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I'm sorry but I couldn't do it. Everything screams r/im14andthisisdeep. Writing style is like me when I was 14 and trying to be fancy and deep and pretentious. I suppose they're children so it's no wonder but it's too much. The breakup scene in the beginning omg.. "Even knowing the suffering that awaits me" god sounds like an incel, not saying they are as I can't finish the game so I wouldnt know. Nobody speaks like this. It's like a weeb trying to be super deep or the emo kid thinking they're super special and nobody else understands!! It's painful to read. The opening block of text is so pretentious without actually saying anything. It's just reiterating what people learn eventually but angsty teen style. Then everything else is also sprinkle with pretentiousness. I got the heebie-jeebies lol. Brought back too many memories 馃槀

Almost done almost done aaaahhhhh!!!!

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There should be a trigger warning for SA, etc.

  To paraphrase "This is a fetish where evil things happen to good people, don't like it, don't play" at the start of the game isn't clear enough because to one person spanking is evil, to another, not even being locked up for days, being a living fulltime slave is evil (that is a real kink) so no, that isn't enough, you should've been clear before people even clicked the download button. I just wasted my internet data downloading without realizing this is a rapey fantasy. Where are the trigger warnings? This is too manipulative, exploitative and literally sexual assault, it's not an act or a fantasy in the game, it's just what happens to the girl. You're into that, fine, whatever. Maybe be considerate towards people who may or may not be actually traumatized by this kind of situation ? Just wished there were trigger warnings ON THE PAGE OF THE GAME (there is none at the time I'm writing this), you know, the place where people get info about what they're downloading.

Don't understand why it's hard to write a couple of lines "TRIGGER WARNING: Sexual Assault, manipulation,.."and so on

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww 馃挄馃挄 I love that! I did think something along those lines but I wanted to know more about him. He's still a great characters and the game overall is very well written so no worries there, at least according to my taste. Love that Aya is pan. I'm bi so I was excited to hear that Aya also liked girls or whomever Haru was. I do think it's fine that he wasn't exactly labelled although it felt a little unfinished as I ended up not knowing all about him so I had to get my answer and came here. Hehe. Good luck on your future games, I'm looking forward to them! 馃挄

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I adore this game, my goodness. Everyone is so loveable, even though at first I thought it'd be cringy (Toshio's route), totally wasn't and got me hooked!! Such a good game, seriously, I consider it one of my too otome games.


Question.. Haru's route was a bit confusing to me. Is he trans or is he biologically a dude that chose to disguise as a girl? MC did mention Adam's apple. If that's the case, why did he choose to dress up as a girl? In sweet route, MC said she fell for him when he was a girl and he said if she told him earlier it could've saved him some pain.. does that mean he wouldn't become a boy if the mc said that? I have a problem with choosing his identity based on what MC prefer if Haru would've stayed as a girl otherwise.. so it's confusing whether or not he did it for himself, if it is his identity or if it's all just to impress a girl. e.e

Then again I suppose most of the love relationships are unhealthy in one way or another haha.. I don't mind that ofc, it's probably one of the good points about the game, it's different and endearing in a way because no relationship is perfect, right? Though I'd like to hear more about Haru if you don't mind.

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I love the game, the sound in this game are fantastic. BUT 


In Cor muem puzzle, _ _ _ + (last answer minus last letter) + CY = necromanccy which is wrong in the game, the answer is necromancy. There's an extra C isn't there? Since "romance" minus the last letter is romanc and then + CY. I'm on default difficulty

I'm using the android version. I can't play it, it keeps crashing and resetting the game. If it was just crashes (which were pretty frequent), I could probably keep playing but it resets everything so my save are gone everytime (I could only manage to get ONE save due to the crashing) and I cants even skip dialogues I've already seen. I'm using Oppo F11, Android 11 with tons of storage.

Omg I love everyone 馃挄馃挄 I love the MC, she's fierce! Also love the boys. wish it was longer, I enjoyed it

I love it, it's beautiful 馃挄 Made me cry 馃槶

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Aah soap opera I see. I didn't really catch that, it seemed more serious than it was jokey and silly. I did think the emotions didn't get through to me that well. Thanks for taking it well! Good luck on your future games. I'm sure I'll be playing/have played some more :)

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To me, it was okay. The art was beautiful though. Dei felt a little bit like a troupe, nothing wrong with that but he didn't feel real to me, more like a cartoon character. I can't explain it well, it's something I picked up from watching/playing a lot of romance games. I guess I wasn't immersed. Same with the MC, her reactions were so much like a troupe. They both do, together even more so. xD Didn't help with suspension of belief. Also the romance ending... Errrrrrrr.... She's married.. and as soon as she does, she went off for a date with Dei? Oof.. kinda sounds like cheating if ya ask me. I know it isn't but it just isn't "realistic" in the world of Delphine's Discovery since she would still be in love with the husband, me thinks. What happens when the husband die in love with her? He does and find out his wife has been with another man as soon as she got there. shrugs. I'm just not really a fan I suppose. Good work though, credit where it's due, I like the investigative aspect of the game. Would be more fun if we get to solve puzzles in the future maybe.

