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It's clear you had a lot of fun making this game, and as a result the characters are all extremely likable. good shit :)

I haven't experienced much of the story yet, but the soundtrack is extremely pleasant to listen to, which is a very nice change from Tennis Ace and Nekojishi. I am curious though - am I correct in my belief that ZynAddSubFX is used a lot? 

now this is some good shit

Must say I don't understand the hype. To me this game feels like a whole bunch of unsatisfying dead ends, which gets frustrating very quickly.

This is wonderful. Modern art at its very finest.

the mention of 2011 being "just five years ago" completely tripped me up. I always thought this game was set in an indeterminate year

i'm trying to sneak into a tiger's dms but my main character is dummy thick and the clapping of his brain cells keeps alerting the guards

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my nigga mudkip sticks his dik in a walmart and fucking dies

edit: indeed

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congratulations, this is the only game that has ever crashed my entire computer (on mac).

edit: tried with the lowest resolution possible, not even close. 0 fps instantly and it took nearly three minutes to exit.

my car stopped going forward help

is this not literally TABS

I made a creature that is now on gen 40, but only simulates for half a second. I want to change the simulation time so I can see how it's getting on.

Corridor generation could use a bit of work. I got trapped twice.

Question the first. Why does the king always look so sad?

OMG, I remember playing this on Armor Games a long time ago- like six years probably. That one jumpscare scared the s#!t out of me.