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simply lose to him

there's also one for Jørgen when he throws a pipe at you when you protest which gives you his trust

Damn... didn't expect it to hit me like that 😔

Kinda glad I stuck to my intuition when those protocols didn't feel right and made the right choices for them on my first try

Lmao you could've just killed it with 10END within 5~20min depending on luck. Damage between 3-5STR is minimal compared to 10END health & damage reduction (dmg lowers to 4~7)

I had 10 END, 4INT and 4STR/AGI. Attack for 13~18 or a Crit, if it's <13, just rollback⟩defend⟩attack, rinse and repeat.

My fingers are sore tho but that 1 stat is worth it for minmaxing 

You can also go for 9END for 4CHR+1stat if you want to kiss Nauxus 😉😉😏😏

Ngl, the timeskips make it seem rushed and dull, barely any build up at all, though it is just a demo so things are subject to change, it could really use a bit of exposition.

Besides that I'm liking the demo so far! Looking forward to its development 💃

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Spencer has plunged me into a rabbit hole of Raven meanings and symbolism

A wholesome picnic with Sally and the orb 💃 no three way whatsoever

Don't trust the note, trust Roswell's disappointment ;D

Remember kids! Always wash your hands after handling suspiciously sticky mushrooms ;D    Personal hygiene can save you from a painful and agonizing death 🧚

Death by carelessness 😔😔 'least he's the only one that didn't get murdered or hypnotized

Enjoying the game so far 💖, short as it were.

From what I gathered from his bits of memory, I'm guessing he was involved in a portal incident that encountered a major malfunction. Whether my theory's correct or not will have to wait as the rest of the story unfolds in later updates. 

Keep up the great work! I'll be sure to follow this project's development :D

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That incident really messed with Mark and Walter's heads real bad, especially Mark. And here I was thinking Walter was the one that got in an incident. I'm guessing it has something to do with a cliff and a fall. Maybe the necklace was something given to forget rather than remember. Oh, they're a compass, nevermind then, still feel like it made them forget tho, for their sake.

Whatever it is, we can only wait and see.

(Kinda wish there was a spoiler tag here like in disqus so I can comment more spoiler-y stuff.)

I see. Simultaneous would be the better option here if that is the case. Which I'd still be willing to wait to witness their days... afterwards 👀 

A song for their tragic and honorable ends,

and a song for their happily ever...

Mere story as this may be, still they touched the hearts of those that bear witness to these words that give life to their tale, and moved the soul of one's insignificant self.

Though life and death may not be so perilous as it is now from then, we honor still, the lives of those willing to fall for the life they live for; for the cause they stand for; for a world better changed; a world that has moved on.

However unkind life may be at times, I hope for you and I, and all who've yearned for and endured, to find the life that gives a reason to love and move onwards. 🙇

(Now that I've gotten this out of my chest, time to sleep 💃🤸🛌...)

(the meme would work better if I edited Steadfast's face in and Finn in the panel If I weren't on my phone :P)

Despite being a short story, it makes up damn well for its excellent quality. I would pay top dough to read more emersive and juicy stories like this (if I had money that is :P)

You guys did a really great job on this one, cheers to you both 🥂 (hoping to witness more in the future 💃✨)

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Enjoyed what I've read so far 🤸💖

Seeing as how it just recently split routes, will you be doing one route at a time or all five simultaneously? One at a time does offer a more focused approach to readers, not having to wait five months for each route to cycle through, whilst also keeping a sense of mystery for the other routes, though it also makes it more difficult to try and overlap each route together without spending too much time unless each routes are entirely different, and other routes will have to wait a long time for their turn. Simultaneous updates gives more versatile options in development since you can refine and/or tie each route together more thoroughly as the story progresses with each update cycles, and also gives the reader a broader sense of the story in all angles, though it takes more time for it to progress in five month intervals. 

Nevertheless it's all up to you. No matter your choice, a fervent reader can always wait no matter how long, just to read a well written and juicy story ʕ ꈍᴥꈍʔ

Dialogue does feel a bit unnecessarily lengthy at times with awkward overfamiliarity imo but other than that I'm quite eager to see what their future awaits as the story unfolds  👀

Great game so far :D Makes one eager to see what lies ahead in this long, long journey. I'll be sure to follow its development 💃

Also wasn't expecting for there to be a trans character, a welcome surprise nonetheless ^^

Great game so far! Loving the well written characters as well, especially Carlos with his protective tendencies and a somewhat stoic demeanor. Can't say I like Ben's reluctance to accepting worry, though I guess that's just the demon affecting his mind.

