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Its was all a collective writing idea.

as gayer as it gets!

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the shark is adorable ok? lol

A group of friends were reading the visual novel, I heard while I drew the character, here. I like how the story is going so hopefully it continues strong :)

I guess that's that, jean is alive and named P at the end, dunno what it truly means now lol

The gay, approved =3=/~

Hey hey, good work, I was excited for it, you made my day <3

oh noes...

Mmmhmm this is THE gay, hehe, good work minoh crew :)

very gay stuff, would want more :D


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just something I did for fun and in my very long free time I have.

It seems like he is a "prince" for the mc xD


I like it much much

Tah gay

it won't be like that in my opinion they are going to face some challenges for romance to happen after so many years of masters torturing

What is The Hotel?

hearts hearts hearts!

it is a joke! I love it >:C

Rune and Cooper are on the top good boy spots! While at last is Alon, the edge lord, as such, he can't be in the top spots, he is a bad dog! I mean.. wooooolf...

Yes.. I just read it.. every single option and variation, it is super duper cute.. I WANT MORE!!! ;W;'

Ur gay Nanoff

The way he does feels forced/funny because it feels like he's trying to be something he can't be, being alone is something he got used and that the mistakes lead to it made him thought he is meant to be alone and in the dark, he does have skill but he just really isn't a big bad wolf for me, he's someone that will come to realize it though the story, I hope.

Already played the update! He's way too funny now!

Oh god, this is a gold mine! xD

Peacock and friend yes. already.

Sad bonkers


I finished one of it, here it is!

I think that Jean is just the Hotel WILL and/or MC WILL to meet a X or Y, Anon said that in the Hotel objects has some kind of life in them, so I don't doubt that persons could be created to make them go there, sometimes when you wish something it wont be fate that will lead to the hotel but something that guide them to it.

One "Easter egg" if you haven't noticed.

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My theory is that the Peacock is Clément grandson and one that could've been the heir of the hotel (if not by the MC intruding).

 By my math Clément was AT LEAST 81 YEARS OLD (Based when the game takes place + the last check-in on the hotel entrance + the time they [last master] ignored him for 16 years told in the near ending of positive affection route) and ABOUT 100+ YEARS OLD (a child that just got born can't rule a hotel if you know what I mean) by the time the game takes place (somewhere after the Notre Dame cathedral burned down), Asterion does mention mithical creatures being in the staff but never talked about an actually master being one of them.

I think Clément died just after we left the location then that triggered the peacock dreams.

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This is a spoiler thread to discuss about YOUR theory (or speculation), about what's happening or what may happen! (For example the Peacock at the end of the 3.0 update)

I am loving the VN and Congratulation Mino Team for the great work <3

Awoooo! looking forward to the next!