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Homecoming ~Morenatsu Revisited~

A ground-up remake of the classic gay furry visual novel Morenatsu. · By Stormsinger Studios, Frostclaw

General Feedback Thread Sticky

A topic by Stormsinger Studios created Jan 16, 2019 Views: 3,359 Replies: 46
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Thank you so much for your interest in Homecoming!

We're always interested in hearing comments and feedback. 

Which character is your favorite? Do you have a favorite event in the game? What are you looking forward to the most?


I've played through this and I absolutely adore it. I like how there are multiple events a day. That way it doesn't feel like you're brushing everyone else off just so you can get one person's perfect ending.

Favorite character is Torahiko, I'm quite partial to tigers.

Favorite event is obviously when Tora takes Hiro to swim practice. Before Homecoming, it probably would have been firefly watching with Juuichi.

I liked the flavor text added to Revisited from the original, so I'm looking forward to what scenes and events are going to be added. Also the completion of the other routes.


Thank you ^^

I couldn't really find anything different with the Kounosuke sprite until I compared it to the one in the previous release. Looks better without the drab coloring.

Tora's new sprite looks great. A little skinnier, and his eyes look less dead.

Shun's sprite really threw me for a loop, though. Makes it seem like he's a completely different character altogether. The hoody is a nice touch, too.

Another scene that I have found that I like is, in the original, in Tatsuki's route only, on day 11 everyone goes to the river to shoot off fireworks. (or you can choose to get drunk with Tatsuki)


Opening -

Overall, I went into the game with a negativity in mind. Having voice my concerns previously with the development team. Being basically told, “I like the way this is progressing, I don’t care what my audience thinks unless they agree with my opinion” is not a good way to address the audience. If this game isn’t for the fans, and only for one’s self, why release it? Why let other people see and play it if this isn’t for them? Despite going into this with that, after playing, I still have hope for this project. I mention everything I’m about to say in a greater depth below. The music is excellent, it fits very well. The backgrounds are a good fit, though the background doesn’t compliment the characters well, enough. Instead most of the cast just blends into the background. This is not a fault of the background art, it’s an issue with the character art being too dark and not standing out. The character art just doesn’t compliment the background well enough, and overall isn’t consistent with the idea of more “realism”. There are sharp edges, different types of shading, and some cartoon-ish designs which contrast with others which seem dark. The quality of writing mostly reminds me of the original. Though in the original, you could tell different people wrote certain characters fairly well, here it isn’t as clear. That’s great if there are multiple writers, if not, it shows the writer is consistent. The dialogue is not gripping, the game seems to not celebrate Japanese culture as much as the original, but that is not a bad thing and the writing is by no means bad. I won’t go into writing any more than this because it’s what I’d expect out of this game. As a retelling of the same story, it doesn’t do enough for it to receive high praise, but it is better than the original. It explains more and has consistency.

The Protagonist -

The very first thing I noticed was the image that popped up at the bottom right of the screen showing the protagonists face. In the original, you pick the protagonists name, and never actually see their face. This is to help the player better put themselves into the protagonist’s shoes, by throwing themselves into the situation. I don’t know if the feature will be added in later to at least change the name, but taking away the features that made the player able to project onto the protagonist, while keeping their personality mostly the same doesn’t fit. Morenatsu has always been a game about its cast and their story, not the protagonist. If that is to be changed, that’s fine, but it has to be done well. If the protagonist is to be a character the player sympathizes with, but does not project themselves on, there is a checklist of things that have to be done. They need their own look and personality to set them apart from, or to compliment the rest of, the cast. They also need to have their own interesting story and character development. This is the hard part. How can you have a unique story for the protagonist in a game that is suppose to be focused on the story of everyone but? You’d have to literally redo the entire story of the original game, rather than just alter it slightly. This has not been done. Hiroyuki’s look is as bland as it was when he was in the original, except he has fur. His personality hasn’t seemed to have been altered at all, and he doesn’t really have his own story at all. If you took away all the other characters in the game minus him, there is nothing there, just like the original. Only, now he isn’t the player, he’s another character the player is suppose to be as interested in as the rest of the cast, and frankly, the game would benefit if he was just never changed. The only reasoning, I can think of why the team changed him at all was because they “insert name here” was too difficult to code in, and that it would be cool if Hiroyuki was also a furry, like that cast. Note, the main reason in the original game that all the characters flocked to him was hinted that it was because he was different from them, being the only human in their age-group in town.

The Music -

I don’t have much to say about the music, but it’s enjoyable and I have, on occasion, just left the game open to have some music running while performing tasks on my computer. In fact, I listened to it for a majority of this demo.

