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Steady your heart, my friend. · By Drakes, GruntSteel

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A topic by Drakes created Feb 01, 2021 Views: 3,162 Replies: 32
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hi. this is a comment. :^)


No, this is patrick!


*confused cat*


Yo? New game already?! This is gonna be fun!


Let us know what you think! :D


very gay stuff, would want more :D


You 2 are funny together.


Bandit 'bandit' the Bandit


He has a twin brother, 'bandoot'



*simply nods* Good stuff, anything by Drakes or Grunt is a pleasure to read.


oooooh, New game already? I'll be sure to try it later when I have free time! hehe


"Just as the sun sets on beyond the horizon..."

"a new adventure waits for us to be experienced..."

"a new tale of conquest, adventures and a new vision..."

"a perfect match for men with resilience..."

"and yet I look to the stars and above..."

"might we find a true kind of love...?"

"I stare into the abyss, to the depths of the sea..."

"will there be someone waiting for me...?"

"'till death do us apart..."

"I will keep this... within my heart..."

-Ace Ayasaki 


Despite being a short story, it makes up damn well for its excellent quality. I would pay top dough to read more emersive and juicy stories like this (if I had money that is :P)

You guys did a really great job on this one, cheers to you both 🥂 (hoping to witness more in the future 💃✨)


(the meme would work better if I edited Steadfast's face in and Finn in the panel If I weren't on my phone :P)


That damned smile. Too bright, like a ray of sun, making its way into the darkness of my world.

Perfect meme, would meme again

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spoilers ahead

damn this was a really cool novel and the way it was told was even extra, I love how the "ends" weren't good 'nor bad in their own senses. this was a beautiful heart wrenching story made pretty damn short and poetic (I see what you did there); all in all I loved it and cannot wait to see more of your stories

I'll just say I loved it. Amazing for only being made in 2 weeks.


why must you punch me in my emotion's like this :-


how dare you making me cry in the middle of the night ;-;


What else can I say? The game was great. Everything about it came together so well, the writing, art, music- it made for one of the best short stories I’ve ever read. I was wondering though where I could listen to some of the tracks which were in the game. The music was the first thing that hit me when opening the game, and that final song was simply powerful. Camazule is listed as the artist, but I couldn’t seem to find any of their music on Spotify or SoundCloud. Is there any place where can I find their music online? 


Hi! Thanks for playing the game, and thanks for the feedback.

Camazule has yet to set up his public pages, but I'll ping you as soon as he does.
As far as I know, for now the only other published tracks are in my other VN in which he's a part of the team, Distant Travels.


Bump. The music really touched me. I would love to hear all the soundtracks somewhere on repeat. <3


I've let Camazule know, he's taking a break from working on stuff right now but I'm sure he'll be happy to hear :3


I just finished it and now im sad. it was nice

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i am not okay after reading this :')


This was probably the sweetest Vn I've ever played, everything about it was just so damn emotional and heart warming (aside from the bandit shenanigans O_o) and i am so glad that Finn and Will got the happy ending they deserve ^_^

Kudos to both of you for this short but great Vn <333


I really loved your game! But on that part on the first alternative ending that it said "Here, your happy ending" I just wanted to choke the writer so bad XD


I love it, it's beautiful 💕 Made me cry 😭

acabo de terminar de leer toda la novela y estoy fascinado. Es increíble como una historia tan corta te cuente poesía... furros y amor jaja.! Es una experiencia hermosa..

"Incluso si los sabuesos del infierno vienen a buscarte, me interpondré entre ellos y tú."

Que romántico! Jajaja


Esos finales... vaya... lloré de tristeza.... y luego.. llore otra vez de más tristeza..... y luego!.. VOLVI A LLORAR DE FELICIDAD!.. jajajaja muchos sentimientos para una noche.. 


A really good little story that made me feel extremely gay. I absolutely love the mutually unrequited love trope (yes sorry for bringing fanfiction into this) and this story did it so well.

I love this short but very beautiful and charming story! It really made me cry