was excited for it, you made my day <3

oh noes...

Mmmhmm this is THE gay, hehe, good work minoh crew :)

very gay stuff, would want more :D


Tah gay

it won't be like that in my opinion they are going to face some challenges for romance to happen after so many years of masters torturing

What is The Hotel?

hearts hearts hearts!

it is a joke! I love it >:C

Rune and Cooper are on the top good boy spots! While at last is Alon, the edge lord, as such, he can't be in the top spots, he is a bad dog! I mean.. wooooolf...

Yes.. I just read it.. every single option and variation, it is super duper cute.. I WANT MORE!!! ;W;'