Character Art -

From the moment this project was announced, I was against the idea of redesigning the characters. Especially from seeing the example given, which was Torahiko’s new design. I even talked to a very talented artist I am friends with to get their opinion, and also reached out to the artist of the project to give my opinion and the advice my friend wanted me to deliver. However, in the end the entire conversation felt pointless, despite the fact the artist was very kind and appeared open, it seemed clear (at the time) that everything I spoke about was ignored. In turn, I went into this game with a negative opinion on the quality of the art. And in the very beginning, I kept it. Seeing nothing had changed in Torahiko’s design at all. Upon meeting the rest of the cast, my opinions began to differ with almost each character. While Torahiko looks like a sick cat, and Juuichi’s chin could cut diamonds, Shin, Kyouji, Soutarou, and Kounosuke’s designs were all welcome. I didn’t see a problem, I appreciated the more “realistic” approach of their designs, and they were executed well enough in this art style. I’ve addressed my problem with Juuichi above, he’s supposed to be a strong guy, and strong guys have strong chins, sometimes. His body is more grounded in realism, but his head is entire ridiculous. I’ve met plenty of people, and have seen a few bears in real life, and no human or animals head is quite as hexagonal. I hope to see this fixed by the end state of the game. The two characters that don’t seem to fit in at all based on realism, which was the excuse for the redesigns, are Torahiko and Tatsuki. Let’s start with Torahiko. He is almost the exact opposite of his original design, which was overexaggerated, but it told you through art that he was big and tough. His current design does not show that, he looks small and sickly. He does not look athletic. Taking a closer look, it seems like his skin is wrapping around is bone and muscle, meaning his body is lacking in fat, meaning he’s possibly starving himself and his body has already burned away its’ fat. While this would be an interesting way to go in his story, if he were hurting himself to make himself seem more presentable to his long-time friend, who he’s secretly loved, that’s not the case. The line from the original game even says that Torahiko has gotten much bigger than he previously was, which seems to greatly contrast with his art, unless he was originally smaller than Shun, even. It also seems to be a reoccurring theme that the faces aren’t quite up to par. As his just adds on to the fact he looks unhealthy. Moving onto Tatsuki, he’s a big guy, yes. I’ve known plenty of people his size in my line of work, and none of them have a sell defined chest. If this “realistic” take was so prominent in the characters redesign this should have been considered, as his character isn’t an athlete, he’s a drunk. He’d have no chest, and a beer belly. His arms make the most sense, and I think they fit very well for what his “realistic” design is supposed to be. If there is concern that making him fat would make him weak, that’s not true at all, he can still have muscle and be very strong, it just wouldn’t show like it does now. Also, yet again the face also comes into play. It just doesn’t fit in at all. It doesn’t fit the style of the other characters, and just seems cartoon-ish and almost cutesy. Now comes the two characters I’ve yet to mention, the cell-shaded duo Shun and Kouya. It is difficult to tell if they are drawn by the same artist as the other characters just due to the fact they contrast so heavily from the rest of the cast. Which, I personally love. The art used for these characters set the standard on how the entire cast should look. I’ll admit that Shun’s complete redesign threw me off. He seems out of place in a town that’s suppose to be out of touch with the rest of the world. It just doesn’t make much sense, even if he’s part of a wealthier family. Let’s just come to the conclusion that he can enjoy video games without being a hardcore gamer in a town where it doesn’t quite make sense. Now Kouya’s sorta new design is probably my favorite. Which is strange because, aside from Kounosuke, he was my least favorite character in the original. Overall the cell-shaded characters are a better fit for the game, not just due to preference. They help instill a lighter tone to a game that’s supposed to be lighthearted. The current art of all the other characters give the vibe of a murder mystery or a horror game, while the music and setting go completely against the vibe.


Background Art –

Lastly, the background art. It’s hard to tell if the art is painted or Photoshopped, which is a great thing. It looks good. I don’t know if this is the final product or not, but if it is there is no disappointment to be had. It’s not too detailed, meaning that it won’t distract form the character art. Though, a few of the characters art make them blend into it, when it’d be better for them to stand out instead.


Hey there!

Thanks for taking the time to write this out. I'd just like you to know we did listen to your past criticisms while making Homecoming, although we disagreed on some things, which is to be expected: we probably don't have the same goals or expectations when it comes to this project, and this is perfectly fine. However, this game is as much for the fans as it is for the newcomers to Morenatsu, and for us. With such a broad audience, as much as we'd like to please everyone, it simply is out of our reach, and part of developing the game also implies making choices that satisfy as many people as possible, including us.

I understand your concerns on the protagonist, and I do need to address that the change wasn't done because the “insert name here” was too difficult to code in", as we had coded it previously into Revisited, but simply because we felt the changes we made to the story works better with a defined protagonist: Hiroyuki isn't a player surrogate as much as a "playable protagonist" who attracts the other characters not by the sole virtue of being different, but through his support in the issues they face, which in turn also helps him grow.
I'm glad to see your opinion has somewhat changed (although, the conversation you had with our artist wasn't as pointless as you seem to believe). The Torahiko sprite currently present in the game is an old version, and a new one that addresses issues that you and other people have brought up is being made, and the same goes for Shun and Kouya (who currently have their first version of their sprites, and new ones are being remade, following both how the game has evolved in the past few months, and criticism that we have read about both).