Such an interesting concept! I really like this one <3 The "forbidden romance" and the conflict in being with lil Mr black hole was juuuicy 

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Err well I've played it for a bit, went for Armando route. This may just be my opinion, something I've picked up from hundreds of vn I've played, I think the MC suffers a little bit from "I'm the MC so everyone is automatically attracted to me" syndrome. I know that comes with the territory of being a main character but this time it's a bit obvious because the boys seemed almost desperate for her even though she's just a person. Nothing wrong with that but I don't see why they'd be almost desperate for her when she JUST arrived like a day ago or so. It's just weird. The scene where Armando helped out with the other dude's flower arrangement, all the jealousy and weird competition was.. childish. Really threw me off and made the boys seem a little unlikeable to me because she's not something to win over, she can make her own decisions, she's not anybody's property. I don't mind jealousy and a little triangle but maybe it just wasn't written too well. It just seemed like boys fighting over a new toy and who gets to have it. It's just weird, they literally know nothing about her and she didn't stand out that much, she's just a nice person. I really don't see why they go gaga over a stranger. Initial attraction? Definitely, asking out, and stuff no problem. It's just too soon for the boys to go gaga over her. 

It's just that I have a personal experience with those type of boys. I met someone who seemed like he was falling for me the first few hours we talked and oh boy that was NOT attractive at all, it was almost creepy, like I'm trying to have a good time playing games and chat, not looking for potential love interest. Like I'm not an object of desirability, I'm a person, chill. Talk to me like a human being, you know? So yeah hope that explains what I'm talking about xD I kinda got that vibe from the characters, a little bit. I personally don't like that. If it wasn't for that, I would've like the game. Oh well ^^;;  I really like when she stood up for herself called them out and got angry at them both for being immature. Kudos to her. Hate that they made it seem like she was the bad guy after though >.> Ugh immature jerks

Almost forgot! There should be an option to stay "skipping" after choices. Many Cans have that option now it's a bit annoying I have to keep pressing skip after every choice.

Ps. Maybe because of how they were written emotions don't come out that well so when I played it cool with Gabriel he almost sounded... Scary.. "What do you mean 'what'? "It was nothing. Just my job." Are you trying to sound cool?" brrrrrrr...scary.

Ps ps I don't understand how some of the clothes you have are "spicy style" like a baggy hoodie and a simple blouse. How are those spicy? Meanwhile a small camisole that's quite sexy is "sweet style." It was a bit confusing lol


My gosh I cannot cannot express enough how AMAZING this game is. Gosh I stayed up all night and all morning playing this game til I passed out. I couldn't stop myself or make myself peel off from my phone THIS IS SO GOOD I for sure will one day get the dlcs YOU GUYS DESERVE IT!!!!! I adore the writing, the characters, and most importantly, COVE. Gosh this is such a good game

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How do I get le poly ending? q.q

I played both routes, all I have to say is


Update: I said that and then I immediately found the poly route lol SPOILERR:

DA BOI IS WEREWOLF yeeeeaaaa softcore furry Ally (zombie girl) said.... Dear God save me

I played this awhiiiiile ago but I wanna give my compliments to the creator. I friggin loved it!! The transition from the android just being an Android and becoming more felt so natural and wonderful. Butterflies galore! The way these characters interact with each other and how perfect they are for each other is just umph! This game stayed on my mind for quite awhile out of so many I played and even awoken something inside me XD Awesome stuff!

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OMG YOURE GETTING MARRIIIEEEDDDDDDD I check on you here and there on Lemma Soft, ever since I played Nusantara, the first game. You even read and replied to me at times and here we are now! Gosh time truly flies. Congratulations!!!! I can't wait for your game to come!

It's so good and so fun to experience! We seriously need more of this in the world. Love it!

Explicit sex.. agh I need this qwq I'm looking forward to it!