The dialogue does feel a bit drawn out at times but it's great overall. Can't wait for future updates revealing this malevolent entity so I can chuck dozens of swords at it in my head (I refuse to believe sweet and cheerful Chris to be its embodied form.. unless he's a deceptive and conniving cunt otherwise, more swords to hurl💃)(also not liking this faint plot twist I sense ( ͡≖- ͡≖) hope it's not what I think it is)

One minor issue though, the skip button for the opening cinematic seems to persist throughout the game for android unless it was pressed at the beginning. Otherwise, pressing it far into the game will bring you back to the start. Music caption persist sometimes as well, kinda distracting while reading (left it on since I wanted to know what music is playing).

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I may or may not have noticed that Diego's route is the only progressed one so far (explains why there weren't much side stories later on despite showing the map often). Still, I'll be eagerly awaiting the other route's updates in the coming months 🙇

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Also, is that a possible sequel I see brewing in the distance 👀 or mayhaps be a mirage I wonder. Time will tell... Who knows 💃🤸

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Having played Diego's perfect ending on my first play-through, I've grown reluctant on finding out what the other routes have in store 😔. But alas, my curiosity will eventually get the best of me.

Quite an excellent game 😭. I feel drained after completing Diego's route. Enjoyed every moment of it despite feeling like a depraved sun-dried avocado trampled on the streets after burning through it non-stop all day 💃.

I kinda don't wanna play the other routes after seeing their true happy ending but I know my curious and thirsty ass will play through it all 😭. 

Especially curious about Tai and Spencer's secrecy, wondering what magic lies in Spencer's dungeon, whether or not there might be some secret history that lies within this little town. Perhaps a century long grudge and longing that found its closure through Diego and Adrian? Wondering what might've happened if they never confessed each other's love and resolved their issues. You best believe I'll be coming for that juicy lore 👀... with more emotional drainage whilst torturing my tired heart.

Away I go 🤸!

Wish I could've experienced the same for myself 😔

I've practiced active meditation so much so that I don't even mind walking in the dark alone at midnight. I do feel something sometimes but they always disappear when I notice their presence.

It's still thrilling at times but more so on the excitement and mystery rather than fear of the unknown 💃

None in particular. You can chose to play this one and still enjoy the other though I'd recommend playing the other first since it's mostly finished by now.

Try using a different browser besides google or go incognito

The more I play, the more I want to go to echo and unravel its greater mysteries. You guys are really good at laying them down. Every update is always something to look forward to. Cheers 🥂

Remember the neck incident? Yeah

That's what I chose first actually. 

It barely phases me at that point. I just gave an indifferent look after all the routes I've been through.

Getting pierced straight to my heart and soul felt much worse :D and Jenna's route shoved it deeper. 

I've lost all emotion.

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Jymsar looks sad 24/7

Quite promising so far

Looking forward to its future development

Definitely much better. Gives a bit more depth to the story.

Not entirely sure if the Parents can deploy such an interface considering Chase's location, which is Earth, a place free of parental influence.

Highly doubt Chase's neck piece could serve as a channel considering how small and limited it's function is, unlike the archives.

So unless the parents have somehow made Chase's body capable of channelling and materializing various energies, such a situation is a bit nonsensical.

Quite intriguing for the most part.

I'm guessing the darkness can't do much beyond its domain besides latching on to one's mind. It'd be too weak to do anything beyond its source. One would have to had entered its influence to be affected by it. Without a clear source and domain, it'd dissolve before it could do anything. I doubt Chase would cause hysteria in Adastra. Unless Adastra itself already harbors darkness rooted within its lands.

Though it'd be interesting to see Chase fight off the darkness, he'd need literal magic to do so. Preferably one that can enforce the natural laws, something that can suppress chaos manifest. Highly doubt Chase could produce such weaponry, let alone the technology for it.

Such a story could be great with a few tweaks here and there.

Oohh that kinda makes sense!

Especially after what Sam said in Flynn's route.

"First 'it' came from the gate, then 'they' came from the stars" iirc

The mining incident opened the gate then more came from the stars attracted by the growing chaos of Echo. 

No, I think you die there from severe blood loss.

It would be great if there were more romance but that would be too good for Echo and the group's dynamic doesn't really allow for more romance.

Few spoilers ahead ⚠ 








That train scene drove a battering ram straight to my fucking chest at full force 😭😭😭😭

 Especially after playing every route and leaving Leo for last so it hit EXTRA hard.

Just picturing Chase (Samuel) pour out all their hate and spite for echo after having ruined their lives opened the flood gates I tried so hard to suppress from seeing Leo just stand there in the distance with a shattered heart no matter how crazy he was at that time 😭.  I haven't cried like a damn faucet in quite a while after Adastra. 

I'm really eager to see how Samuel's story pans out in The  Smoke Room. 

With lots of theories in mind as to what happened in 1915 and what dwells within Echo, it leaves me restless for an update.

The plot, writing and storytelling is just 


Here's to hoping more fleshed out VNs like this 👏✨