Thanks again for your feedback and giving the project another chance!

Thank you for the reply, I have a few questions/concerns:

1) Will the darker themes of the original still be present?

(mainly speaking for the rape scene. i personally didn't agree to it, but the writer seemed to do it to add some consequence, considering Shin's route was the hardest to get a happy ending in. )

2) Will the different routes have their own varying difficulty ? Like will not answering the timed answers quickly/ correctly with Kouya automatically lock you from an ending in his route? If so, would other characters have something like that as well?

3) By "issues" with Shun and Kouya, am I correct in assuming that the artist is still ditching cell-shading?

4) Is there (or will there be) an invisible "affinity" meter/counter or something to help avoid the issue most of these games have with only being able to pick specific choices to get endings with specific characters? Meaning if you just so happen to pick a "wrong" choice, you just got locked out of a specific ending with that character.


Hah, just finished playing the demo! I'm so sad no route is fully complete but it was great anyway!

So yeah, first of, I want to say I didn't actually play any version of Morenatsu before Homecoming, so I'm here with an entirely fresh opinion without any elements to compare it to. 

The game has such a nice nostalgic feeling to it - it's really the first thing that I've noticed about it, and it really made a huge impact on me. I find it very endearing and touching, be it in sad or funny moments. I like the art style, and I'm especially fond of the little profile pics of the characters on the bottom right part of the screen - most have a vintage charm the main sprites lack. But both sets are pretty! I was wondering though - will the sprites get multiple expressions and/or poses later on, or will it stay as it is? And also, are the backgrounds placeholders for fully drawn ones, or will they stay as edited pictures? Just wondering.

Hiro is a very sweet character - I'm glad this game has an MC like him. I instantly felt attached to the guy. I really like how he can be a dork sometimes, but he's always sensitive and caring in the end. It's also interesting to me to observe his self doubt bordering self deprecation and his anxieties. I hope he'll get better during the course of the month. Now, I wouldn't say he's my favorite character in the game, but he certainly is a hero I adore and I'm sincerely rooting for him. Probably one of my favorite BL game MC all in all. I have a question about him too, though. I may be wrong, but I believe I've read somewhere that in previous version(s) of the game, he was a human guy and didn't have so much personnality (being rather a blank page for the players to indentify themselves with). I love MCs who are their own people since I never identify with the characters I play and if the games force me to do that I feel uncomfortable, so if that's an actual change that you made, I'm happy about it. But I'm wondering about him being a human before. Was that really a thing? If yes, I'm very curious about why it was changed. I honestly don't mind him being either a fox or a human, I'd enjoy the story in both cases, and I think it's extremely cute when he rolls his tail around him and stuff like that. I'm simply very curious about what could motivate such a change. 

Now, to answer your questions! Well, as for who is my favorite character, I actually can't decide between Shin and Kouya. I LOVE them both, and it's really hard to choose since they're so different. More surprisingly, Soutarou isn't that far behind them. He isn't really my type, but I really grew attached to him. Honestly, the only character I don't like is Tatsuki. As for the others, well, even my least favorite ones all have some things about them I enjoy or find redeeming at least.

My favorite event is with no doubts the shrine prayer and wish making with Soutarou. I literally teared a bit during this one. Man, so much feels there! Entertaining the children with Kouya was funny too with all the quick reacting and stuff (I'm a huge fan of timed choices, so of course I like it). And aside from that, I like all events with Shin, but with no one being outstanding compared to the other ones - I think I'll wait to have more of the game before deciding my favorite event with him. I can't predict who'll have my nº1 favorite event of all in the end. Well, probably one of my three favorite characters, but yeah... Now, I've also enjoyed the Seven Wonders one - the part about the seventh one was unexpected and hit me right in the feels too XD

Now, what am I looking for the most? That's always a hard one to me, honestly. Obviously I'm looking for the full version, and I'm looking for lots of feels, but aside from that... eh... I guess I'm simply looking for the full game haha!

Anyway, I fell in love with this game and explored a lot of paths in the demo! Good luck with the full project guys!


Thank you so much for the thorough feedback, Konoi! You don't know how relieved I am to hear that the game is resonating with players new to Morenatsu.

I'll answer some of your questions:

  1. Are the characters going to get expressions? Yes, every character is planned to have multiple expressions. The art is probably the most "work in progress" aspect of the game at the moment, so expect things to only get better as the updates roll out.

  2. Are the backgrounds placeholders? Honestly, yes and no. I tried to make the backgrounds as nice as possible just in case we're unable to draw our own. In other words, if we have the time/find an artist who can do backgrounds, they'll be replaced. Otherwise, they're most likely going to stay in the game.