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AAAAAAAAAHHHH OMG THIS WAS SO GOOD! I finished xyx's route and gosh it was so good and I wanted to come and shower you guys with praises BUT I played nightowl's route and I FELL IN LOVE not with just him, the dialogues, the banter, the fights, everything is so good! I LOVE that they're adults adults, not barely 18 like many otome/visual novels. I can be very VERY picky, harsh and even unforgiving when it comes to otome. Some creators have gotten the end of that but I have no complains, I absolutely ADORE the game and the characters. Kudos you guys! Keep up the good work! Hoping I'll see more from you guys! 馃挄

Oh right I forgot to say! Voice actors are awesome. Super hot and others super cute and fitting with their characters.

Again I forgot. I do have one complain. It's too fast and too soon for the characters to be trusting MC or even falling in love. At least not in one week or even a day like in xyx's case, he seems to already like MC in one day. It's a bit too unrealistic. It's forgiveable but only because the dialogues and characters are so good. I know it's a short game though it's important to remember that time is needed when it comes to the matter of the heart.

...This is so sick. I love it.

Ohmygosh this is so goddamn cute and sweet and nice it's perfect! It's the kind of love I dream of when I was little and I still do dream of this. It's wonderful.

Playercid is right.

Thank you for listening to my thoughts then. I'm not saying it's a bad game at all. It's not. This is just my opinion. Summer Found me / Summer Found me Again still is a great game.  ^^ I played other games you made like Signed X, Out of Sight and also Trapped. I really like them. They have something different that sets them apart, just a little bit. Signed X have great banter between the MC and the boys. I think that's the part where you shine the most; banter. To me, that's an important part of an otome game and why it set your games apart from others. In my opinion. I'm really looking forward to your future games if you're making more!

Okay I finished playing Devlin's route and I have a lot of thoughts. 

First, I do notice that you reworded a lot of things. In my opinion, that did make the sentences more polished but that in turn, take away a lot of MC's personality. Her personality was what made the Summer Found Me so enjoyable to me. It sounds less like something she would say and more of an English essay? Or something like that. Less human and more.. Proper. I hope you understand what I mean lol. 

I also notice there are sentences / phrases / wordd you take away completely. Like when Aidan wanted to take her picture and said "please.. For me?" She blushed and gave in to it cuz he said "for me" I thought that was super cute but you took that away. There were a lot of passages you took away that I actually liked and gave the characters more flavor. 

Also the MC doesn't have a sprite now. I think in my opinion, that took away more of her personality that I so adore. Her expression, along with her witty responses were what made the game enjoyable to me. It's just all text now. It makes it feel less personal I suppose. I also like that she was more awkward before like when she reluctantly admit Devlin is good looking like "You're good looking.. Hot. I mean no not hot but" something like that. It fits with her personality

god I just realized how much I know about the previous version. It goes to show just how much I loved it

There are quite a lot of lines I actually miss like seth being a savage when MC said "oooh is that a new handbag?" seth: "No, that's Cherri" or him saying "Ugh, pass" instead of just "Pass" I donno. It's my opinion. XD Overall it's safe to say I like the previous version better but maybe I'm biased? 

Also Cherri and MC are fantastic characters together. Even tho the MC is kinda like "not like other girls" but you don't undermine girls who do like shopping, who do like "girly" things which is awesome. That makes the MC a great character paired up with a bff like Cherri. 

That's all I have to say for now. Hahahaha I still love love your work. Only I prefer the previous version and these are the reasons why.

Omygoodness. No way! I haven't even played this yet but I absolutely ADORE Summer Found Me. One of my absolute favorite otome games! I seriously love loove your writing, your characters. I wonder if you put in more dialogues. If you don't I'm still gonna play it again. Seriously, girl I need another game from you asap. This was perfect tho and don't stop writing! This game will forever be in my laptop. Devlin! Wait for meeeee

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I love the characters! Very sweet.


I think.. The way I interpret the true ending is.. They're in an aquarium. That's why the Princess die when she made a crack and there were screams when it happened. the screams came from people. I don't believe that the ocean is that small and the did mention of human and land. Perhaps their ancestors were caught by humans to be put in aquarium and made up the legend for the people's sake. The ancestors obviously knew what was going on and that's how they knew of land and human who walked without tails. That is sad. Love the romantic endings tho

Loved it. Tbh I want more xD I wonder if you'll be making a full story of the characters

...Surprisingly enjoyable. I thought it would just be cringy but I liked it! It was fun, the characters were fun and you had anime humor. I enjoyed playing it. I don't finish a lot of visual novels because I lost interest but I played yours until the end and played all the male character's routes. Noice