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Oh god, this is a gold mine! xD

Peacock and friend yes. already.

Sad bonkers


I finished one of it, here it is!

I think that Jean is just the Hotel WILL and/or MC WILL to meet a X or Y, Anon said that in the Hotel objects has some kind of life in them, so I don't doubt that persons could be created to make them go there, sometimes when you wish something it wont be fate that will lead to the hotel but something that guide them to it.

One "Easter egg" if you haven't noticed.

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My theory is that the Peacock is Clément grandson and one that could've been the heir of the hotel (if not by the MC intruding).

 By my math Clément was AT LEAST 81 YEARS OLD (Based when the game takes place + the last check-in on the hotel entrance + the time they [last master] ignored him for 16 years told in the near ending of positive affection route) and ABOUT 100+ YEARS OLD (a child that just got born can't rule a hotel if you know what I mean) by the time the game takes place (somewhere after the Notre Dame cathedral burned down), Asterion does mention mithical creatures being in the staff but never talked about an actually master being one of them.

I think Clément died just after we left the location then that triggered the peacock dreams.

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This is a spoiler thread to discuss about YOUR theory (or speculation), about what's happening or what may happen! (For example the Peacock at the end of the 3.0 update)

I am loving the VN and Congratulation Mino Team for the great work <3

Awoooo! looking forward to the next!

Gift? Monocle

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It is an AMAZING Visual novel uwu' you must try it!

Probably the two at the same time, confession + sex at camping

Respond him that "I don't know" about his feelings about relationship.

download corrupted? Enabled unknown sources? 

Sometimes it's the cellphone storage or that the game is already installed or maybe it's because of the phone model.

People had asked in a different way (if he or other help translate the game), he is going to think about (probably) after the game be fully finished and polished, he can't just translate now because he is re-writing some things there and there very often.

he don't have one... yet

Some and probably.

He is already doing that, like, he is planning to make an actually route WHEN one of the routes be finished

if you didn't know, he is going to be (soon) a datable route.

Spencer probably already know, but if not, well, he will don't mind. He said he is a good guy, so, I don't see him being all the protect dog over main character because of him.

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it's totally normal, in every run I made I said I love you at the shelter, nothing more, it's the love and confident points your gain through the run (btw, you're saying about the day 17?)

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I like Darius showing up, show how lonely he can be without MC presence in his own route (he was going to see the movie you just saw cuz it was the movie Darius made the stunt)

Make you think twice about choosing Spencer or Darius .

Darius is such a good guy, he just hide his lonely, he is crying for help indirectly

rework days and coding. IDK about that

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It's about your actions with Spencer, doubt everything and not confronting him (don't tease or chastise) and not showing him confident make him be a top, and this result in the lastest CG (in the bathroom) not being displayed.

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Dyne still working on that, you can see his update schedule for Spencer and Harold too!

Here for the full schedule!

it's probably going to be discussed after Darius admit his feelings to the main character.

rewind is pressing the (<) go back button

nope, he is still working in every one

The iOS is very closed about apps from the internet and such, you only can download from the app store, or, you need to do some weird shit.

If you do get low affinity with Darius you're not going to have the bonus CG part, and maybe even his love. Just saying haha

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Dyne is reprogramming all the game with new sprites and backgrounds (that appears on the first day), that will happen very often (changing  between backgrounds and sprites) until everything is polished (with the new sprites and background). 

Till then, it's going to be mixed between old and new at some point of the game.

The housekeeping updates is just for that, cleaning the code and rework the days. When finished the housekeeping (and one of the route end) whats going to probably happen is that Richard is going to replace the housekeeping schedule.

Hope this help you understand.

Nope, just Android, sorry.

it's a background touch, nothing too much, just that is there.

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You used skipping forward? Could be that, using skipping forward make the engine get a little unstable, or, it's a bug that probably Dyne is already aware.

Nope, it's the choices, affect the affinity/mood of Spencer.

The note is always there.