  3. Was Hiroyuki a human before? In the original game and our previous version Revisited, Hiroyuki was indeed a human. It's a decision that's proved very controversial especially with fans of the original game, but we really wanted Homecoming to stand out from other remakes of Morenatsu. The change came along with the decision to remove humans from the setting altogether, which gives me the flexibility to expand on the Homecoming universe in ways that I'll be comfortable with after the game's finished. We addressed this topic in more detail in our FAQ (question #8):

Thank you for your answers! 

I somehow missed the FAQ - it's quite interesting! I understand very well your reasons for removing humans and thus changing the MCs species - obviously you can do so much more like this. I mean, if humans were considered inferior to the beastmen, as you seem to imply with the FAQ, it would have oppened other possibilities too, like a scenario where as kids, no one from the group cared about things like that, but as adults, there would be the fear of that coming into play in any future relationship and stuff. But yeah, it wouldn't help for the part about allowing players to imagine the characters as humans or as animals of their species and stuff, obviously. All in all, it's a clever choice, though I can understand how fans of the original may be bothered by it. As a new player, obviously, I'm not attached to him being a human, and well, as said before, I really like Hiro as a MC, so I'm pretty happy with the path you choose!


Played a few Visual Novels and i have to say this game is really really good.
I cant wait for a new update this game has potential :)
Favourite Character is the bear cant remember the name as i play some games like this and mix up names ^^
GJ Keep up the good work.
I just hope u add some animation to the characters as emotions, smiles, in generell the face etc,


Those story are so sweet .please give more candy to me


Hey! I played the demo version... The effect is amazing! Congrats!! I have a question.... If Torahiko will get the route.... How long will he be? 15 days or more looks like idk... Juuichi or Tatsuki 

(1 edit) (+1)

I'm not Morenatsu's biggest fan, it's just a silly visual novel that brings up some summer-ish feelings, it just makes me feel comfy, even if I think the original's writing was kind of mediocre. I'm glad someone is rebooting it, there were some things that needed to be finished or rewritten, mainly because the original Morenatsu team used to have different writers working on different routes while not communicating with each other, and that resulted in some inconsistent characterization of Hiroyuki and some other characters.

Now, you're giving the characters some dimensions to them, I can feel them being more complex, and that feels better than the original.

If I had to complain about something, it would be about the characters' color palettes, they're very dull and gray, they don't give me that feel of summer, warm colors, idk. I recommend applying more saturated colors, or using different palettes for the many weathers and times of the day (rainy palette, sunset palette, etc).


I have to say this VN is pretty rad!! I've played a few Poorly worked VNs, and this definitely is not one of them.

 I think that the transitions from day to day work really well, and I also think that the art style is pretty cool too!

Thank you for this great piece of work, I hope it goes well for you! ^-^

(3 edits) (+1)

Definitely the most that I look forward is to a route for Tora...I saw his good(?) ending in Homecoming,but man...that was too shallow!!! It was just the confession during Juiichi route and then it skips directly to they future married together - which I liked very much -,but...where is the process? That is what I want Haha 

Also, that I'm not expecting much,but do you guys plan on doing a perfect ending with a more extended period of time? Like,I remember that in Homecoming some routes perfect ending ended with you going home,but some ended with you coming back to your hometown in vacation, or,in the case of Tora,to live with your lover. It would be very interesting that. I remember that I was pretty much disappointed with Juiichi ending after playing others,as his one ends - if I do remember correctly - when you goes back to your home.

But anyway, removing the expectations brought about by the frustrations and happiness from Homecoming,I'm pretty much liking this project and am curious about how will it all progress and also how will the arts be - more so for the dates and sex scenes hehehe.

I do not have any report to do about typos and bugs,as the only typos that I saw where fixed already,but if I do find something I'll take some time to report you guys.

Thanks for the awesome project. Hope you do continue and do a even better game this time :D

Also,congratulations for all you guys did till now 👏🏻

ED: I only saw now that Homecoming is in this project downloads...was even thinking why there is no project of it in yours account lol. But anyway,focusing on the matters at hand,that Release 2 of Homecoming is something new or is it the "definite" version -if I do remember correctly it was 0.5, 5.0, something with 5 in it haha - ?

ED2: okay,I noted now that I a made a mess of the names lol 

I'm not good with names...more so when they're so similar haha sorry for the confusion.

Anyway...I can't install April's fools version...during the installation it just gives me that,but there is no info as to why... I even looked at the memory of the device,which is okay, and tried clearing the cache of the actual version installed,but to no avail. Anyone know of a way that I can use to discover the problem? Thanks.

Soooooooooooo,I started playing the new update now and something that I saw that I still think is extremely strange is that Tora never says the time of the welcoming party,just the place,but you go there on time as if you already is really strange! Hope you guys change it in the near futue



Thank you for playing the game!

I can assure you that Torahiko will have his own proper endings and route. The early Torahiko ending is just that, an early ending, hehe.

As for the April's Fools version, we've done some tests on our own devices, but it's always worked for us, so we can't be exactly sure what the cause is, sorry.

As for the time of the welcoming party, they were already getting ready when Hiroyuki arrived, and Torahiko wanted to bring Hiroyuki there as soon as possible, so Hiroyuki understood that it was "already under way', so to speak.


Nice. Will be waiting to see how Tora route will be then :D

Oh,no problem. I dunno what it was,but after downloading again I was successful. And man,what a joke huh? 🤣🤣 tough it made me think how will the sex scenes be now that you're a fox.

Oh that explains haha I didn't perceived that and was just thinking strange that you know when to go to the party out of nowhere. 

(22 edits) (+1)

ED:before I forgot - probably again -,I'm playing the Android version.

I'll just post there the bugs and typos that I found, so if you think it is too much spoiler,just delete the comment. Sorry the trouble.

I don't know if in English that is okay,but the translation of that gives me a phrase that is missing words...the correct phrase in my idiom translated to English is as that: "His eyes instantly lock with mine when he turns his head to investigate the yelling." 

I've not played all the routes yet,so I don't know if it is implement already,but it would be interesting to put a choice in some route that makes you bring the broken fan to ...forgot his name... the friend that works with his dad fixing that they can fix your fan.

Eeerh, man? He doesn't have whiskers - Tora art.


That part when you're talking with Tarou mom and suddenly you were aware of how hot it is at the moment seems so forced to me.,I don't have a example for it lol,but anyway,it doesn't feels is strangely unrealistic. Hope you guys change it a bit,cuz it is very strange that you got to receive a invite for a ride from someone that meet you only a couple days ago due to the hotness of the day.

I'm curious...why on day 3 Torahiko uncles go buy cleaning things when Torahiko and his dad were buy groceries in the next town? Like...shouldn't they had bought everything that's needed at the same time? It is just that it seems to me like they did go to a supermarket,which makes me confused as to why not buy everything in need at that time. 🤔

Do people in Japan really eat rice and meat/fish/soup in breakfast? That to me is more of a lunch or dinner than breakfast hahaha Like,where are the breads and fruits? Plus milk and coffee 😅

Oh,you guys should totally put a dialogue of Main Character talking with his grandfather that he found a friend that woke up earlier than him and was running around...there is also Shun,who did call MC early... I would totally "brag" about friends my age being active so early 🤣🤣

That doesn't makes sense to me lol is it a expression?

That too doesn't makes sense...wandering is used more to things like walking instead of thinking...or is it a expression?

The contour is not in the person who's talking...

You guys probably know already,but anyway,the BG is wrong. It is supposed to be late night at this point,but the BG is early morning. 

Same here

Juuichi blushing art is so cute man. I want to hug him, a bear hug! *badumts*

Is that some sort of informal way of talk? I understand something more related to doing in this phrase, but it is related to an action,so doing would probably fit better.

The "???" in the person name doesn't makes sense,as he is already in the,the contour of who's talking is on him too...if it were to be maintained it as "???",it would be better to not put him in the screen in that scene yet.

It feels a bit unnatural MC's annoyance with Tora for just those little things that he did - which didn't annoyed him as much in other occasions - when just some scenes ago it was said that he was in a good humor that day... 🤨

It's **

Same thing.


Ehh...why is Haru nudity sensured if I choose adult content at the beginning? - it is the other at Tora swimming team(?)  ---- I've looked the settings again and,even tough I choose to let adult content,it was with the SFW content settings lol.

This part seems a bit off...was it supposed to be Tora cutting his thoughts or was it supposed to be "then" at the phrase ending?

Uuuuh,isn't it supposed to be of' or ol' in there? The translation for that one is some mess of words 🤣

Close to midnight and there is so much light from the sky?

The BGs during the firefly catching with Juuichi are so beautiful 😍 nice work guys 👏🏻

Meeh, I still want to hold Juuichi hands in the walk there,but I'll be wanting least for now 😢 but who knows in the future,maybe... ☺


Seems like there is some sort of typo here,as Kyouji says the same thing 2x in a row,both with different intonations,but basically same.


Hey again!

Thanks for the extensive feedback, I'll forward all this so it can be fixed by next release! ^^


(1 edit)

So, I came across this game last week after hearing the ost on youtube and decided to look what this game was about, I had always heard it was a pretty good novel. I was skeptical when I heard it was a BL/Yaoi furry VN but decided to play anyway. Started with the revisited version where I did Konousuke's route(best boy) and then found out there was a original version with his ending complete and a new game(Homecoming). I really like the character interactions in this, but I could do without any sex scene in any game imo(although I saw it was +18, so I knew what I was getting into lol).

So first of all, I appreciate what you are trying to do with Konousuke's route, because his route in the OG game was...kinda pointless and not really developed, I mean, he always seemed like your friend until suddenly he says 'I love you' out of nowhere without any build-up. I mean, there were no emotional scenes or anything special so I actually like the way you set up his story in the revisited version. I hope that there isn't any 'Oh the magazine is one year old' in there to make his whole route moot

The added/altered events to help develop the characters are welcome too.

I enjoy what you did with Homecoming, I like the art style(although at the moment I prefer the OG art only because they have the different expressions to help with the flow of the conversation, so the new art will still win in the end ) but they could need some livelier colors though, the music is nice(kinda hope that warm days/bitter memory appears again as that was the first music I heard on youtube).

The Shun redesign makes me actually relieved because he had the typical anime ssyndrome of being 16 and looking/acting like 8, so that's nice(although his outfit seems too warm for the hot summer).

Making the MC have an actual personality and character makes it a lot better than a blank slate. The scenes with the MC thinking about his family and stuff is really nice and give him a lot more depth. I am kinda hoping on some family development where the grandparents show him an album of when his father/himself were a child I guess. I also think that by having an MC with a personality, we can see why the other characters would fall in love with you(unlike some other VNs where they like you for no apparent reason). 

The way you put the story by having a sequence of 'forced events' instead of 'choose who to hang out with' is also a lot better, has you don't have to ignore 90% of the cast for a single character(which was kinda dumb since you went back to the country side to see ALL your friends and then not spend time with them).

I never expected to get invested in the story and characters as much as this actually, since relationships in VNs range from WTF to oh damn XD. I'm glad that you guys are spending time rebuild a game such as this which suprised me and I'm not usually into furry or Yaoi stuff.

I also know that you guys are working hard on this and sometimes your enthusiasm for the project may waver(I experienced this several times while making some RPG maker games) but I'm sure you can bring a satisfactory conclusion to the story and characters. Maybe this time I'll be more invested in the other characters other than Konousuke(He looks kinda like me except I'm not a 'tubby' XD).

So, to also answer your question, Konousuke is the best(even if his OG route was kinda bad) and my favourite event is the Seven Mystery one, was interesting and fun.

Also, in a strange twist, what is your favourite character and event? And also sorry for the big wall of text and annoyance it might bring by reading it XD, wish the team the best luck in this project!

So, an update. I have now finally played every route in revisited and Kouya's in OG(Will not do Shun, too uncomfortable). Also now know that the ending song in revisited is from Anohana XD. I've been reading some stuff about the development of the OG game(holy sh*t, 2003?!) and I cannot believe that Shin's writer was the same from Konousuke, they are both written so differently! The game development has been through so many bumps in the road, with routes being released with so much time apart, which brings it to a new light.

I've been doing some other routes in homecoming which I forgot. I can actually appreciate some of the characters now(Tatsuki's writer must've been on drugs when he did the 'bad' ends lol), but still, since I do not have nostalgia for the game, I can say for sure that I would've not played it if there wasn't the revisited version. In the OG, it seemed like the characters were so rough and the sex scenes seemed like out of nowhere, forced or awkward like they were just put there for the sake of the game being an adult VN(which is understandable). Thankfully, the only thing I care about is the characters and plot so the option to skip the adult content in the revisited version was quite nice.

I liked the OG sprite's way of not showing the genitals  but at least there's an option to censor it in homecoming too. The protraits, again, look good, although some livelier colors could be used. Kouya's face seems a bit weird to me, and I dunno what it is, maybe the hair? Konousuke's shirt color and fur color blend a little actually but not by much. I actually don't mind Torahiko's sprite as much now, so there's that.

The BG for the bus stop actually looks like a bus stop, but the darker part makes the portraits blend too much, like the outline and such. The rest of the BGs look fine and more modern although I never know what's the year the game takes place so I can't really say if they fit or not.

Just a little update lol. Have a nice day!

I only recently discovered Morenatsu as I've just gotten into the whole 'gay furry VN' scene. I've played through the original as well as your Revisted project . The multiple events in a single day idea is a huge step up from the original which forced you to focus all your time onto a single character for no real reason. I also appreciate that the story isn't just a copy and paste of Revisited, its actually different and the characters feel slightly different as well. 

As far as the art is concerned, I don't find the change in the art style to be either a positive or a negative, I think that it is more important that the art looks good and accomplishes the goals of what the style was going for. In this sense I think that the 'realistic' redesign was achieved. I am looking forward to the changing emotions for the sprites as I think that it will add alot to the flow of the conversions in the game. I also REALLY appreciate the Shun redesign, that you for removing the whole pedobait aspect from the game. 

I can understand that the change of Hiroyuki from being the 'player' to being a character is controversial, but I think that it does offer an opportunity to add depth to the relationship between Hiroyuki and his husbando of choice, rather than in the OG where the other characters seem to be in love either because they loved him from childhood (Tora and Shin) or they just seem to fall in love for no real reason. As long as the team is fully committed to the idea of Hiro as being another character in the Morenatsu universe and not just a stand in for the player then I think that this could be a positive. So far I have seen that the team has in fact wrote somewhat more of a backstory for Hiro and has explained more of his seemingly illogical actions i.e. 'why didn't he call his friends sooner?'. 

My favorite character in both the OG and in Revisited was Shin-kun. I thought that his route was by far the most well written and was fairly grounded compared to some of the other routes. I also liked that Shin was a character that ultimately made sense, his actions and thoughts are more grounded and sane compared to some of the other characters. Plus he really is the only character that had 'real' problems compared to the others (Konousuke doesn't have problems, Kouya is a dumb and created his own problems for no real reason ect). My favorite event is a toss up between the beach (looking forward to how it goes in homecoming) and the goodbye kiss that Shin gives at the end of his route (I think it perfectly encapsulates that he has grown as a character thanks to your actions of just being there for him when he needed a friend as well as his love for you). 

made a account just to say i'm pleasantly surprised by the demo, i've seen a fair amount of critisim on u-18chan but after giving this a try i truly think you can do the orginal justice, especially if what i saw in your other thread about the next update is true! keep up the good work!

i can't download the update on my android phone



We're looking into the issues being reported on the Android build.

Thanks for the help!

yeah... We have a little problem with background ... 



We're looking into the issues being reported on the Android build.

Thanks for the help!

My phone won't let me install the newest version. “app not installed“ it says. Android 9 - One Plus 6



We're looking into the issues being reported on the Android build.

Thanks for the help!

No problem, thank you.


Okay, so, uh... first off, hello everyone. I may not be saying anything new here, and this might get REALLY emotional, but I felt like saying something to take this off my chest, so here we go.

I first played Morenatsu when I was 15 (yes...), and damn, the story may have had its flaws, but I've always thought of it as a masterpiece, with even a few dreams of it having an anime adaption (yeah, my brain makes me dream about stuff I watch and play a lot).

I was sad and disappointed that the original project would be discontinued, having finished all available routes, and by the time I finished my high school in 2015, I stopped thinking too much about it, leaving it in its folder hidden from prying eyes. Sure, I was often tempted to open it up again just to check a little more, but after finishing Shun and Kounosuke's routes (the former was just... well, it seemed like a furry Boku no Pico, and the latter really looked like a friends with benefits relationship) and checking out the worst endings for Juuichi and Shin (psychotic Hiroyuki out of nowhere, ugh), I didn't feel any reason to do that. I had already seen everything it had, what else would I do with it?

However, the emotions I felt with the characters were not left behind. Although I tried not to think too much about Morenatsu as I began the next phase of studying, I still remembered the feels of each moment, especially Kouya and Shin's (with whom I can relate a LOT, seriously). I also downloaded the soundtrack and listened to it often on my phone, despite telling myself not to do that in order to keep them feels under control.

So, I actually spent 5 years without even looking for Morenatsu related stuff (except for some rule 34 now and then), and only recently had contact with Homecoming, a few days before my 20th birthday. I was thrilled to find it, and glad someone decided to revisit my beloved Visual Novel.

Downloading and playing release 2 of Homecoming was the most emotion I had in a long time, so much that I became a tad moody as a result, but it was a good feeling, nonetheless. I saw how much potential this project has early on in the demo, right at the moment I saw Hiroyuki's new incarnation. Not to mention the awesome music (which nearly made me cry at its glory right at the main menu lol)...

Ok, let's finish this wall of text... I'd like to thank you for reviving this awesome visual novel and giving it a new face. I love the art, the music, the new characters (including new and MUCH better Shun)... the only thing I don't like is really that it isn't finished yet, but I'm sure that's being solved, just gotta be patient :P So, to sum it up, I wanted to thank the team for doing this. You really made me happy.

P.S.: I wrote this last night, and hesitated to post this here till now bc I'm as shy as Shin... >_>"

these error messages popped up in the android version of the newest update. The first one is when you go inside tora's inn after you first sees his uncles and how I got past it was that i repeatedly pressed the ignore button until I left the scene where the image was used. Then the next error showed up when you either decied to go to the river or the shady area, I dont know if there is anymore because this is as far as I got before I decided to report these errors. If there is anyway around this I would be happy to learn how ( I tried redownloading the game to see if it fixed it but the errors still popped up) 

I added the same post. No need to duplicate posts 



We're looking into the issues being reported on the Android build.

Thanks for the help!

Okay... so I've never played the original Morenatsu, but... I'm pretty confused why Revisited and Homecoming are... so... different...? Is it just because Homecoming is at an earlier stage of development? Was the original Morenatsu not very clear on some things?

If I'm correct, Morenatsu Revisited aimed to correct the grammatical errors and fix certain scenes/story lines that were kind of wierd or just doesn't make sense while staying true to the original Morenatsu's storylines for each character whereas Homecoming: Morenatsu Revisited is a remake where the Stormsinger Studios team changed alot of things such as certain storylines, best example being Kouya as his storyline will undergo massive changes (I think?) and some other things such as completely removing humans from the game which is why Hiroyuki is now an Arctic Fox instead of a human and redoing Shun's age and art so that he doesn't look like a child anymore and so on and so forth. 

This is what I remember anyways!

Hm... it kinda feels like Homecoming doesn't have any storylines. Or rather, just one main storyline, and you can pick the next scene from a small selection... but it doesn't seem like your choices actually affect the overall progression. It's kinda odd to me.

I'm guessing that's due to the fact that unlike in Morenatsu Revisited where on each day you can only pick one location or character and that'll be the entire day, Homecoming actually makes almost all the characters available in an entire day by making you choose between two locations several times in a single day.

I kinda get what you're saying, since in Revisited you'll really only get to know one character that well and the others will remain somewhat of a mystery unless you pursue them from the very start which makes Revisited have several storylines while Homecoming kinda allows you to get close with several characters whilst pursuing only one specific character and because of that, you'll know or atleast have an idea of what they're all dealing with which makes it seem like just one big storyline instead. 

Honestly, I had mixed feelings when I first played through Homecoming when I realized I can talk to several characters on a single day but in a way, this kinda makes sense storywise. Since Hiroyuki wants to rekindle his old friendships with all his friends, it makes sense for him to actually hang out and get closer to several of the characters while focusing on one specific person instead of just focusing on one and rarely talking to the others. The more I played through Homecoming, the more I liked the new system or choice mechanics that Homecoming has to offer and anyways, the game isn't even halfway done yet so there's still a ton of things to be added and everything is still susceptible to change! So I guess we'll just have to wait and see what the future has in store for the game!

(Sidenote: I'm so sorry if I went off on a tanget in this big wall of text, I kinda expressed my thoughts way too much >,<)

I agree that the story actually makes more sense in Homecoming. It just kinda feels less like a game, because player choice isn't as relevant. I know it's supposed to  be a visual novel, which isn't always quite a game, but usually visual novels that don't care about player choice as much just... don't ask the player to make decisions. There are decisions that the player makes, they just aren't particularly relevant in the long run. It's kind of like it's trying to be two different genres.


Oh, trust me... your choices will actually be relevant and have more impact than they originally did, but we felt it better to try and put in an overall story that shifts slightly based on your choices. It will encourage multiple playthroughs, because you will be able to truly learn more about each character through how they interact with other routes, and the game will remember, allowing your decisions to have an even greater impact.

Ah, ok, so it's just that the later Acts aren't started yet. True, even in Revisted most of the relevant choices are later on. Revisited is actually faster to get through, even though it's more complete, so it's just more clear that it remembers your initial choice.


Yeah. The later acts will ultimately show just how important your choices are.

Revisited basically was the original game, but with things arranged a little better, and the story given some slight adjustments. However, because of certain assets being missing (such as CG of the love scenes between missing characters), it became obvious that starting fresh using only our own assets was a better idea.

Regarding Revisited being quicker, that comes down to it using the original game’s formula, something which ultimately, didn’t sit well with us. With Homecoming, we’re hoping it’s a more satisfying journey.

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I get this error in the latest Android arm build release 3. Looks like a certain background image wasn't properly loaded


After seeking support on the official Ren'Py forums, I learned what was causing the issue, and have since fixed the errors. Hopefully, it should work well now. I suggest checking out this devlog, and re-downloading the new file:

So I've only recently started getting into Morenatsu in general, but I recently played through a few routes in Revival, Revisited, and then what exists here in Homecoming. Juuichi is by far my favorite character in all three (I played his route in all three to spot the differences,) and I really like what Revisited did and what Homecoming is doing to subtly expand his character.

One subtle addiction I really liked was the new choice in Juuichi's August 2nd scene, because I feel you get a more complete idea of his character by seeing both sides of this. The "wrong" question of asking if he's proud of his judo talent actually led to an interpretation of the character I hadn't considered before; that he might feel a bit of shame regarding what he's good at, but throws himself into it anyways because he's addicted to the feelings of victory and praise he gets for it. In either case, I feel that previous versions of Morenatsu didn't really explore Juuichi's flaws well enough. He did have shades of low self-esteem, but the reasons for it weren't really explored outside of what happened between him and Kyouji. There were also a moment in Revisited during the hot springs scene where he makes a comment about duty that doesn't ever seem to be referenced again.

I also really like Homecoming's new format. Being able to do more than one thing per day is nice so you get to see more of the characters, not just your chosen husbando. It's given me a new appreciation for Tora, who I've always kind of avoided until now. I really like the set up that's being done for him. I'm excited to see a proper route for him one day. Keep up the good work!